Конспект урока "In all the Weathers" 5 класс

1.Good morning, girls and boys.
I am glad to see you.
Today I am your teacher of English, my
name is…
(take a sheet of paper, Write down your
name on it )
2. I suggest that you should listen to musical
passage and suppose the topic of our today
Right. The topic of our lesson is In all
3. Now take a look at the scheme of
atmosphere. I’m sure you know the weather
comes from the atmosphere and there are
several layers:
each of them is a mark of your knowledge on
the module In all the weathers.
Now you are all on the earth. At the end of
the lesson you will define in what sphere you
will find yourself Now each of you set am aim
to yourself and try to get it throughout the
4. I suggest that we should play game
“Noughts and Crosses” Would you like to?
What are you going to revise in this task?
(the words and the ps pc)
Before you start playing take the sheets of
papers that you have on your desks. They are
the memos. If you have any difficulties
consult the memos 1&3. Look through them.
Have you any questions?
Make up a sentence either in present simple
or in present continuous using the following
phrases. If your answer is right, put a cross
or a nought in the appropriate square.
Who wants to be a player?
The first row, please, support the first player,
the second row the second player. The
teams have two chances to help your player.
5. To move further I suggest that we should
work with the additional words on the topic. -
-Memo 2.
- Look through.
-What questions on the pronunciation have
you got?
-Do the matching on the wb.
-Listen to the musical passage and say what
images come to your mind when you hear the
music? Don’t forget about the words from
the memo 2 and the grammar we have
-What grammatical tense will you use
describing your feelings?
(Can you see the clouds in the sky?
Can you hear the sounds of thunder and shower?
Is there any lightning in the sky?
Is the weather pleasant or unpleasant?
Can you hear the tune that show that the weather is going to be fine?
Can you see the sun appearing from behind the clouds?)
6. Your following task is to write down the
pictures on the wb
Read the words aloud.
Open sb p 93, ex 3
-Now you are going listen to the poem, be
ready to fill in the gaps using these very
-I suggest we should check what you have
-Read the completed poem aloud and try to
show the emotions of it.
Who wants to answer?
7. These are the pictures that the pupils of
the gymnasium where I work drew.
Take a look at them and say which picture
suits the poem the best and why do you think
How would you call this picture?
You know that in poetry, art and music the
authors describe different kinds of weather.
Why do they pay much attention to the topic
-(I think authors pay much attention to the topic
“Weather”, because the weather is very
important for people lives).
-I suggest that we should have a break.
Stand up, please.
Listen to the poem and repeat the actions
after me.
Can you translate the words with the help of
my gestures?
8. I would like to take you to a trip. An
interactive one.
Take a look at the photo and answer the
-in what country and what city is this young
-Why do you think so?
-Where is she standing?
-As far as we speak about the weather today,
what can you say about the weather in this
very picture. If you have difficulties you may
use the plan from the memo 4.
-Who wants to add something or ask a
-Who has any questions to me?
-May I ask you a question then? What do
know about British climate?
-write down 3-5 questions about British
climate the answers on which will be
interesting for you.
Who wants to read the questions?
Who wants to add?
9. Let us see the real weather in London with
the help of BBC weather
What is the day temperature in London?
What information except the temperature
you can find here? (use the memo 2)
(Can you say it’s windy, cloudy, can you see
the information about humidity?)
Если остается время, дополнительные
10. Your homework will be ex 4 p 93. In groups
draw a picture to go with Angela Fletcher’s
poem. Give your picture a title and give your
11.Our lesson is up to the end.
Now define your level of knowledge and write
down your name on the scheme.
-I find myself in space.
- I agree with your definition. Your answers were
full and you used the words from the additional
wordlist. Well done.
- I find myself in troposphere.
-what knowledge you didn’t get to find yourself
in space? Think about it and if you need any help
I’m free to consult.
What is the next point of our interactive trip?
Listen to the speaker and answer the
question what country is he from? The map
and the photo can help you. You will hear the
recording twice.
Listening(звукозапись без начала)
Have you any questions on the translation?
Listening for the second time.
Right you are/ the country is Canada/
- Write down 3-4 questions to Al Wheeler
(BB) asking for more information on the
climate of Canada.