План-конспект открытого урока "The Fun Starts Here" 7 класс скачать бесплатно

План-конспект открытого урока "The Fun Starts Here" 7 класс

Учитель: Бурганова Ирина Вячеславовна
План-конспект открытого урока в 7 классе
По теме “The Fun Starts Here”
Цель урока: формирование лексических навыков по теме «развлечения»,
навыков чтения и навыков говорения; развитие критического мышления
Задачи урока:
1. Познакомить учащихся с лексикой по теме «развлечения»
2. Закрепить активную лексику и превратить лексику в собственность
1. Развивать навыки чтения с выборочным извлечением информации
2. развивать критическое мышление через приемы «кластер»
3. научить применять полученные знания речевой деятельности
4. развивать интеллектуальные операции (отбор, извлечение,
5. формировать интерес к учебно-познавательной деятельности на
иностранном языке
1. воспитывать толерантное отношение к мнению учителя и
2. уметь сотрудничать друг с другом на уроке, не нарушая общепринятых
этических норм;
3. уважительно относиться к культуре и традициям представителей
другой национальности;
4. уважительно относиться к мнению других людей.
Методы: репродуктивный, творческий, игровой, исследовательский,
наглядный, интуитивно-визуальная обратная связь
3. групповая
Оборудование: УМК Spotlight 7, проектор , презентация по теме “The fin
starts here.
Ход урока
1. Организационный момент (5 min): Good morning, my dear friends! Nice
to see you and learn English with you. I hope are in good mood and we can
start our lesson.
2 слайд
Now I’d like to start our lesson with the video. Watch the video and predict the
theme of our lesson.
3 слайд
On today’s lesson we will
1. Learn new words on the topic “Having fun”
2. Read the texts about the most famous theme parks in the world
3. Create adverts of different theme parks
4 слайд
2. Фонетическая разминка: It’s time to remember English sounds. I’ll read
the group of words, your task is to say which sounds are repeated.
[ aı ] ride, tiny, pirate, sight
[ æ ] landmark, candy, character
[ i: ] trapeze, wheel, meal
[ ɵ ] theme, thanks, thin
[ k ] cartoon, clown, character, candy, come
[əu ] ghost, home, rollercoaster, models
[ ɔ: ] explore, haunted, journey, floss
5 слайд
3. Речевая разминка (5 min): You know that we can have fun in a different
ways. You can go to the park, to the circus, to the fun fair or maybe you can
visit a theme park. So tell us how do you have a fun, where do you go?
Have you ever been in a circus? What did you like? Have you ever dreamt
of visiting the Disney Land?
6 слайд
Look at the different theme parks, which one would you like to visit (на
доске картинки различных парков с названиями)
7-18 слайд
4. Введение новых ЛЕ (3 min): When we have a fun, we can do different
activities. Listen and repeat the phrases after me. (fly in a pirate ship, ride on
the big wheel, see trapeze artists, go on water ride, shake hands with cartoon
characters, see famous landmarks, meet a ghost, explore a haunted mansion,
ride on a rollercoaster, go on a rocket journey, eat candy floss, go souvenier
shopping, see clowns performing tricks). Open your books on page 56, ex.1.
read the words one by one.
19-24 слайд
5. Первичное закрепление ЛЕ (7 min): Look at the blackboard, make up the
phrases with the verbs and translate
25 слайд
You can go to a different places and have these fun activities. For example
you can go to a theme park or you may spent your time in a fun fair, or you
may visit circus with your friends and parents. So what activities we can do,
when we visit these places.
26-28 слайд
Let’s make clusters . do it on your own, then we check. (заполняют
29 слайд
6. How many activities have you tried? Ask your classmates, using the pattern.
30 слайд
7. Физминутка (1 min): Watch the video and repeat the actions.
31 слайд
8. Предтекстовый этап (5 min): There are two the most famous theme parks:
Disnеyland in Tokyo and Tobu world square in Japan, you can see them on
the blackboard.
32 слайд
9. Before you read the texts, we need to learn some new words. Listen and
repeat after me. Try to guess their translation with the help of the meanings
Explore (v)
tiny (adj): very small
home-cooked (adj): cooked in the home, not
ghosts (n): phantoms
stroll (n): leisurely walk
get tired
10. Look at the texts. What kind of texts are they? (letter, story, essay, article,
advertisement).Where you can find them?
34 слайд
11. Текстовый этап (5 min): Read these advertisments and and then name some
interesting facts about these theme parks. You have 3 minutes to read about
theme parks.
35 слайд
12. Послетекстовый этап (3 min): Answer the questions. don’t forget to give
full answers.
Where can you see famous landmarks?
Where can you have a lunch?
Where can you have a scary experience?
Where can you see small buildings?
Where can you see funny characters?
It’s time to fill in the third column. What do you want to know about these
two theme parks.
13. Подведение итогов, рефлексия: Say some words about what have you
learnt in this lesson, what did you like in this lesson.
14. Thanks for the lesson. We were very active, attentive. Your hometask will
be ex. 1,3 p.35 WB, ex.9 p.57