Презентация "Environmentalists in Buturlino" 8 класс

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State Secondary School named after V.I. Kazakov

Environmentalists in Buturlino.

Performed: Gura

Elizaveta. 8 «A» class.

What do the defenders do of the environment?

Environmentalists care about reducing harm to humanity in relation to the external world, their actions imply a set of measures designed to limit the adverse impact of human activities on nature.  Such measures may include:

  • Limitation of emissions into atmosphere and hydrosphere with the aim of improving the General environmental situation. 
  • The establishment of reserves, sanctuaries and national parks with the aim of preserving the natural complexes. 
  • The restriction of fishing, hunting with the purpose of preserving certain species. 
  • Limitation unauthorized rubbish dumping. S methods of environmental logistics for the total cleanup of unauthorized trash the region.

We are Environmentalists.

The river Piana flows in our village Buturlino. That year we went out on its banks and we were very surprised to see amount of garbage there. We have collected 5 bags of trash. It's not much, but we hope that our class help the river Piana a lot. We thought not to throw papers, wrappers, bottles and other wastes on the streets and try to avoid pollute our beautiful river . If these simple rules abserved, the village would be much cleaner.

Lessons for the nature protection.

There are a lot of lessons and clean up days in our school. The teachers discuss envirimental problems with children. They teach us how to treat nature.

How can we become an environmental lawyer.

  • Do your research and determine your preferences.
  • Review your talents.
  • Be aware.
  • Contact other important conservationists.
  • Stroll through a local Park or nature reserve.
  • Remove the garbage.
  • Involve useful activities of new members through fun events.

Becoming an environmental lawyer, you will get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. There are many issues in which the Earth needs your help – find one that suits your skills and Hobbies. The movement for environmental protection is not a religion, it is a sincere understanding of how the world works and how humanity can prevent the impact of its activities on nature. When you understand how the world works and how human activity can affect nature you will be able to get a plausible explanation for the occurrence of specific processes in the environment.

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