Презентация "Аctive or passive" 7 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "Аctive or passive" 7 класс

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Simple Present Active Passive

  • V
  • Vs(es)
  • (he, she, it)
  • *do/does not V1
  • am
  • is Ved,V3
  • are
  • *be not Ved, V3

Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of verbs (active or passive)

  • Our nature (to pollute) with waste products
  • We (not to throw) litter around our houses, in the streets and parks
  • Many ecological organizations (to care) for animals and plants
  • Pollution (to reduce) if people don’t spoil the environment
  • Usually dogs (not to keep) under control
  • Animals can (to hurt) if pollution goes on and on

Fill in the gaps I variant II variant

  • Books (to care) for by pupils
  • We (to feed) birds in winter
  • Litter (to recycle) in most of the countries
  • Water (not to pollute)
  • Forests can (to cut) down
  • Birds (to feed) by schoolchildren
  • Litter (to gather) for reducing pollution
  • People (to plant) flowers and trees
  • Forests (not to damage)
  • Animals can (to kill)