Конспект занятия "Дни недели" 4 класс

Конспект занятия кружка “Cambridge English” в 4 классе.
Тема урока: « Дни недели»
Цель: развитие навыков устной речи
Образовательные: 1) закрепление лексики по теме дни недели;
2) тренировка использования в речи предложений в Present Simple.
Воспитательные: 1) воспитывать культуру поведения и общения;
2) повышать интерес к изучению английского языка.
Развивающие: 1) развивать навыки аудирования, устной речи;
2) развивать память, внимание, логическое мышление
Оборудование: учебник, рабочая тетрадь, аудиоприложение, компьютер, презентация,
карточки с названиями дней недели, карточки для игры “Bingo.
Ход занятия:
Деятельность учителя
Деятельность детей
8 мин
Hello boys and girls. I`m glad to see
you. Sit down, please. Let`s sing a
song. Stand up! Look at the board,
mime and sing!
Now let`s play a game “Mime and
Mark go to the board. Show us! What
do you do every day!
Well done! Now answer my questions.
What time do you get up?
Do you get a shower every day?
Do you have breakfast every day?
Do you go to school every day?
How often? How many times?
Do you do your homework every day?
Song “ I wake up in the
He wakes up….
5 days in a week
6 days in a week
6 мин
Now look at the screen. Look at your
timetable. Do you remember the days
of the week. Repeat after me.
Now answer my questions.
When do you have English?
Is that every day?
How often do you have Russian?
Карточки на доске. Звуки
On Tuesday and Wednesday.
Every day
Now open your books on page 28.
Activity 8. Say the chant. Join to the
chant. Clap and snap your fingers.
CD 1 37
8 мин
6 мин
Great! Look at Activity 9. Who and
what can you see?
Read the instruction. We have three
pictures, three letters a, b, c. Listen to
the CD. Listen for the day and whisper
it to your partner. Listen to the CD
again. Let`s check.
Tell me please what does Simon do on
the different days
Now look at the look box and tell me
please. What does it mean always,
never, sometimes.
I always have breakfast in the
I sometimes have breakfast at 11
I never have breakfast in the evening.
Now! Look at the Activity 10. Mark,
read the instruction.
First of all read the sentences, try to
predict the answers in pairs.
Are you ready? Now listen. Now let`s
check. Who wants to read the right
Good job!!!
Simon and Lenny
Listen and say the day.
A Monday
B Wednesday
C Sunday
On Monday he…
On Wednesday he…
On Sunday he…
You do it every day.
You don`t do it every day.
You don`t do it at all.
Listen again. Choose the right
(Pupils work in pairs)
Simon never plays in the park on
Simon always does his homework
on Mondays.
Simon sometimes goes swimming
on Wednesday.
Simon always plays in the park
on Sundays.
Well done! Now let`s play a game
Bingo. Look at the screen. You see a
lot of words. Make three sentences.
Take one word from each column.
Write your sentences on these papers.
I will read my sentences. If you hear
your sentence, cross it. When you
cross out all your sentences, cry
2 мин
Your home task is Act 6 p. 28 It`s a wordsearch. At home find the days of
the week.
Now. Lesson is over. Thank you for your work. See you on Thursday.