Презентация к открытому уроку "Умные животные"

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The 9th of February


I can jump.

I can’t fly.

A frog can jump.

A fish can’t sing.

Can a horse run?

Yes, it can.

Can a fish fly?

No, it can’t.


can CRAWL.




can WALK.


can SWIM.


crawl [k r ɔ: l] ползать

parrot [p æ r ə t] попугай

seahorse [s i: h ɔ: s] морской конёк

spider [s p d ə] паук

talk [t ɔ: k] разговаривать

tortoise [t ɔ: t ə s] черепаха

walk [w ɔ: k] ходить



you played hockey yesterday?

Yes, I did.

  • Did you write an e-mail yesterday?
  • Whom did you meet there?
  • Did she call you?
  • Where did you go on Sunday?
  • Where were you?
  • What did they do there?
  • To the skating-rink
  • No, she didn’t
  • Yes, I did
  • In the cinema
  • A lot of new friends
  • Read a fairy tale
  • Eat, you , what, last, did, Sunday?
  • Yesterday, Nancy, was, where?
  • Your, you, when, see, did, friends?
  • She, drink, morning, did, tea, yesterday?
  • They, when, were, the, at, party?
  • What did you eat last Sunday?
  • Where was Nancy yesterday?
  • When did you see your friends?
  • Did she drink tea yesterday morning?
  • When were they at the party?
  • No, he did sleep at night.
  • What she do at the Zoo?
  • My mum watches TV yesterday.
  • No, Liz didn’t liked the film.
  • Did she was at school?
  • Where they were?
  • They not play with the cat.
  • Whom did you danced with yesterday?
  • No, he didn’t sleep at night
  • What did she do at the Zoo?
  • My mum watched TV yesterday.
  • No, Liz didn’t like the film.
  • Was she at school?
  • Where were they?
  • They didn’t play with the cat
  • Whom did you dance with yesterday?

Did you


I’ve got a hare,

I’ve got a bear,

My toys are here,

My toys are there.

[h] hare, here, horse

[v] have, I’ve, I’ve got

[eə] hear, there, where