Самостоятельная работа "Maslenitsa" 5 класс (УМК М.В. Вербицкой Forward)

Самостоятельная работа в 5 классе по теме «Maslenitsa»
(УМК М.В.Вербицкой Forward)
I. Choose the answer.
1. Russian people celebrate Maslenitsa before…
a. Christmas
b. Lent
c. New Year
2. At Maslenitsa Russian people say “goodbye” to…
a. spring
b. autumn
c. winter
3. A typical Maslenitsa meal is…
a. Easter-cake
b. Pelmeni
c. Pancakes (blini in Russia)
4. At Maslenitsa Russian people burn…
a. a scarecrow
b. Guy Fawkes
c. a straw house
5. At Maslenitsa Russian people…
a. exchange painted eggs
b. play in the snow, go sledging, have a tug-of-war
c. bathe in the ice-holes
II. Fill in the gaps using: Lent, pancake, fasting, religious, a lot of fun
Maslenitsa is one of the most favourite old Russian holidays. It is (1)… in origin: people eat rich, fatty
foods before (2)... . The celebration lasts for a week. During Maslenitsa week people always have (3)… :
play in the snow, go sledging, have a tug-of-war. A (4)… is one of the symbols of this holiday. It is like a
sun which people greet and show it their love. We eat pancakes with jam, sour cream, honey, caviar and
what not. On Sunday evening, people burn the scarecrow Maslenitsa on a big bonfire. The spring festival is
over and (5)begins.