Презентация "Who is cleverer than a seventh-form student?" 7 класс

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Who is cleverer than a seventh-form student? 1. Vocabulary
  • Match the words:
  • Alarm a) horoscopes
  • Daily b) fumes
  • Surf c) text-messages
  • Send d) system
  • Acid e) rubbish
  • Toxic f) street
  • Collect g) the Net
  • Crowded h) rain
2. Vocabulary
  • Complete the words (kinds of books)
  • n, e, d, r, a, t, e, v, u
  • m, r, t, y, s, e, y
  • m, o, d, e, c, y
  • s, e, u, s, p, s, n, e
  • g, i, r, b, o, p, a, y, h
3. Vocabulary (phrasal verbs)
  • Choose the right word:
  • Did you give (back, up, out) the book? It belongs to your friend.
  • The police went (after, off, on) the bank robbers.
  • Who will look (after, for, up) your little sister when your parents are at work?
  • He has made (up, out) with me after our quarrel.
  • Cinderella turns (into, off, in) a poor at midnight.
4. Vocabulary
  • Choose the right word:
  • This is the house where/ whose my father was born.
  • That’s the boy whose/ who mother is a doctor.
  • Why/ what do people admire her?
  • When and which/ where were they born?
  • That’s the girl whose/ who lives next door.
5. Reading
  • Choose the odd word out:
  • beat, steal, bread, meat
  • Nice, dice, please, police, face
  • Mine, pie, why, tired, fly
  • Born, burn, bird, bone
6. Grammar
  • Choose the correct participle:
  • She is interested/ interesting in history.
  • I’m so exited/ exiting! I’m going to Paris.
  • He was very amused/ amusing by this comedy.
  • The film was very bored/ boring.
  • How disappointed/ disappointing! The cinema is closed/ closing.
7. Grammar
  • Fill in the correct questions tag:
  • My aunt can’t sing, …?
  • They live in Moscow, …?
  • She has got a nice kitten, …?
  • My parents didn’t go to the cinema, …?
  • My granny is working in the garden
  • now, …?
8. Grammar
  • Write the correct form:
  • Monkeys are (funny) than crocodiles.
  • Whoopi Goldberg is my (favourite) actress.
  • She is as (successful) as her friend.
  • Ben is the (polite) person I know.
  • Steven is (intelligent) than Robert.
9. Grammar.
  • Choose Present Simple/ Present Cont.
  • Be quiet. My baby-sister sleeps/ is sleeping.
  • This train leaves/ is leaving at 8 o’clock.
  • Where is Ben? He works/ is working now.
  • Look! The boys play/ are playing football.
  • They play/ are playing football on Sundays.
10. Reading
  • Put the sentences in the right order to form a text.
  • Then he went to the hotel, left his luggage and went for a walk.
  • At first he asked the porter to show him the way to the post office.
  • Once a tourist arrived in Paris.
  • There he sent a telegram to his wife.
  • It was his first visit there.
  • As it was his first visit to the French capital, he was very interested to see this beautiful city.