Итоговая контрольная работа 7 класс 2 вариант (УМК Афанасьевой, Михеевой - 7)

Итоговая контрольная работа 2 вариант (УМК Афанасьевой, Михеевой)
1. Сhoose the right phrasal verb look/get/ turn and complete the sentences using the right
form of the verb.
1)We thought that he was a shy boy, but he …out to be very loud! 2)She … her jacket
inside out to show us the bright labels. 3)My dad always …through morning papers
before he goes to work. 4) What are you …for? – For my record book. 5) How is Nick
…on with his new business? 6) …out of the class right now! 7) Please …off the radio,
I’m trying to sleep. 8) What time do you …up? 9) Her children … after her pets.
10)Bonnie and Clyde …away with the money.
2. Complete the sentences using be/get in the right forms.
1) Good bye, Granny and …well soon! 2)Winter is coming, it’s ….colder and colder!
3)Will your friend … so kind and lock the door? 4)Lena and Vlad are … married next
week. 5) I … invited to the party. 6)…good and do all the homework at once.
7)It’s….dark, it’s time to go home.
3. Match the idioms and their Russian equivalents.
1 Let sleeping dogs lie.
A Не бойся собаки, которая лает.
2 An old dogs will learn no
new tricks.
B Cтарого пса к цепи не приучишь.
3 A good dog deserves a
good bone.
C Cобака лает, ветер носит.
4 Dumb dogs are dangerous.
D По заслугам и честь.
5 The dog barks, but the
caravan goes on.
E Не буди лиха, пока оно спит.
4. Choose the right adjective to complete the sentences.
1. We are only four. Our eldest/oldest daughter couldn’t come.
2. Two girls entered the hall a blonde and a dark haired one. The later/latter was
wearing a red suit.
3. This poem was the last/latest book of his.
4. The next/nearest bus to Voronezh is at seven thirty.
5. He got his further/farther education abroad.
5.Match the columns to comlete the comparisons.
1 As poor as
A a cucumber
2 As fresh as
B a daisy
3 As cool as
C a lark
4 As hard as
D nails
5 As happy as
E church mouse
1turned 2turned 3looks 4looking 5getting 6get 7turn 8get 9look/looked 10got
1get 2getting 3be 4getting 5am 6Be 7getting
1E 2B 3D 4A 5C
1eldest 2latter 3last 4next 5further
1E 2A 3B 4C 5D
Критерии оценивания
«5»: 30 и более баллов
«4»: 25—29 баллов
«3»: 24—18 баллов
«2»: 17 и менее баллов