Конспект урока английского языка "Любимые английские и американские писатели" 9 класс

Государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение ЛНР
«Стахановская гимназия № 26»
Конспект урока английского языка
«Любимые английские и американские писатели»
учитель английского языка
Тарновский Евгений Борисович
г. Стаханов
2016 г.
Тема урока: «Любимые английские и американские писатели»
Цель: Формирование коммуникативной и социокультурной компетенции
учащихся по теме «Любимые английские и американские писатели»
1. Образовательные: - совершенствование навыков монологической и
диалогической речи;
- формирование коммуникативных умений и
- совершенствование навыков аудирования.
2. Развивающие: - развитие интереса к изучению иностранного
- совершенствование общеучебных умений;
- развитие навыков высказывание собственного
суждения по обсуждаемой теме;
3. Воспитательные: - формирование у учащихся интереса к литературе;
- развитие актерских способностей учащихся.
Оснащение урока: УМК Spotlight 9, книги и портреты писателей,
аудиозапись, подстановочная таблица, раздаточные карточки.
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент. Речевая зарядка, Сообщение о теме, целях
Т.: At our previous lessons we read and talked about writers and books. And I
know that you like to read books. This is very good, because as people say: Books
are our friends”. Why do we call books our friends?
PI: - They give us information.
P2: - Books make us think.
P3: - They teach us what is right and what is wrong. ... Etc.
II. Речевая разминка :
- What books do you like to read?
- I like to read ... books. And you?
- As for me, I prefer ... (poems).
- What is your favourite poem?
- My favourite poem is “Six Serving Men”.
Один из учащихся читает стихотворение Р. Киплинга “Six Serving Men”.
2). Беседа о любимом жанре литературы с опорой на подстановочную
таблицу (в форме диалога):
As for me/ I like (prefer)/ historical novels (adventure books, poetry, science-
fiction, short humorous stories) / because...
P1: - As for me, I like to read historical books because they depict true events
which took place many years ago. And you?
P2: - As for me, I prefer plays because I like theatre. What about you?... Etc.
Введенние и закрепление выражений: “Tastes differ”, “So many men, so many
III. Инсценирование отрывка из пьесы «Король Лир»
Т: - Many of you, boys and girls, are fond of theatre. And now our actors will
perform a short scene from the play “King Lear” by William Shakespeare.But first,
what do you know about Shakespeare? Answer my questions now:
- Where and when was William Shakespeare born?
- What kind of books did he write?
- How many plays did he write?
- What are his most famous plays?
And now welcome our actors.
( Текст отрывка был адаптивован совместно учащимися и учителем на
нескольких предыдущих уроках).
Narrator. The story takes place in old Britain. The main characters are: Lear, the
King of Britain, and his three daughters, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. The King is
old and he can not rule his kingdom, so he decides to divide it between his
Lear. I called you here, my daughters, to divide in three my kingdom.
Because I’m old and cannot rule.
Which of you three will say she loves me most,
Will have the greatest part.
So, Goneril, my eldest daughter, you speak first.
Goneril. I love you more than words can tell,
More than eyesight, space, liberty,
No less than life and health,
No less than beauty, honour.
As no child has loved his father.
No words can tell how much I love you.
Cordelia (to herself). What shall I say? I know - love must be silent.
Lear. So, Goneril, you get this part,
With shadowy forests, fields and rivers.
What says our second daughter? Regan, speak.
Regan. I’m made of same material as my sister,
And in her words you’ll find my feelings.
If there is anything that makes me happy,
It is my love for you, my dear father.
I have no other joys in life but
To feel Your Highness’ dear love.
Cordelia (to herself). And still I feel my love is more than all my words.
Lear. So you, my dear Regan, receive
The part no less than Goneril does.
Now you, Cordelia, my joy, what can you say?
Cordelia. Nothing.
Lear. Nothing comes of nothing. Speak again.
Cordelia. Unhappy that I am, I cannot put my heart
Into my mouth.
I love Your Majesty
As child can love his father, no more, no less.
You are my father, you raised me and you loved me,
And now I return my duties back.
Lear. But are you speaking from your heart?
Cordelia. Yes, my lord.
Lear. Let it be so. Then be aware
That you are not my daughter any more.
I loved you most, but now I give
My kingdom to my loving daughters,
To Regan and Goneril.
And you, Cordelia, get out of my sight!
Narrator. But we know from the play that only Cordelia really loved her old
father. “King Lear” is one of the best and tragical plays in the world literature.
IV. Беседа о любимых писателях.
1. Аудирование рассказа учителя о Герберте Уэлсе.
Т. - At our lessons we spoke about Shakespeare, about Byron, Burns, Kipling,
Mark Twain. And now I want to tell you about my favourite English writer,
Herbert Wells. He was born in 1866 in a poor family, but he worked very hard and
managed to enter the University of London. Herbert Wells began his literary work
when he was a student. His first science-fiction novel “Time Machine” was
published in 1895 and brought him fame and universal acclaim. After that Wells
wrote many other novels and short stories. He died in 1946.
Контроль понимания прослушанного:
- When was Herbert Wells bom?
- What novel brought him fame and universal acclaim?
- Have you read any books by H. Wells? Have you seen films made after his
books? Etc.
1. Рассказ учащихся о своих любимых писателях (контроль домашнего
2. Беседа о современных писателях:
Т. - So far we have spoken about British and American writers whom we call
classics. But there are many famous modern writers: Arthur Haley, Steven King,
Tom Clancy and others. Today I want you to meet a very famous writer, Mr ...... ,
who is visiting our country and who was so kind to come to see you today. You
may ask him any question you want.
[Учащиеся работают двумя группами, одна придумывает “писателя” и его
“биографию”, другая группа готовит вопросы “писателю”].
Беседа с “писателем”:
P’s: - Mr ..... , where were you bom?
- Where did you spend your childhood (study)?
- What was your first book about?
- What are your hobbies? Etc. (7-8 вопросов).
V. Разъяснение домашнего задания.
1. Аудирование рассказа учителя о его любимой книге.
Т. - As I have told you my favourite English writer is (who?), and his first novel
was (what?). Do you remember when it was published? Right, in 1895. It is a
science-fiction novel. It tells about a scientist who built a time machine and
travelled to the future. Etc. (5-7 предложений).
Now look at the blackboard. Here you can see the plan. Write it down into your
copy-books, please.
Plan: - name of the book
- year of publishing
- main hero
- main events
- main idea.
Your home task will be to write about your favourite book according to this plan,
just as I told you about “The Time Mashine”.
VI. Дополнительные игровые задания [при наличии времени]:
1. “Угадай название книги”.
Учащийся читает краткое содержание книги по карточке, остальные должны
угадать название книги.
Р. - This is a story about a shipwrecked sailor who lived on an uninhabited island
for 27 years. Once he saved a savage who became his friend. The savage’s name
was the name of one of the days of the week... “Robinson Crusoe” by
D.Defoe. (4-5 книг)
2. “Составь фамилию писателя или название книги” из разрезных карточек.
VII. Подведение итогов урока.
Домашнее задание: Написать о своей любимой книге согласно плану.
Список использованной литературы:
1. Ю.Е.Ваулина, В.Эванс, Дж.Дули, О.Е.Подоляко.Spotlight 9. Student’s book. -
М.:Express Publishing: Просвещение, 2010.
Использованные материалы и Интернет-ресурсы:
1. Spotlight 9. Аудиокурс к УМК для 9 класса.
2. http://liteka.ru. William Shakespeare. King Lear.