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Презентация "Обучение аудированию. Подготовка к ГИА и ЕГЭ"

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Обучение аудированию. Подготовка к ГИА и ЕГЭ.

Учитель английского языка


Саратовской области

Пахомова Виктория Владимировна

©Пахомова В.В.,2014

  • What do you know about Pompeii?
  • Do you know where it was located? Do you know why it is famous?
  • What happened in Pompeii?
  • Why did many people die there?
  • Why do tourists visit Pompeii today?

New words

  • Bay of Naples
  • Pompeii was located on the ocean, on the Bay of Naples.

  • 79 C.E. 79 years after the birth of Christ
  • In the year 79 C.E., a young Roman boy was visiting his uncle in Pompeii.

  • Sight a scene, a view
  • Pliny saw a frightening sight.

  • Ash residue left when material is consumed by fire, very small particles of mineral matter that a volcano sends out
  • Rock and ash flew through the air.

  • To flee to run to escape from danger
  • Many people were able to flee the city and to escape death.

New words

  • To be buried alive to be covered by ash or dirt completely while still living and then to die
  • These unlucky people were buried alive under the ash.

  • To dig to turn up the ground or soil with a shovel
  • An Italian farmer was digging on his farm.

  • Arhaeologists scientists who study the remains of ancient civilizations
  • Arhaeologists began to excavate –to dig-in the area.

  • Ruins the remains of destroyed buildings or cities
  • Today tourists come from all over the world to see the ruins of the famous city of Pompeii.

You will hear the story

You will hear the story

about Pompeii which begins

2,000 years ago

and continues up to today.

The story is told in

chronological order.

Listen for dates such as

«79 C.E.» and the time

expressions such as

«for about three days»,

« as time went by».

They will help you to

understand the sequence

or order of events in the



  • You will hear five questions about the story. Listen to each question and then write the correct answer to each question in the space provided. Write short answers (There several possible answers to some questions.)
  • 1.____________________
  • 2.____________________
  • 3.____________________
  • 4.____________________
  • 5.____________________


  • For questions 6-11 you will hear the statements about the destruction of Pompeii. If the statement is true, put a T on the line next to the number of the statement. If the statement you hear is false, put an F on the line and explain why the statement is false.
  • 6.___ 7.___ 8.___ 9.___ 10.___ 11.___


1)In your opinion,

what is the most

dangerous man-made

disaster facing

the world, and what

do you think we can do about it?

2) Describe the worst storm, flood, or natural disaster you

(or one of your friends or relatives) ever survived?

3) Hollywood has made many «disaster» movies, such as The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, and Earthquake. Why do people enjoy watching disaster movies? What is your favorite disaster movie? Why did you enjoy this movie?






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  • Учебное пособие-
  • Patricia Dunkel, Phyllis L.Lim, (2006) Intermediate listening comprehension (3d ed.).Thomson Heinle.

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