Примеры эссе по английскому языку для задания C2

There are many opinions about street music. Some people think
that it is the way of earning money ; others say that there mustn't
be any amateur perfoRmances at IN/ON the streets.
ESSAY: | -
Street music has always been very popular among people. The
issue about street music is contraversial: some people are fond of it
while others are sure it should be banned.
In my opinion, street music brings us a great deal of pleasure and
favour. To begin with, it gives us a chance to listen to live music for
free of charge while walking on the street. Secondly, it is a great
possibitity for creative people to introduce themselves to public and,
probably, to become famous. Finally, some musicians earn money by
making street perfomances,so it is their only way to exsist.
Nevertheless, there is a widely spread opinion that street music is not
accessible. People claim that this music is rather noisy, it annoys
them and distracts them from work. I strongly disagree with this
opinion because this music is often very nice and a smile appers on
my face when I hear it somewhere. Everyone can afford visiting street
perfomances and it is a really interesting leisure activity.
To sum up, street perfomances are not just a way to earn an
extra penny for singers, but it is a good way to spend your free
time with pleasure.
FLL (Foreign Language Learning)
Some people think that you can master the language only if
you study it abroad, in the native speaking environment.
Essay: | -
Nowadays many people believe a foreign language can be studied
independently (on one’s own) and it is not necessary to live abroad,
but others totally disagree with this point of view and I can
understand them.
In my opinion, a language can be completely mastered if you only
have lived abroad. First of all, if a person is going to study a language
abroad, he/she will learn it much faster, communicating with native
speakers. Secondly, life in another country gives a chance to
immerse in traditions, history and habits of another country and to
understand better their way of life. Finally, life abroad allows people
to communicate with the natives and understand their pronunciation.
On the other hand, a number of people argue that studying
abroad is a waste of time and money and it is not worth going
there. Besides, they claim people should find a good teacher and
learn a language with him/her.
I do not consider these arguments really crucial because people will
never gain a language experience in their own country. A person,
who really wants to know a language and understand it on a perfect
level, will never regret spending money or time on his/her hobby.
In conclusion, I am totally sure that the best way of learning a foreign
language is to live abroad and communicate with native speakers.
Extreme Sports
Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.
Essay: | -
Today sport is an integral part of our life. For a long time people
engage in for their health. But in extreme sports other way round
they can get bruises and injures. So some people think that they do
not have anything useful, other believe that doing these kinds of
sport promotes strengthen spirit.
In my opinion, it is can be helpful activity. Firstly, it helps to build
character and overcome fears. Secondly, extreme is fun. It is nice to
do double back flip on motorcycle or parachute jump. Moreover, it is a
great opportunity to escape from routine and everyday worries.
On the other hand, someone claims that it is very dangerous.
Absolutely, these sports can seriously damage your body. Many
athletes were injured and could not continue their career.
I partly agree with this, but doing they in amateur level is not so
harmful. And it is important to follow safety rules and always use
protective equipment. With all these instructions you can minimize
a threat of getting injure.
To sum up, I am convinced that doing extreme sports is not so
dangerous and useless. If do it correctly and wisely, then you'll
be fine.
EDU: Online vs Traditional
Some people say that online education is an excellent alternative to
traditional education. But others people believe that virtual education
can not substitute traditional one.
Essay: | -
in today`s world online education is rapidly increasing thanks to development
of computer technology. So some people assume that such education plays
a more significant role than education at school, whereas others doubt that
traditional education might be replaced.
in my opinion, virtual education is not as effective as traditional one. Firstly,
students do not have an opportunity to communicate with their teachers and
classmates face to face. They are isolated from one another that has a
negative influence on their character. Their social and communicative skills
are poorly developed. Secondly, at class pupils can exchange ideas and
thoughts. Therefore it makes easier and more interesting to master subjects.
Moreover, while studying online, students become addicted to a computer.
On the other hand, supports of virtual education are sure that it provides an
easier and more comfortable way of obtaining knowledge, as there is no need
to attend classes and spend time to get to school. Also they claim that pupils
are not restricted in a schedule that allow them to distribute time more
It might be true, but if students are free from a schedule, they will spend more
time themselves. So it will badly affect studying.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that traditional education should not
be substituted. However, it is possible that both education will be mixed.
Some people prefer to eat out. However. many people still like
to cook meals at home What is your opinion about having
meals at home? Write 200-250
Nowadays eating out is becoming much more popular than earlier.
So, some people like to eating out: in restaurants, in cafe for
example and do not less their time for cooking, but others prefer to
eat at home. Who is right?
To my mind, it is nothing better than eating at home. So, I do not
support people who likes to eat out. I think, home meals is healthier
and you should not care about freshness of your products. Also, to
my mind, meals from restaurants are not always tasty. You can
make tasty food at home and spend less money.
But others people often think eating out is more practical. They argue
that we are living in new era: 21th century. It is time of development
science and technologies,and the time where career stand on the first
place, thats why we do not have enouth time for cooking.If you eat out
you do not waste time for cooking, it is fast. You only have to order
some meals and wait some minutes. It is convenient.
But I do not agree with these position and think that it is better
to spend some time in the kitchen, but to be sure that you eat
quality food.
I prefer to eat at home because, to my mind, home meals are
tastier and healthier. But it is only my opinion, and everybody
decided what to eat and chosing their way of life.
Sports: Watching or Participating
Some people think it's important to do sports regularly
while others would rather watch a sporting event on TV.
ESSAY: | -
Nowadays many people relate to sport as to an integral part of
their lives. However, not all of them do sport themselves as they
prefer watching it on TV.
In my opinion people should do sports on a daily basis as it is
utterly beneficial for their health.
Firstly, sportsmen are said to have good immune system as a
result of their regular exercise and this enables them to stave off
getting sick. What is more, for people who are complaining about
being overweight due to sedentary lifestyle, sports seems to be the
only way to get into shape and lose a couple of kilos. Finally, when
people lead an active life they do not have time to get bored and
consequently sports may become an excellent tool to entertain
yourself and boost your energy level.
Nevertheless, they opponents claim that watching sport events on
TV brings enough excitement and they do not need to be involved
in it personally. Additionally, while doing sports one may get injured
and end up in hospital.
Although they allegations may hold some water but it is also true
that only by doing sports we are able to strengthen our body and
improve our health.
All things considered, while I agree that watching sports may
make an amusing pastime but regardless of this every person
should do some sports as it is a prerequisite for good health.
Extreme Sports: Character
Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.
Essay: | -
Different groups of people have opposite opinions about extreme sports.
Some people believe that this kind of sports can develop negative character
traits. Anyhow, nowadays there are a lot of people who keen on it.
In my opinion, doing adventure sports is much useful for a person. And it is
more preferable than sitting in front of television or computer, for example.
First of all, participation in extreme sports teaches people to cope with
difficulties, to overcome fears, to be more confident in their selves. Secondly,
sports force to be in motion, that can help to stop being lazy. Finally, it is the
best way to get rid of tension, negative emotions such as rage, anxiety, anger
and so on. Instead of it, this sport brings new energy for life, adrenaline and
However, many people think that extreme sports can do a person selfish.
Moreover, those people who like to do something adventurous put their lives
at risk.
Although this is true to some extent, but I think, people should do in for
sports with friends in order to stop development of self-interest.
Consequently, they will develop team spirit. And I am sure if people observe
basic safety rules there will be no reasons for fear of life.
To sum up, I am strongly convinced that advantages to doing extreme sports
considerably outweigh the disadvantages. And it helps people to develop
some traits of character which can be useful in everyday life.
School Uniform
At many schools, it is compulsory for pupils to wear a
uniform. Thi is much better than letting students wear their
own clothes to school. What is you opinion?
Our parents wore a school uniform many years ago. In the
beginning of 21 century this rule was cancelled. Nowadays many
schools want to return old tradition. Is it good or bad?
In my opinion school uniform is good way for pupils to be
organized. They should understand that on the important
meetings you must wear formal clothes. Furthermore, uniform
makes pupils equal in material sense. Children from poor families
won’t think that they are worse than others. Also your parents
won’t spend much money for clothes every year, because school
orders uniform for all pupils at once.
However, many people think that the same uniform doesn’t feel
yourself individual personality. Besides, uniform often has dark
color, for example black or brown, and it can spoil the pupil’s
mood. Moreover by the end of the year uniform becomes untidy
and not pleasant to look at it.
In conclusion I want to say that pupils must wear strictly
uniform, because it makes them to study better.
~ENV: Nature vs People~
Some people think that nature will take steps to rectify any damages in
the environment caused by people.
ESSAY: | -
The problems of the environment have been a subject of hot debates for the
last decade. There is an opinion that if we keep on rejecting responsibilities to
take care of nature and ecology the human race is doomed to failure.
However, there are those with more optimistic views.
In my opinion, people overestimate the recovering capacities of nature and
one day may find themselves living on barren lands and breathing poisonous
air. The first point to bear in mind is that air pollution created by fabric
emissions and car fumes effect the ozone layer a lot. If it is destroyed
completely the Earth will be exposed to scorching sun rays and end up being
burnt. A further point is that there is no way nature will be able to recreate the
population of endangered species ones man has hunted them to the point of
extinction. As result of it the balance in the ecosystem will be devastated and
some animals will fail to find food and gradually die out.
However, there are some people who claim that we have nothing to worry
about as all the changes in the environment are inevitable and natural.
According to them, the ozone layer is self-repairing and the ecosystem is
With all due respect, I tend to disagree with this point of view as the truth is
that but for humans there would never be polluted rivers without fish and
rainforests abandoned by animals.
To sum up, even though nature does have a great ability to rejuvenate some
damages caused by people it is obvious that it will not be able to win the fight
against the humans’ distractive actions.
Studying History
Nowadays some people say that the study of history is largely a
waste of time as it prevents us from challenges of current life.
ESSAY: | -
Should we study history or should not? Some people consider the
study of history is a sheer waste of time, while others totally
disagree with that.
In my view, learning history is far preferable to not learning. It offers a
wide range of benefits for us. To begin with, the process of history is
all about reasons and consequences. Studying this structure makes
us think logically. It is an important skill for life in general. What is
more, the study of history broadens our minds. By studying history
we will encounter customs, traditions, household of the people of all
walks of life in any century, we will get acquainted with political
systems too. Furthermore, the question of being well-educated is
partly based on your knowledge in history. One needs to know
history not to be considered as a fool, a simpleton.
However, there are people who oppose this opinion. They say that
since it is past, it does not matter at all. In their opinion, modern
society is too different from the previous one. Besides, they say
the speed of modern life is too fast to learn something about the
past, the history.
But what they forgot about is that some bases and rules exist
for ages. So they are not right at all.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that knowledge of history is a matter
of vital importance for all of us. Everybody should study the history.
Have relationships among people changed for the better
in comparison with the past times?
Essay: | -
It is not a rare case to come across a lot of criticism towards
modern society which is said to be callous and superfluous.
However, there are some people who believe that relationships
between people have undergone some positive alterations.
In my opinion, it seems that contemporary people are so busy to
keep up with the fast pace of life that they hardly have any time for
efficient socializing. The first point to bear in mind is that life is very
expensive nowadays and many parents are forced to work long
hours. As a result their children are deprived of certain amount of
attention, not to mention that this lifestyle does not contribute to
good relationships between the couple. Secondly, many people
complain of a gradual loss of moral values in the society. The
elderly are not the most respected members of it anymore and
there is little compassion shown towards people in a dire need.
Nevertheless, the opponents of this point of view are in a hurry to
remind that the role reversal between men and women is
obviously a change for the better. Women have become more
independent and there are fewer prejudices of men staying at
home and looking after children.
Although, this argument holds some water it seems to be a statistic
fact that the divorce rates have escalated compared to the old times
when people used to be more dependent on each other.
Taking everything into account it is possible to conclude that
contemporary lifestyle does not contribute to creating strong
bonds among people.
EDU: All Subjects Equally Useful?
Most teachers believe that all subjects at school are
equally useful.
Essay1 | -
People have varied interests, therefore students want to study
different subjects at school. They think that it is better to
concentrate on determined subjects. But others believe that
students must learn equally.
In my opinion, all subjects at school are equally useful. Firstly,
knowledge and skills getting at school are applied. Pupils can use it
in the life. Secondly, individual must be comprehensively developed
to get a good position in today's world.
On the other hand, there are those who think that students should be
allowed to choose subjects they want to study. Development ability in
determined field and concentration on it will lead to success.
I disagree with it, because if students do not learn all subjects,
they will able to live in the society.
in conclusion, i am strongly convinced that pupils must
interest different subjects, as many-sided studing provides
becoming personality.
ESSAY 2: | -
Navr !"#$%($):
Most teachers believe that all subjects at school are equally useful.
People have varied interests, and therefore students want to
study different subjects at school. They think that it is better to
focus on determined subjects. But others believe that students
must learn all subjects equally.
In my opinion, today all subjects at school play a important role
for people. Firstly, knowledge and skills obtained at school are
applied. Pupils can use it in the life. Secondly, today individual
must be comprehensively developed to achieve a great position.
Finally, a student increases the level of own culture by studying.
On the other hand, there are those who think that students should be
allowed to choose subjects they want to study. Development of the
ability in determined field and concentration on it will lead to success.
I disagree with it, because if students do not develop
comprehensively, they will be able to exist in the world and even
to make friends.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that pupils must be
interested in different subjects, as many-sided studying provides
becoming personality.
Stray/=Homeless Animals
Some people believe that animals without owners should
have the right to live on the streets in cities. Others say that
they could be dangerous and should be collected and found
new homes, or even put down.
| -
Some people think that it is quite acceptable that stray animals live
in the streets and poeple don`t worry about it.Others believe that it
is abnormal and can lead to some dangerous consequences and it
is required many attention and efforts from people to find
comfortable living places for homeless animals.
In my opinion the responsibility for animals is very important. The
problem of homeless animals requires special attention and
solution.Firstly,the responsibility for animals appeals to fewer and
fewer people. Secondly, many homeless dogs and cats suffer from
the lack of food and die of starvation on the streets. Such incidents
are heart-rending. So this cannot go on in this way. It is inhuman,
outrageous treatment in relation to our «small brothers».
Actually, this problem concerns every one and humanity
must improve the situation.
On the other hand, there are those who don`t worry that stray animals
live on the streets, dumps, cellars, heating mains, deserted buildings.
I can`t stand this relation towards the defenseless I certainly agree
with people who don`t disregard to give help to “our little brother»:
keep animal shelters where people can find a pet, treat sick
animals, give them warmer care and attention.
In conclusion it should be noticed that it is good that some people are
indifferent in relation towards defenseless and unprotected animals.
Unfortunately, this happens less now. But anyway people should not
forget that they are responsible for those, who they have tamed.
Teenagers' Behaviour
Some people believe that teenagers today are rude, lazy and
badly behaved. Other people,however, think that teenagers
have a bad reputation for no reason.
ESSAY: | -
Nowadays there are so many teenagers, who are very
impolite, naughty, but most of them are very outgoing,
hardworking and purposeful.
In my opinion, teenagers are not very rude, evil and lazy; they have
a bad reputation for no reason. Firstly, a lot of teenagers attain
success; they enter universities and have got well-paid jobs. And it
proves that they are not lazy. Secondly, now teenagers create
social advertisements, where they ask people to save their lives
and give up bad habits. Thirdly, they help adults and children who
need help, such as, the sick and the disabled. Now a lot of charity
organization, where teenagers work there as volunteers.
However, there are some people, who believe, that teenagers are
generally rude, lazy and badly behaved. They think so, because
they notice only bad features in them. For example, they think that
all teenagers smoke and take drugs. I do not agree with them:
firstly, none of teenagers in my school smoke or take drugs;
secondly, I am sure that modern teenagers lead healthy lifestyle.
To sum up, I think that teenagers are very good, kind and
sympathetic. The main thing for them is kindness to people. I
hope that there will be more people, who will believe in them
and will understand that teenagers are the modern generation,
which continues the way to the future.
ENV: Climate Change
Climate change is inevitable, it is not something we should
panic about.
ESSAY: | -
Nowadays a problem of changing climatic conditions, in particular,
global warming, is a very actual issue. Some people believe that
there is no reason to worry and we cannot stop this process, others
have much against. So where is the truth?
In my opinion, every man should pay special attention to this
serious question. First of all, let me give an example, if climate on
the Earth changes, there will be mortality increase. Many diseases
might be caused by changing environmental state. Secondly, many
kinds of animals and plants will not acclimate to the new conditions
and therefore will also perish. It means that there will be reduced
diversity of terrestrial fauna. Finally, the majority of governments of
different countries will certainly have many difficulties, because
they have to work out a plan to solve economic, social and other
problems, arising from climate crisis.
However, there are a lot of people think that global changing
environmental conditions do not depend on humanity and we
should not care about it. In addition, most of them think that climate
change is so far from today.
I do not share this opinion as I am sure that human activities
promote global warming. For example, cars give off exhausts.
Possibly, people cannot stop climate change at all, but they should
try to mitigate effects of it for better life in future.
To sum up, I am strongly convinced, that changing climate is a very
big and serious trouble for humanity. It is necessary for all of people
to do everything possible to suspend the development of the problem.
Cars Should be Banned
The car has become the most popular means of transport in
the history of the world. However, some people say that the
world would be better without cars.
Essay: | -
There is no doubt that the invention of the car has changed the
world and nowadays we can hardly find a family without a car.
Some people claim that cars should be banned. In fact, there are
too many cars in our towns and cities which causes more pollution
and more traffic jams in rush hours. So, what is right in such
situation? !"! (.There is growing concern that the increasing
numbers of mostly cars may actually disrupt the environment of
urban areas. Where is the way out?)
In my opinion, I do not mind reducing the number of cars. Without
any doubt, limited transport capacity contributes largely to the
vexing problems and people must definitely improve the situation.
As the matter of the fact, some people feel pessimistic about our
future with cars. They worry about pollution, poisoned air we
breathe, amount noise which are caused by cars, lack of space for
green gardens and playground.
They are certainly right but only partly. I think our cars cannot be
banned at all. Also, using cars is very essential for people, as we
can get food using cars by delivering products to homes, business,
work. In conclusion, I would like to say that everything is in our
hands. People can build efficient underground, tram service which
will certainly make our lives better and more comfortable. In
addition, environmentally friendly vehicles will reduce air pollution
and greenhouse gas emissions. They must be produced multitude
and sold in acceptable prices.
Should education be free?
ESSAY: | -
There are no doubts that good education is utterly important in the
contemporary world. In many countries people are obliged to pay if
they want to study and this is a norm of life. However, the
opponents of this system claim that the society is negatively
affected by paid education.
Personally, I believe that both citizens and the government benefit
from free education. Firstly, this way the gap between the rich and
the poor is less yawning. All people, regardless of their social status
and income, should have a chance to study. Secondly, by providing
affordable education the government increases the overall
intelligence level in the country and reduces poverty. Finally, the
more people are qualified the better outlook for the future is in the
global scale. The work market is in need of enthusiastic and skillful
employees who are able to work hard for the sake of their own and
the country’s prosperity.
Nevertheless, there is an opinion that paid education is more
effective. It is said that students treat studies more seriously when
they have to pay for it. Moreover, tuition fees enable colleges and
universities to buy expensive equipment essential for certain classes.
Although they are partly right, I cannot help thinking about talented
poor students who cannot afford to study in a university. Their
intellectual capacity will be wasted on society and they are not
going to make a scientific breakthrough only because of a lack of
money for decent education.
All things considered, I maintain that free education is not only
beneficial for people but also for the officials. Only intelligent and
well-educated society is able to create a strong and developed state.
Teenagers' Behaviour
Some people believe that teenagers loday ara generally
rude,lazy and badly behaved. Other people,however,think
that teenagers have a bad reputation for no reason
ESSAY: | -
Some people today think that young people today have bad
behaviour and they are lazy and rude.The others have a posistive
opinion about teenagers.
In my opinion,many teenagesr loday can be good people with a
good education and have a happy future.I know some
teenagers,who study well at school,help their parents,have
friends.These people are not lazy at all,because they do their best
to be succesful,work hard al school and have interesting hobbies.I
also have friends,who are well behaved,have no bad habits,are
never rude with people.They are very polite and intelligent.
On the other hand,many people believe that teenagers have a bad
reputation.Young people start to drink alcohol,to smoke,and have a
very bad behaviour,because their parents give them too much
freedom in different activities.In addition,television,computer games
and internet have a bad influence on teenagers.Because of these
things,young people can be distracted from studying,and they
absolutely forget about books.
I disagree with this point of view.I believe that nothing can have
influence on teenagers except themselves.They are not
children,and can choose their lives on their own.And I believe that
many young people will choose the right way.
In conclusion,I want to say that most of the teenagers can be
kind,intelligent and pesponsible people,and be succesful in the future.
Many people believe that the only way to lose weight is
following a special diet. However, doctors consider dieting
harmful to our health.
Nowadays, people are thinking about their health more and more.
And those people who is keeping fit are healthy. Some think that
the best way to improve their fit is the dieting. Others believe that a
strict diet causes bad state of the health.
In my opinion, dieting is a good way to lose weight. To begin with,
following a diet helps to reduce the amount of food you eat, cut out
snacks and desserts and consequently get rid obesity. Secondly,
the diet may cut down on fat. Finally, you may plan quality of
calories and distribute food daily.
On the other hand, there are those who think a strict diet may be
dangerous. The lower the calories eaten per day , the harder it is to
get the daily requirements of proteins and vitamins.Moreover,
excessive dieting causes muscle loss and this loss may be from
your heart with severe consequences. In addition, dieting lowers
your metabolic rate, so when you return to your normal food intake,
you will put on weight ever faster than before.
In conclusion, i am strongly convinced that a well-balanced diet is
the best way to keep fit. And it gives a body what it needs.
It's reported that billions of dollars are spent on space
exploration projects every year. Some people believe that
this money should be used to solve problems on Earth.
Nowadays, people are trying to discover new stars, planets and
know more about the Galaxy. Lots of money are spent on it.
Many people think it is important to research space but others
think that mankind should spend more money on Earth's issues.
Let us consider some pros and cons of it. First and foremost, the
result of space exploration can help us find out the origin of life on
the Earth. Moreover, having explored space, people will be able to
learn something new about outer-space's life. One must admit that
such research have an influence on our life. For example, some
research are useful in medicine. They are helpful in drug and
medical technologies invention, which are used for treatment.
On the other hand, there are a lot of problems on the Earth. Millions
of people suffer from illnesses, poverty, starvetion. Day by day the
level of water's and air's pollution increases. Doubtless, there is
need in money that helps us solve these disasters.
In my opinion, solving of Earth's problems depends on
progress which we can make thanks to space exploration.
To sum up, people should not forget that there is the big Universe
whose mysteries ones can discover to make progress on the Earth.
There are lots of products on the market today. Is it reasonable?
Essay: | -
Nowadays market is stuffed with goods. Some people consider
such a variety of products to give a great opportunity to buy exactly
what is wanted. Others claim that a wide range of goods does not
prove true itself.
In my view, mind-bending diversity of merchandise is not expedient.
To begin with, supply exceeds demand often. Unbought goods
become junk and they are often given away instead of recycling.
Furthermore, impelled by the desire to make a profit from mass
production entrepreneurs begin to economize on quality of the goods.
Consequently, much of production does not contribute to standards.
Besides, sometimes products of mass consumption are made from
ecologically unsafe materials. There are many cases when people
become ill after using these dangerous products.
However, some people think, that an affluent assortment of goods
is very advantageous. Many people are in favour of choosing and
looking for the things seasoned exactly to their taste. Moreover,
developed trade industry provides many people with work. As a
result, trade industry is the most popular branch of industry today.
Although, the true fact is that market is overcrowded with goods and
becomes unprofitable for both entrepreneurs and consumers alike.
Because of that, the reduction of goods on the market is inevitable.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that superfluous production has
no point because of its needlessness.
Some people are sure that sending to prison is the only way
to punish criminals. However, a lot of people believe there
are far more effective punishments for criminals than prison.
ESSAY: | -
Nowadays that punishment for offenders has become a very
controversial issue. Some people believe that imprisonment is a
very effectual solution to the problem, whereas others believe that
that there is a need to use another way to punish criminals. So
where is the truth?
In my opinion, the prison is not the most preferred among different
ways to re-educate those who break the law. Firstly, imprisonment
can completely change a person but not necessarily for the better.
A prisoner has to live into close space, practically without contact
with the outside world that can cause serious mental disorders.
Moreover, there may be some difficulties in adaptation to normal
life after leaving prison. Secondly, offender’s surrounding will
certainly affect any person, who can adopt many negative habits
from them, therefore may be ready to commit a crime again.
Finally, such a way of punishment is often not right in different
situations. For example, I think that economic crimes do not
deserve the same imprisonment sentence as murders.
Nevertheless, some people think that prisons help to keep society
safe from dangerous persons. They say that isolation gives
criminals time to speculate on their wrong deeds.
This may be true, but I assume that those people have forgotten
that once an offender will be released from prison and possibly will
continue to make crimes because the situation and surrounding
can destroy his mind, so after prison, a man can be more
dangerous than before.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that people should use other
methods to punish offenders. Prisons often do not fulfill their function
to fix people and sometimes even harm a person`s identity.
Money vs Happiness
Money can/ cannot buy happiness.
ESSAY: | -
It is fairly safe to assert that money is an integral part of our life and
hardly anyone can survive without it. However, it is not always true that
a lump sum of money brings much joy to its owner. Although, some
people believe that being rich is a pure definition of happiness.
Personally, I am inclined to believe that a person has more
important values in their lives than money. Firstly, being healthy is
already enough to be happy. One can be filthy rich, but he is bound
to feel miserable if he is incurably sick. Secondly, a loyal family and
supportive friends are another important aspect of our life. Under no
circumstances is it possible to buy love and respect a family can
offer to its members.
Nevertheless, people who are prone to believe that money does
bring plenty of satisfaction name some exceptional opportunities
wealthy people have. Expensive houses and cars, the possibility to
travel to any distination in the world, quality education and health
service are among the most desirable things that can be obtain in
exchange for money.
Even though they may be partly right, it is important not to forget
that money is helpless when it comes to people’s relationships.
Nobody can be called a happy person if there is noone who
sincerely love and support them.
In conclusion, I maintain that money plays crucial role in making a
person feel secure and content. But few people would deny that
only good health and sincere relationship enable us to be totally
satisfied with our lives.
Some people think that the most important thing for a teacher
is to make studying enjoyable for students.
ESSAY: | -
There is no doubt that the main teachers’ duty is to be very
knowledgeable about the subject matter. Nevertheless, some
people think that it is more important for a teacher to make their
lessons more enjoyable and fun for students.
As for me, teachers should not forget about concernment of their
children. I think that being fascinating is much more important for
teacher. First of all, if students are interested in your subjects, they
will visit your lessons with excitement and pleasure. They will listen
to you very attentively and will not make such an awful noise.
Secondly, using creative and inspirational method of teaching,
students will understand the subject better. What is more, if a
teacher knows how to make his/her lessons more exciting, children
will not be tired and exhausted.
However, some people are against such way of getting education.
They argue that a teacher should be the most intelligent; he
should know everything perfectly and never be mistaken. They
also sure that teacher cannot afford a joke during the lesson and
he should be always strict and severe.
I completely disagree with this point of view. You can be the
most experienced teacher, knowing all rules perfectly, but if you
do not have a sense of humor and you are unable to make your
students interested in your subject, you are not a good teacher.
Summing up, I strongly believe that interesting, exciting and
creative lessons are our future way of education. Teachers like
that can be a good example for future generations.
Extreme Sports
Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.
ESSAY: | -
In today`s world all more and more people are doing extreme
sports for various reasons. And consequently some people believe
that such activity can be dangerous and harmful to human health.
Others think that an extreme sport forms a human character.
In my opinion, doing risky sport affects the character well. To start
with, people who do extreme sports are full-hearted. Exercising a
hard trick makes a person more self-confident. Secondly, person`s
views are changing as affected such activity. A person begins
taking his life more seriously and appreciating it. In addition, doing
extreme sport helps to relax and be rejoiced. When you
concentrate on activity, you forget about problems.
On other other hand, there are those who think that risky sport
is needless for people, even harmful.
A sportsman has a chance to be injured by exercising a
trick. Moreover, it makes a person unreasonable.
I disagree with it, because before the beginning of exercising tricks
a person are taught by professional sportsmen. After this courses
he knows how to be undamaged.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that risky sport helps to build
character. And those who want to change should do extreme sports.
Career:Following in one's Parents' Footsteps
Some people think that young people should follow in
their parents’ footsteps when choosing a profession.
ESSAY: | -
In today’s world education there is an essential thing you must
have to get a good job with a high salary and to occupy a high
social position in the society. Therefore, parents are worried about
their children’s choice. Do they have right in choosing child’s
career? The issue brings about many controversities.
In my opinion, parent should value skills, abilities, personality. Firstly,
children need support and hint on the right way. There is only one
advice: to try to notice aptitudes for some subjects and to inspire in
juvenile a habit for work. Secondly, leaving school is the first stage of
social and psychological maturity. If parents think about all difficulties
in life without favour occupation, they will understand that job
satisfaction is the main life goal. Finally, the brain capacity is different
of each child. There is no confidence that young person will inherit
abilities of famous parents that is why complexes will appear.
On the contrary, parent can influence the children’s doom. First of
all, parents are able to help with getting career qualification. One
has a counselor as loving and trusty person. Moreover, parents,
whose child follows in their footsteps are proud of them. Parents
see not many prospects of promotion but self-satisfaction and
continuation the career dynasty.
In spite of these, I believe, there is the solution: to give one a
better start concerning personal preferences.
In conclusion, I would kike to stress, managing and development
a career, at the first time, the choice of it depends on the
children themselves.
Career Choice vs Parents
Some people think that young people should follow in
their parents’ footsteps when choosing a profession.
ESSAY: | -
It is not a rare case when children are encouraged to choose the
profession their parents have. Moreover, many people believe that
this is the most favorable scenario for the young. However, the
opponents of this view claim that children benefit more when they
are free to make their own choice.
In my opinion, parents should give their children a freedom of choice.
First of all, there is nothing worse in life than having to do a boring job
day by day. This usually happens when young people get misled by
the success of their parents and choose to take the same occupation
which actually does not coincide with their personal traits. Secondly,
the unconditional support of parents may make young specialists lazy
and ineffective. In other words they will take their promotions at work
for granted and will not have motivation for self-development.
Nevertheless, some people share the view that parents may instill
their knowledge in children and therefore help them become an
excellent worker. In additional, few parents will refuse to make use
of their social network and help their beloved children to secure a
good job.
Although it is tempting to choose the easiest way and follow your
parent’s footsteps, I think that it always pays off when we follow
our own dreams whatever efforts it takes . It would be a pity to
realize that our parent’s influence has prevented us from gaining
In conclusion, I maintain that under no condition should parents
impose their opinions on their children when it comes to their
future profession. Otherwise, it is possible that the young will
blame their parents for choosing a wrong job
Some people think that learning foreign languages is a waste
of time and money.
essay: | -
In today/s world of fierce competition, it is important for young
people to get well-prepared for the challenges of the future. Thus
learning languages can be regarded as a step in the right
direction. Many people agree, apart from me.
In my opinion, learning foreign languages is not the waste time and
money. Firstly, this occupation promotes to development of
intelligence. One can speak in different languages with bigger
vocabulary. Studying of culture of other nations pushes the brain to
its fullest capacity. Secondly, it is undeniable that knowledge of
foreign languages assist in career advancement. It is a well-known
fact that employers make appreciation of persons, who own another
language. Finally, learning it lets you dream about wishful journey.
On the other hand, it takes dedicate from everyone. First of all, you
spend your on spare time and a lot of money, one has to occupy
with teacher or in language centers. Learning foreign languages is
not for self-taught. Moreover, if your profession is not connected
with foreign communication, you will not know it.
In spite of this. I believe, one is able to overcome all difficulties with
money or laziness if one want to give positive emotions, travel
around world without spending money on translator or to to obtain a
good job. It is not all pros of learning languages, which produce
benefits for successful life.
In conclusion, I would like to stress that learning foreign languages
is the best chance for increasing our personal advance. It takes
time, patience and money but I am sure, owning foreign languages
broadens your horizons.
Pocket Money
parents should/ should not give money to their children
ESSAY: | -
Many parents consider giving a weekly allowance to their children a
normal practice. However there is an opinion that children are not
mature enough to deal with money and this will only spoil them.
I am of the opinion that youngsters should have some sum of
money for their own spending. First of all, it would be irresponsible
of parents if they did not provide money for such essential
expanses such as lunch at school or transportation fees. Moreover,
children are likely to feel more confident if they have some extra
money to buy some snack or stationary they may need. What is
more, having to decide how to spend money effectively a child
learns about its value and grow to appreciate it.
Nevertheless, the opponents of this view claim that pocket money
can do nothing but spoil offspring. They will buy unnecessary items
such as sweets. Furthermore, there is a risk that they will get used
to receiving an allowance and will take it for granted.
Although they may be partly right, I do not see any harm in
providing children with small amount of money. Through
practising to allocate, save it up and invest their allowance they
will become sensible with money.
To sum up, I firmly believe that it is parent’s duty to help children
to understand the meaning of money. There is no better way to
do this than to let them be fully responsible for a small amount of
money provided on a daily basis.
Cars should be banned (from city centers?).
ESSAY: | -
It is fairly safe to assert that transport is an integral part of the
modern society and hardly anyone can survive without it. It is not
surprising that some people are concern about traffic jams,
destructive influence on men’s health and claim that cars should be
banned. Others are sure that car is the best mean of transport and
humanity is not ready to live without it.
In my opinion, cars should not be banned. Firstly, automobile is the
most suitable mean of transport for traveling with a whole family or
a big company. They can avoid an escort with tourist groups or
usual excursions and can create their own rout. Having a personal
car is the freedom of choice exactly where is wanted without buying
tickets. Secondly, most of products for shops and other business
are transported by cars. Cars’ ban leads to the collapse of the trade
industry. Finally, I am afraid of public transport would be
Nevertheless, people who are prone to believe that cars do bring a
great number of disadvantages name some exceptional drawbacks
people have because of using cars. First of all, automobiles add to
pollution and poison air we breathe. Smog, dust from the engines
are the recipe for disaster. Moreover, using cars relaxes of people.
They become lazy and fat because of lack of walking.
Even though they may be partly right, it is important to bear in
mind that future generation are able to bring about the transition
from today’s cars to ecological means of transport working with
help of electricity. It helps to overcome the problems with
polluted environment.
In conclusion, I maintain that transport plays the important role in
creating a person feel comfort and convenience. But few people
would deny that only having a personal car one can spend one’s
spare time with family, friends or one-by-one. People can reach
almost every destination and create their own travel.
Some people think that reading detectives is a waste of time.
ESSAY: | -
In today`s world there are many different kinds of books and all
people can find something suitable among the variety. However,
some think that detectives are a useless and stupid genre of
books, whereas others believe that there is no better way to spend
time than reading detectives. So where is the truth?
In my opinion, reading crime stories brings any person many benefits
and advantages. Firstly, detectives usually have cunningly devised
motives of a crime and an investigation process. This characteristic
of the book allows readers to develop logic, observation and
understanding of human behavior, which can be very useful in real
life. Secondly, it is the best way to deal with depression because the
world of the book is able to capture and divert from real issues. As is
known, a person a little distracted from any problem later find a
solution quicker because of looking at the situation more objectively.
Moreover, we should take into account that reading books enriches
the lexicon and develops grammar skills.
Nevertheless, many people share the opinion that reading
detectives is worthless activity. Nowadays this genre is made from
a template, so that every book is of the same plot.
This may be true to some extent, but I assume that detectives of
different authors are varied. They have their own inner world and
fantasy, so plots of some books can be similar but it does not
make crime stories less interesting.
In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that detectives are beneficial
books because of their ability to give food for thought, distract
from reality and develop logical thinking. I maintain that this
genre cannot be called `useless`.
Some people think that if there is a computer at home their
children will waste much of their time on video games and
social networking.
| -
In modern world a computer plays an significant role for a person.
More and more people use it for a variety of reasons. Some people
consider that the computer has negative effects on children who
only play computer games. But other believe that a child needs the
In my opinion, the computer is an extremely useful gadget for
children. Firstly, the computer helps pupils with the studying. They
can get necessary information and more knowledge. Secondly, when
the child has the computer and the access to the Internet, he can
converse with people around the world, even who are in another part
of the world. And it helps the child to develop his social skills.
On the other hand, there are those who assume that the using
of a computer is very useless, even harmful to children.
Sometimes teenagers fall under the computer addiction.
I disagree with this point, because this situation happens because
of paying no parents attention. Teenagers spend much time
playing video games because of being alone.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that the using of a computer
is necessary for the child in the information society. I hope that
computer will continue to act as the useful gadget and will not to
replace friends and relatives.
We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. They
are used in business, hospitals, crime detection and even to
fly planes. Is this dependence on computers a good thing or
should we be more suspicious of their benefits?
ESSAY (Task Response=0 | -
There are a lot of opinions in the world about using computers.
Some people think that it is irreplaceable part of the modern world,
but others dispute about people’s dependence on computers and
harmful effects on our health.
In my opinion, people should not be suspicious of using computers.
Firstly, computers made a step in the right direction for discovery of
diseases. Scientists help more and more people overcome many
incurable illnesses, using the modern medical equipment. Secondly,
computer is the fastest way to find criminals. Policemen compile all
traits of offender’s appearance for making a (#$%$&$'$%).
Nevertheless, the opponents of this view claim that we are
becoming increasingly dependent on computers. The say that a
majority of children is addicted to computer games. Moreover,
teens are sitting against their computers all day long. Therefore
health problems with the eyes, the back appear.
In spite of this, I strongly believe that parents should choose useful,
developing computer games for their children. Children will be happy
and smart, and parents will de quite. According to scientists’ advice, a
man can sit against the computer from 3 to 4 hours in a day.
Following this simple rules, people will avoid their health problems.
In conclusion, I would like to say that I cannot imagine our life
without computers. They are used in medicine, education, science
and give many indispensable benefits to the development of the
world. Therefore I am sure that the future generations will improve
computers, will reduce their harmful effects on men’s organism,
and life on the earth will be more qualified.
Gun Control
The ownership of guns should/ should not be controlled by
the government
ESSAY: | -
It is possible to generalize and assert that every person wants to
live in peace and quiet. However, while there is a belief that a gun
may provide security for its owner, there are also many people
who are strongly opposed to this idea.
In my opinion, the fewer people have weapons in the world, the
less threat they pose to themselves and society. Firstly, if there is a
gun in the house it is possible that children may gain access to it
and injure themselves and others. Moreover, such a law allowing
all people to keep firearms at their homes would make it impossible
to ensure that people with mental disorders do not buy them. Last
but not least, it is beyond all doubts that the number of atrocious
crimes will increase and this will prompt the police to use guns
more often than they used to do.
Supporters of the free gun circulation claim that a firearm can
save lives, in particular, when it is used in self-defense. In
addition, many criminals would be deterred to commit a crime if
they knew that almost everybody is armed.
Despite all these seemingly justifiable reasons I advocate for gun
control as only this way we will be able to promote the idea that
any argument should be settled peacefully. Furthermore, it is
expected that suicidal rates will be law where guns are illegal.
In conclusion, I maintain that the society will benefit if only the
police and an army are entitled to keep guns but not average
citizens. Otherwise, people will tend to misuse it and there will be
more casualties.
Advertising helps us to find out what we really need. Others
are sure that it is used to deceive most people and we should
not trust it.
Advertisement had really become a part of our life: it surrounds us
everywhere. So some people claim that advert helps us to make a
right choice, choosing what we need. While others are sure, that
it`s purpose is to deceive us. Let us discuss both statements.
From my point of view, we should not trust the advertisement. Firstly,
it is aimed to make a product more popular, so the information we get
can be unreliable. Secondly, I am sure that the advertisers impose us
their product, placing the commercial everywhere. Thirdly, we cannot
hear about the product`s disadvantages in the advert. It makes
impossible for us to make a right choice.
From the other point of view, my friend thinks that the commercial
is useful. For example, it gives us information about what we have
in range now and informs us about novelties. Besides, in the
advert we can learn about the advantages of the products, what
helps us to compare them and to choose what we really need.
However, I cannot agree with this opinion. It is better to learn all the
variety of products in the shop, not seeing the publicity. In this case,
our choice will be impartial. What else, we can better learn the
advantages of the product, asking people who had already used it.
In conclusion, I can say, that the advertisers pursue their profit from
the commercial, but we should learn not to believe everything that is
said in the advert, but try to filter the information.
WATER: Bottled vs Tap
Bottled water should/ should not be banned by the government.
ESSAY: | -
Water is a natural product and indispensable substance for
human. Modern facilities have made it possible to have water in
every household and there is no scarcity of it. However, there are
many companies which offer their customers bottled water for a
rather high price.
In my opinion, there are many advantages of bottled water that
their existence is justifiable. Firstly, the quality of filtered bottled
water is said to be better in comparison with tap water. In addition,
some people may have some specific diseases which require
consumption of the water rich in minerals and vitamins.
Consequently, tap water cannot meet their demands and only
special produced by certain companies may help them alleviate
their sufferings. Finally, bottles are portable and it means that
people can carry them and buy water whenever they feel thirsty.
Nevertheless, some people assert that the difference between
packed water and tap water is subtle and distributing companies
capitalize on people’s unawareness. In addition, it is true that the
amount of non-degradable garbage increases dramatically due to
constant disposal of used plastic bottles. As a result, landfill sites
are expanding and deteriorating the environment.
Despite all these arguments, I still believe that people should have a
choice what kind of water to consume. Furthermore, this way people
may rest assured that they can buy it freely when they are outdoors.
In conclusion, it is the government’s responsibility to provide
people with free access to such a vital recourse as water. Banning
packed water would mean putting people in dependence of tap
water and this would inevitably threat to their health.
Some people think that learning foreign languages is a waste
of time and money.
In today`s world with the increasing globalization more and
more people are learning foreign languages.
On this case some people assume that the knowing any foreign
language plays a considerable role now. Whereas others believe
that it is not worth studying it.
In my opinion, a person should know some foreign languages.
Firstly, nowadays when global ties among countries are
developing, one should study a foreign language to obtain a well-
paid, prestigious job. Secondly, the knowing foreign languages is
necessary while travelling. And a person will not feel uncomfortable
because of lack of the language barrier.
On the other hand, there are those who consider that a person
does not have to learn any foreign language.
In their view, if you learn it, you waste of money. Moreover,
studying a foreign language takes too much time.
Nevertheless, I totally disagree with this a viewpoint, because
there are many sites in the Internet where you can acquire the
knowledge of a language. Also a person can study a language
while getting to work.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that a person needs know
foreign languages. It is a significant advantage for everyone.
Studying Modern Literarure
Some people think that at school students do not study
enough modern authors and modern literature.
ESSAY: | -
No doubt that modern literature has become very popular
nowadays. More and more people buy a huge variety of books
written by modern authors. Nevertheless, some people are sure
that students do not spend enough time on studying it.
In my view, classical literature is much more important for students.
First of all, it is a good way of mental stimulation. It forces people to
think about the highest values and qualities. Secondly, it helps
people to become well-rounded and more intelligent. What is more,
if a person studies novels written by Tolstoy, Chekhov or
Shakespeare he will probably know the history and culture of
countries where these authors lived.
However, some people think that modern literature is rarely studied at
school. They also think that it is more important to read books of
modern authors as it is usually much more interesting and enjoyable.
I cannot agree with them. To my mind, reading classical books
can give great pleasure to its readers. Modern books have only
an interesting content while classical literature shows spiritual
values and changes people's life.
In conclusion, I am convinced that students should not study
modern literature a lot at schools. Knowing classical ones can be
much more important and significant.
EDU: Traditional vs Alternative?
Education is compulsory, school is not.
ESSAY: | -
The today`s world dictates high requirements to the level of
knowledge. A person should have perfect education to be successful
in any field of activities. No sooner had schools appeared than people
saw a home-based education as the only method of studying.
Nowadays everyone has the choice: to go to school or stay at home
for getting education. Some people are sure that schools have many
advantages in comparison with home, whereas others have some
reasons to call the home schooling as the best way to get knowledge.
In my opinion, being educated at home is far preferable to the most
common standart as going to school. Firstly, people are different
and have various interests, talents and abilities. Therefore, not all
subjects being given at school are useful for everyone. At home
there is an opportunity to concentrate only on studying of necessary
subjects. Secondly, teachers at school can pay much attention on
organizational, extra-curricular issues, so the time of lessons may
be spent not as effectively as at home. Moreover, home-based
education allows not to get distracted from other pupils.
Nevertheless, many people think that generally-accepted schools
give us many benefits. For instance, pupils can deal with peers
there, and when children compare themselves with others, their
self-assessment forms objectively.
This may be true, but I assume that children should concentrate
only on getting knowledge in the process of studying. The forming
of relationships with others, the socialization should take place
outside of lessons.
In conclusion, I am firmly convinced that getting knowledge at
school has some advantages as communication with peers. But it
will be better to be engaged in home-based establishment for
perfect education.
True Friends
Some people think that you can have only one true
friend. ESSAY: | -
Friendship is one of the most important part in everyone`s life.
Regarding this some people assume that a person can have only
one genuine friend. But others believe that friendship can be
between several friends.
To my way of thinking, there can be one true friend. Firstly, one is
always close with you, one is at your side in joy and in sorrow. Such a
devoted friend never betrays you. Secondly, having many friends, a
person does not have chance to devote time equally for all them.
There will be one who you spend more time with. In addition, a man
can not trust and reveal all his secrets every close friends, because
somebody is more significant for him, somebody is less.
On the other hand, there are those who think that people can have
more than one true friend. If you have multiple friends, you always
will be able to obtain assistance and support.
I partly agree with this point of view, as it is probably you will be
supported by only best friend in the bad times, but other 'true'
friends will turn their back on you.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that a person can have
only one genuine friend who cherish you unconditionally.
Historic Preservation
Should a city try to preserve its old historic buildings or
replace them with modern buildings?
ESSAY: | -
There is no doubt that new modern buildings are being built more
and more often while old historic buildings will be soon vanished
from cities. Many people prefer not to worry about it. Nevertheless,
there are those who think that historical monuments and houses
should be preserved.
From my point of view, saving old culture in cities is extremely
important. Firstly, it helps people to be more informed about the
history of their culture. Secondly, old buildings make the
atmosphere of city or town much more charming and fascinating.
Moreover, old historic buildings form national identity and show
belonging to a certain country. It is also very significant.
However, some people insist on old buildings’ destruction as
these types of buildings are uncomfortable for living. They also
think that it does not look beautifully and does not fit to modern
houses and monuments.
I do not agree with this point of view. To my mind, people should
always remember the history of their country. Historic buildings
are great inheritance which each person should try to preserve.
Summing up, I strongly believe that historic structures should be
carefully preserved. It is each person’s duty and obligation.
People should always remember about it.
Books vs Film Versions
Some of my friends say there is nothing better than reading a
good book while others would rather watch its film version.
ESSAY: | -
Nowadays more and more film versions of books are appearing
on the screen. While some people prefer screen version,
whereas others enjoy reading books.
In my opinion, reading a good book is more preferable than watching
its film version. Firstly, while reading the book, you better realize the
book plot and writer`s opinion. There are not someone`s remakes,
only you and your thoughts. You is becoming a co-author. Secondly,
you can feel implicated, imagine yourself instead of a main character.
Lastly, the value of books is developing social and communicative
skills and ameliorating vocabulary.
On the other hand, there are those who prefer watching movies.
They assume that it is convenient, because it takes less time than
reading books. Moreover, there are much special effects in films
that bring people attention.
I disagree with the point of view, because a film producer adapts
film version of a book remaking the book plot dramatically.
Frequently the films are designed for consumers, it is becoming not
a work of art, but commercial product.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that reading books is
far useful and enjoyable. It is a significant part of our life.
Marriage can wait
ESSAY: | -
Nowadays early marriages are becoming more and more popular.
Some people find lots of advantages of being married.
Nevertheless, there are those who believe that marriages are not
necessary especially in early ages.
In my opinion, if a person is quite young, marriage is not a good
idea. To begin with, young and full of energy people can do
whatever they want without any restrictions, while married people
can rarely afford themselves to have fun, visit different discos and
parties. Secondly, before the marriage people have ability to find a
well-paid and prestigious job which will provide them with decent
salary and satisfaction. Moreover, sometimes young people are not
able to make the right decision about their future life.
However, many people think that early marriage can be beneficial as
it makes person more responsible and more disciplined, because he
should not only care about himself, but also about his family.
This may be partly true, but I am convinced that when people
are immature and inexperienced they are not able to arrange
their life. The consequences of early marriage can be
unpleasant: it can destroy the whole life.
In conclusion, I would like to say that marriage can really wait. It is
not the most important thing which should be done in early ages. As
people say, haste makes waste.
Soap Operas
Many people watch soap operas because they find
them enjoyable and realistic.
ESSAY: | -
Nowadays watching soap operas has become one of the most
popular hobbies among many people of different ages, especially
among women. Some think that long serials are interesting and
they can bring pleasure and gladness to viewers, whereas others
believe that watching melodramas is a worthless pastime.
In my opinion, engaging in soap operas is an useless activity and it
can even do harm to viewers. Firstly, the world of serials can
capture and weigh on the brain problems of heroes, which poses
serious threat to watchers because of distraction from urgent cases
of reality. Nerve disorders might be caused by care about
imaginary ones. Secondly, even though the operas can be similar
to realistic issues, they always contain author's fantasy and have
happy ends, which cannot be said about the same situations in
normal life. Watchers can take to heart these fabulous moments
and face up with problems in reality.
Nevertheless, many people assert that watching melodramas is a
plesant way of spending leisure time. They say that this activity
helps to be distracted for having rest. It is great to lie on a sofa
doing nothing and getting delicious impressions.
This may be true, but I assume that these people forget that soap
operas can bring worries and bothers along with distraction from
real concerns. So watching serials affects viewers' life negatively.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that melodramas cannot
enable to get plenty of rest and enjoyment. They take up our
time bringing almost nothing beneficial.
Career Making
Some people suggest that young people think only
about making money and career.
Teenagers’ plans for the future are always great. Nowadays most
people consider that the youth is concerned only with earning money
and climbing the career ladder. Others have an opinion that the young
also care about such invaluable things as friendship and education.
In my view, modern teenagers are attentive not only to careerism, but
also to building relationships with people and pursuing education. To
begin with, the number of young people registered in different social
networks is increasing. Now it is so tremendous that it is obvious to
see that communication with friends is essential part of teens’ lives.
They are interested in adding new friends and corresponding with
them there. Moreover, most of the young strive to obtain good
education. They pay much attention to choosing a university and
faculty according to their aptitude. Not to mention the fact that young
people are very ambitious and trying to enter high status universities
in order to become the best specialists in their fields.
Opponents of this view state that teenagers are dreaming only
about money. In today’s world everybody wants to earn and spend
more and more, and the youth follow these values and sometimes
forget about real values such as human compassion, giving a
lending hand and supporting each other.
However, it is undeniable that in the consumer society life literally
makes even young people crave for money. A person’s standard
of living is valued by his or her material possessions, so that it is
no wonder that from the early ages a man wants to be wealthy.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that young generation has much
more goals in life, than it is supposed. And perhaps they are the
first who can achieve them all, because our consumer society
exists in the world of high-tech.
Some parents think that if there is a computer at home their
children will waste much of their time on videogames and
social networking.
Nowadays we can't imagine our life without modern technologies,
especially without computers. Computers have influenced all areas
of our life and everyday activities of children have changed too. A
lot of parents consider that their children spend much more time on
videogames and communication throw the Internet than on their
studies.Is it really so? And what should parents do in order to
correct this situation?
I am convinced that computers are the best helpers for children. New
informational technologies allow them to self-educate, to study in
online schoolsand get any knowledge that they want. Today you can
"ask" search engines about everything, and the whole task will be in
choosing correct information. In addition, when there is a computer at
home, the child can communicate with peers fromm other countries,
thereby he or she will get real foreign language skills. Besides, The
Internet is cheaper than, for instance, buying plenty of books and
talking on the phone. Children can do a lot of useful useful activities
on the Internet, but parents will pay certain amount of money.
However, there are those who claim that the young generation spend
so much time in social networking that they forget about other values
of life.Scientists also affirm that the health risks for children are very
high. They especially concern about posture and eyesightof kids.
This may be partly true, but I reckon that everything depends on
person himself, so parents should bring up in their children
computer literacy and teach them how to sit and so on.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that the young generation should
use computer necessarily, because it is unavoidable in our
postindustrial society.
Keeping Pets
Some people think that having pets is a waste of time and
argue that they are dirty and dangerous
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Nowadays lots of people tend to adopt pets and take care for
them. Nevertheless, some people think that keeping a pet can be
rather difficult as it is always very expensive and takes up too
much time and effort.
In my opinion, keeping a pet is a good idea. First of all, a pet can
become a good friend for people suffering from loneliness.
Secondly, spending some time with companion animals will make
people’s life more colorful and enjoyable, it will help to cope with
daily routine and forget all sorrows and regrets. What is more,
keeping a pet can provide a person with new opportunities and
hobbies like taking part in different pet contests.
However, some people are against having any kind of pet. They
believe that toys and medical treatment for pets are not cheap.
They also think that sometimes pets can be rather dangerous and
represent a threat for the public.
I cannot agree with this point of view. Pets can rarely pose a threat
for society. They are usually very tender and kind. Moreover, pets
can make someone’s life more enjoyable filling it with new colors
and emotions. Besides, people should also think about homeless
animals which need our help.
Summing up, I am strongly convinced that having a pet can be
very advantagable. Not only do they cheer us up, but they help
people to make their life much better.
Prison: Alternatives
Some people are sure that sending to prison is the only way
to punish criminals. However, a lot of people believe there
are far more effective punishments for criminals than prison.
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Nowadays the level of crime is gradually increasing. Regarding
this, some people believe that offenders should be in prisons.
Others think that it is not necessary to send all criminals to prison.
In my opinion, there are many efficient punishment aside from jailing.
Firstly, punishment should re-educate criminals, but not do harm
them. One of main aims of law is humanity. Secondly, it is utterly
expensive to hold prisoners. States spend much money on
accommodating them. Whereas this expenses can be used to
improve health service. Moreover, prisoners are not treated very well
by security guards. There are violence and cruelty towards them.
On the other hand, there are those who think that criminals should
be sent to prison. They are sure that lawbreakers should be
removed from society.
I disagree with it, because this people must have a chance to
reform. If they are in prisons, they will not able to turn over a new
leaf. Everybody must have a second attempt.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that punishment must
improve criminals, but jailing will not make prisoners better.
EDU: Homework
Some people think that daily homework is necessary
for students.
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There is no doubt that homework is an essential part of education
process. Some people find homework useful and helpful for
students, whereas others suppose that it is a cheer waste of time.
In my opinion, daily homework is very beneficial. First of all, it
helps students to understand the subject better and consolidate
the knowledge. Secondly, doing homework students can prepare
themselves for next lessons and get good grades. What is more,
homework usually motivates students to do their best to
accomplish goals.
Nevertheless, there are those who think that homework is useless
as it creates stress and makes students neglect their studies. They
also think that it takes to much time and denies students of different
sport and social activities.
I can partly agree with this point of view, but I am convinced that
regular homework can make students more diligent, persistent and
hard-working. Besides, homework is a good way to develop such
abilities as time management, self-organization and self-control
which are extremely important in the world of work.
In summary, I strongly believe that homework has more good than
bad sides. Not only does it make lessons more efficient, but also
develops necessary skills and motivates pupils to show good
results. No feedback
Space Exploration
Many people think that we should explore space and visit
other planets. However, some people say that space
exploration is a waste of time and money.
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In today's world the question of space exploration attracts a lot of
public attention. Some people think that it is necessary to
research the galaxy. Others believe that people should not spend
money and time on exploring space.
In my opinion, nowadays it is utterly important to study space. To
start with, there is a lack of drinking water and natural resources,
because our planet is overcrowded, and population is increasing
and increasing every year. People face problem of shortage of
food. Secondly, scientist are trying to discover an extraterrestrial
life. There is a theory of people's extraterrestrial origin in science. It
may exist aliens and UFO. Exploring space, people more learn
about what Earth is, how it runs. Moreover, space equipment
improve people's life on Earth. For example, thanks to satellites
men can communicate each other around the world.
On the other hand, supporters of the opposite opinion prove that
studying the galaxy is useless and unreasonable to men. They say
that space exploration is expensive activity. States expend much
money on it, whereas it could be spent on developing social
service. Moreover, it is unsafe to fly in space. There is a chance of
a crash of a spaceship.
I disagree with this point of view, because modern technology lets
people to explore the galaxy safely. And if people rationally invest
money into space research, it will bring benefit generations to come.
In conclusion, i am strongly convinced that space exploration is
not only necessary scientific research, but wise investments into
the future of humanity as well.
Some people think that national holidays are just the additional
days off . Others believe we should pay more attention to the
meaning of the events that these holidays commemorate.
Nowadays most bank holidays are the days when people only
rest and make merry. Some people suppose that these days
should be dedicated to taking away the stress of everyday life.
Others, on the contrary, consider public holidays to be
meaningful and significant events.
In my opinion, people ought to put a high value on bank holidays. To
begin with, people should refer to history on these days, because
many of holidays emerged to commemorate the most important
events in history. Research into the past often fills one with pride
about one’s heritage and contributes to national identity. Moreover,
many holidays are of religious origin that means people are to place
emphasis on such timeless values as family and friends.
Opponents of this view claim that holidays have lost their true
meaning and become too commercialized. As a result, people must
stay out of everything related to celebrations and have a rest.
Despite the influence of mass media with its purpose to capitalize on
people’s naivety, it still depends on each person in particular whether
a bank holiday takes priority over an ordinary day off. In fact, it should
do, because a public holiday reminds us about things we may forget
and has the power to bring the whole family together.
In conclusion, I strongly believe that people ought to attach
importance to bank holidays. They are the perfect days for
family’s reunions and rediscovering oneself.
Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.
Some people think that extreme sports help people to build their
character. But others think that it brings them nothing but injures
and pain. As for me I support the first opinion.
First of all, I don't think that extreme sports brings so much trouble.
For example, mountaineering statistic said that almost all injures in
the process climbing a mountain caused by human factor. Secondly,
practically all kinds of extreme sports requires rather outstanding
physical culture and we all known that it makes our character perfect.
The last but not least thing I should mentioned is that it give us an
important opportunity to face troubles and fears, to show off.
But it should be noted that the other point of view also have a right
to exist. The fact is that extreme sport does endanger us. Besides,
it even (and often) may cause death.
I am understand it quite well but I still can not agree. As for me, life
is a dangerous thing by itself. I think that we just should be more
attentive to safety and that is all.
To sum up I consider that extreme sports have more positive
sides than negative. Personally I would like engage
mountaineering or skydiving.
Books or film versions
The issue between books and films has always been controversial.
In today’s world books are nearly forgotten amongst young people,
while films on the other hand have become more and more popular.
Nevertheless I prefer an evening with a good book and a cup of tea
to an evening with a film and a bucket of popcorn.
The first thing I would like to consider is that a literary creation is
nearly always better than its cinematization. For example, Ray
Bradbury wrote a wonderful short story “A sound of thunder” which
had been turned into a long and slumberous film. When you read a
book, you imagine your own characters and the whole world and
this world is bounded neither by budget nor by director’s fantasy.
However, some people say that watching a film is more
breathtaking, because you can live a whole life, share character’s
sorrows and joys within a mere two hours.
This may be true, but what they forget is some tiny yet
important details in films are often omitted and for this reason
you can’t understand characters or a meaning of scene in full.
In conclusion, I would like to add that masterpieces can be
found amongst books and films equally, but still between a
book and a movie I will choose a book.
Being Rich
Some teenagers dream of becoming rich whereas
others consider it to be rather dangerous.
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In today’s world more and more people tend to believe that happiness
cannot exist without financial basis. That is why, many offsprings
nowadays wish to be wealthy in life. However, there are some, who
assert that extremely richness poses a serious threat to its’ owner.
Personally, I am inclined to believe that the wish of being wealthy is
not worth the dream the rich stick to and money even can do
irreparable harm to individuals. Firstly, the majority of people, being
comfortably off, look down on others thinking that the whole world
revolves around them. We should take into account that wealth often
goes together with loss of positive personal qualities and tendency to
greed and callousness. Secondly, it would not be wrong to assert that
individuals being well financially secure are more often subject to be
exposed to crime. Because of envy, springing from social inequality,
many people are eager to clear the world from the rich.
Nevertheless, opponents of this view think that high monetary
status is one of the most desired dreams. They think that rich
people are provided with great opportunities. Wealthy individuals
can afford any buying and high level of services.
Despite all this arguments, I assume that luxuries can do more
harm than bring benefits to the owner. Having an opportunity to get
anything, a rich runs out of purposes, aspiration and sees no
reasons to live on.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that richness poses a
potential harm to people. They undermine their spiritual stability
gaining negative traits of character and eventually unaware of what
to go after.
Roads vs Public Transit
Some people think that governments should spend money on
improving roads and highways rather than on improving
public transport.
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There is no doubt that governments spend more and more money
on improving roads and highways nowadays. Nevertheless, some
think that improving public transport is much more important.
In my opinion, firstly governments should invest money in public
transport. First of all, buses, trains and subways are significant for
people who have no cars. They also should have a right to be
transported in comfort. Secondly, by improving roads people will
use cars more often and, as a result, degrade the environment.
What is more, with flexible public transport people will avoid traffic
jams which usually make people arrive late at their destinations.
However, some people believe that improving roads and highways
is a priority task for governments. They think that dangerous
condition of roads can lead to various car accidents as well as to
traffic jams. That is why it is necessary to solve problems caused
by unacceptable road conditions.
This may be partly true, but I am convinced that governments
should not forget that public transport in most of cities and towns is
in bad shape. Using public transport will encourage people to
preserve the environment. Besides, with wellorganized public
transport people will have no need to use large parks which would
allow more space for gardens.
Summing up, I strongly believe that spending money on
improving public transport is beneficial and reasonable. Not
does it make people’s lives more comfortable, but also makes
the environment clean and friendly.
Extra Pocket Money
Many parents encourage their children to study well by giving extra
pocket money for each good mark.
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It is often argued if parents should motivate their children to get high marks at
school with the help of a personal allowance. Some people believe that it is an
excellent instrument which can prod any pupil to study better. Opponents of
this view say that it is an unacceptable way to draw schoolchildren’s diligence.
To my way of thinking, young might be rewarded for their school
achievements. Firstly, when teens have their own money it gives them an
experience of independence and self-confidence and helps to adapt for the
adult life. Secondly, supplementary money provides that adolescents take
studying as a job, the better they study, the more they earn. Finally,
youngsters learn how to weigh up their wishes and possibilities.
However, the detractors of this opinion contend that pupils must not be given
any money for doing well at school. To begin with, these people are sure that
in order to get more and not to distress grown-ups a child starts to use
cunning and hide low marks. Moreover, they believe that monetary
compensation may cause the situation when a child does nothing without
proper encouragement.
This may be true to some extent, but as long as students understand the
importance of education for the future career, they never trick their parents.
In conclusion, the system of encouragement for good marks imparts the
necessary standards of behaviour, helps to cultivate desirable results.
Besides, it seems to me only fair to give a student additional money for his
efforts to make a good progress in his schooling.
Some people think that having pets is a waste of time and
argue that they are dirty and dangerous.
It is a fact that a considerable number of people keep animals or
birds at home. Some claim that it is a dissipation of time and warn
that animals often have life-threatening diseases. Others argue that
taking care of pets makes your life more interesting and full of
sense and consider home darlings to be safe.
Personally I believe that having pets only has advantages. When
you are taking care of living beings you show such qualities as
responsibility, empathy, and kindness; and it in its turn helps to
develop your personality. Domestic favourites give you so much
love, devotion, and pleasure that it inevitably influences your
emotional condition in a positive way and leads to the general
improvement of your health.
On the other hand, the opponents of keeping pets think that it is
an unproductive and full of disadvantages way to spend your free
time. They say there is a great deal of more useful pastimes you
can be engaged in. These people dislike domestic favourites
because of possible illnesses they might be infected with.
However, these arguments are unconvincing, since tastes differ
and you choose the way to fill your life according to your own inner
desires and views. And still timely visit to the veterinarian will help
to avoid many problems with medical issues.
All in all, I believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages
in having pets. They are true friends always willing to be near you,
they share every change in your mood and provided that you are
attentive to their needs and health they will never distress you.
Books vs Film Versions
Some of my friends say there's nothing better than reading a
good book while others would rather watch its film version.
No doubt that there are lots of film adaptations of novels nowadays.
More and more people prefer watching film versions to reading
books. Nevertheless, some people are sure that nothing can
substitute books.
In my opinion, reading a book is much better than watching its film
version. First of all, every film adaptation cuts a masterpiece. It is
impossible to show everything from a book. Secondly, you
imagine characters by yourself. While, when you watching the
film, you have to look on personas, invented by directors of the
film. What is more, reading a book gives you better understanding
of characters’ tempers.
However, some people think that watching film adaptations of
novels is usually much more interesting and enjoyable then
reading books. They also think that reading a book is a waste of
time when there is its film version.
I totally disagree with them. To my mind, when you read a book,
you become more intelligent. Everybody knows that reading a
book develops your vocabulary.
In conclusion, I am convinced that film adaptations of novels never
can substitute books. Film version is just a nice addition to a book.
Some people think that you can have only one true friend.
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Nowadays we hardly can meet many good friends. A lot of adult
people use friendship for their benefits, they can betray and do
not respect each other.Therefore, some people think that we can
have one true friend, whom we can trust.
In my opinion, we can have only one true friend.Firsly, a real friend
can give an emotional support and advice in the difficult situation
whenever we need it. Secondly, a person, whom we know for a long
time and appreciate his friendship, will never betray us. We can totally
trust and confide in such people. Finally, people can never open their
souls every friend, but we can open them to a real friend.
On the other hand, some people think that they can have several
faithful friends.People believe if they have many friends they will
have more fun and are never bored in their company.Others
communicate with lots friends for the benefits and use each other
to achieve their aims.
Despite all these arguments, the quality of any friendship depends
on a person rather than it depends on a number of friends.
In conclusion, some friends have gone away and another friends
come in our life, but a real friend will be a satellite forever.People,
who respect their friends, their feelings and desires, will not never
be betrayed by them.
Some people think that after the divorce the mother should
take care of children. Others believe that both parents should
have equal responsibility in raising a child
There is no doubt that after the divorce women are more likely to
raise their children than men. Nevertheless, some people believe
that both parents should be equal in bringing up a child.
In my opinion, men and women should be allowed to raise their
children in the equal rights. First of all, every child needs to have
both mother’s and father’s love. Otherwise, he can probably have
inferiority complex. Secondly, men and women usually play
different roles in raising their children. Men can tell children lots of
interesting and useful thing about the world, whereas women can
always give a piece of advice and support.
What is more, sometimes caring of children makes relationships
between a divorced couple stronger and closer. Who knows
maybe children will help their parents to reunite.
However, some people are convinced that it is enough for a child
to be brought up by the only parent. They think that a mother can
provide children with love, support, she can also teach him
everything, while a father can only pay alimony for child’s needs.
I completely disagree with his point of view. The main family’s
function is bringing up children. Even after the divorce parents
should do it together having equal responsibilities in parenting.
Besides, to raise children in comfort a family should have financial
stability. In any case, money given by father as alimony cannot be
compared with money earned by two parents.
Summing up, I strongly believe that raising children together by a
mother and a father is extremely beneficial for both children and
parents. Not only does it make children’s life happier, but also
makes relationships between parents rewarding and strong.
Living Independently
In European countries children after they are 18 are supposed
to live on their own.
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Nowadays there are a lot of people who claim that young adults
must live apart from their family.
But it causes lots of controversies. And whether teens must
leave their home or not is a crucial question.
In my way of thinking, teenagers should live on their own and
parents must teach their children from this age to live
independently. First of all, if we do not do it do not move out from
parents home, we cannot solve problems in adults’ life. Moreover,
living by oneself means freedom of the chose. For example, you
can do whatever you want and whenever you want.
However, there are people who consider that it has a lot of
disadvantages. They think that living apart from family can have
a negative influence on teenagers’ behavior. They can start
drinking, smoking and so on.
It is true to a certain degree, but what the opponents fail to mention
is that usually young adults just have not enough money to do it.
To conclude, I strongly believe it will be better if teens are up to
think and prepare for adult’s life, because as an old saying goes: «
as you make your bad, so you lie on it».
Gift Giving
Some people think that a birthday present must be a surprise.
Others prefer to hint or let their friends and relatives know
what they would like to get as a present.
Essay | -
Recieving birthday gifts is an antient tradition. Almost all people like
it. At the same time, some people think that present must be a
surprise and others consider that a person who are presented with
a gift should remain in ignorance.
To my mind, I support the first opinion, because a like surprises.
Firstly, I think that the feel of curiosity and excitement is the main
part of any present. It gives me a lot of positive emotions when I
open a gift from somebody. Secondly, getting gifts we can see how
many people really know us.
Meanwhile, there is an opposite opinion to presented above.
Supporters of it believe that everybody should know what kind of
present he get. They claim that the most important thing in the
gift is its practicality.
I completely disagree with this statement, because I consider that
the most important part of the gift is getting positive emotions.
To sum up, I strongly believe that a birthday present should
always remain a surprise, because the main thing is to make a
presented person happy.
Many people think that smoking should be prohibited by law,
but there are still many who believe it should not
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No doubt that regular smoking leads to health deterioration. That
is why some people think that it should be banned as quickly as
possible. Nevertheless, there are those who believe that people
should be allowed to smoke, if they want to.
In my opinion, smoking should be prohibited by law as it has bad
impact on our life. Firstly, it leads to numerous illnesses such as
lung diseases or cancer. Secondly, smoking regularly can damage
the nervous system and increase the risk of mental illnesses.
Stress, depression and anxiety are results of smoking. Finally, if a
person smokes, he will probably have problems with his look as
smoking also affects personal appearance.
On the contrary, some people are convinced that smoking does not
do any harm. They think that it brings people enjoyment and pleasure
as well as it helps to put up with stress and daily routine. Besides,
they also suppose that it will be difficult to give up this habit.
I cannot agree with this point of view. Smoking can really badly
influence on people’s lives. Moreover, the level of health care
affects economic and social well-being of the country.
In summary, I strongly believe that banning smoking by law is
both beneficial and reasonable. Not only does it help to improve
people’s health, but it also maintains the authority of the country
Advertising is common throughout the world. However, not
all people consider it helpful.
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Nowadays people are seriously concerned about the
advertisement. Some experts say that commercial is useful in
many cases, whereas others uphold the opposite point of view.
In my opinion, commercial is extremely important today.Firstly, with
the help of the advertisements, we can know about all the up-to-
dates in the shops and much more. So you can form your opinion
about goods just sitting in front of TV. Secondly, advertising brings
big sums of money to the company owners.Finally, bright banners
can beautify streets of the city.In this way, we can remember many
examples of such cities.
However, there are those who claim that advertisement is not so
good as many people imagine.They say, that commercial on TV is
very intrusive.For example,we have to wait more than ten minutes to
see our favourite show or film.They also add, that advertisement
influences our emotions by making us buy things we do not need.
This point of view can be partly true,but we all know, that
advertising is the engine of commerce.Therefore, many people
are able to introduce their goods in the beneficial ways.
To sum up, I have to say, that there are many opinions about
advertisements.But no one can deny that production of this
great industry has become a part of our life.
Parents' footsteps
Some people think that young people should follow in
their parents' footsteps when choosing a profession
Essay | -
Nowadays many people think that the youth should follow in
their parents’ footsteps in a career, but others totally disagree
with this point of view and I can understand them.
In my opinion, teenagers should choose a profession themselves.
First of all, it lets them choose a profession, which they are interested
in. Secondly, they learn to respond to their own decisions and be
independent from somebody. Finally, if they decide on their own, they
will never blame parents for a forced choice.
On the other hand, many people argue that young people must
hold a family business and save it for the future generation.
Besides, they claim that parents can transfer their professional
experience to their children. Moreover, if a person follows parents’
footsteps when choosing a profession parents will be happy to
continue their family case.
I do not consider these arguments really crucial because the most
important thing is to be interested in your work. If people do not
have motivation to do their works they will never be hard workers
and will never be really happy.
In conclusion, I totally sure that young people must choose their
future job on their own, but they definitely should advise parents
about a choice.
Scientific developments
Some new developments in world science are not really
helping the world. They just invent new things for us to buy
and consume. True progress must only be about protecting
the world.
ESSAY: | -
New inventions come into our lives at a high speed. Some people
reprove them for not serving the purpose of protecting the
environment. Others consider the inventions only as useful tools
for everyday life.
In my opinion, people should attach importance to creating things
which will be of use for the planet, not only for people themselves.
To begin with, such an invention as an eco-house should be widely
spread, because it contributes to saving energy and natural
resources. An eco-house is perfect for the environment as it
functions frequently on stored solar power. Moreover, we know
that the environment and the economics are closely related, that’s
why “the invention” of “green banks” is a beneficial one. Green
banks are the banks that give loans for green projects and they
offer incentives for green building and transportation.
Nevertheless, opponents of this view consider that inventions
should be about improving people’s life regardless of their
usefulness for the environment. They say that people should carry
on creating only labour-saving devices.
However, this attitude towards life and progress is inappropriate,
because a man should take care of the environment as well as of
himself. In fact, the world was changed by human activity,
consequently, people are in charge of it.
In conclusion, I am strongly convinced that people should give
priority to creating environmentally useful devices. Not only do they
improve the state of ecology, but they also provide prosperity to all
living organisms.
Some people think that you can master the language only if
you study abroad, in the native speaking environment.
It is very important to know at least one foreign language
nowdays. More and more people are becoming to learn other
languages. Some of them say that it is possible to learn foreign
language by themselves. Others claim that you will never speak
any language fluently without practicing it with the native speakers.
In my opinion people can greatly improve their level of any
language in their own country. Firstly, you can study grammar by
yourself without any help of native speakers. Grammar is very
significant as it makes our speech literate. Moreover, learners can
listen to some audio records in English, for example, or watch TV
channels like CNN or BBC to improve their comprehension skills.
Finally, to develop our speech we can record our voice on a
dictaphone and then listen ourselves, correcting any mistakes.
Nevertheless, some people say that learning the language by
yourself takes a lot of time and it is inefficient because you can
get confused talking with the native speaker.
Although, studying the language abroad is faster and more
efficient it is also quite expensive. Not everyone can spend a year
in China, for instance, learning Chinese. Moreover, if you are
confident in your knowledge you will not get confused.
In conclusion, I can say that despite all the drawbacks it is poss