Контрольная работа “How different the world is!” 10 класс

Контрольная работа за I четверть в 10 классе
по теме “How different the world is!
(УМК “English 10 -11” Кузовлев В. П.)
Учитель: Воронина Людмила Александровна
г. Уссурийск Приморский край
Test № 1 по теме “How different the world is!
Цель : Контроль навыков чтения, грамматики, письменной речи.
Вариант 1
a. Read how three students discuss different topics:
1. a) Can the geographical position and environment explain some personality
traits of people from different countries. That’s a question. There are stereotypes
about the Americans, the Russians, and the British. I can’t agree with them. The
British are supposed to be polite, to have a passion for lawns of grass and to like
compromise. But my mother is always extremely polite, grows flowers and has
lawns. She prefers compromise than a quarrel. The Americans are supposed to be
risk-takers and optimistic. My father is a risk-taking person. He is sure that nothing
is impossible for a willing heart. Besides he is tough and self-reliant. Though
neither he nor his ancestors were Americans. My opinion is that people are alike in
different countries in spite of geography.
b. this student is talking about the influence of geography on the national character.
He thinks that…….
A. His mother likes compromise because she is British.
B. In spite of geography people are alike.
C. His father’s ancestors were Americans, that’s why he is risk-taking.
2. I like how Americans raise their children. They raise them to be independent. It
is a part of American culture. Small children learn to do things on their own. They
learn to take care of themselves, clean their rooms, help with the dishes and the
laundry, spend their time away from their parents in day-care or with a babysitter.
Most teenagers try to find summer or after-school jobs, so that they can have their
own money. Students usually work part-time and during summer vacations.
c. This student is discussing contemporary American society. How do the
Americans bring up their children?
A. To be independent of the family
B. To be independent
C. To be conceited
I was born in a small Russian town and I have been living here my entire life. I am
in love with my native town and adore its quiet lanes and streets, full of ancient
history. The spirit of my town is really extraordinary. I like walking along the old
streets of my town. I’m really happy to live here.
I’d like to enter a linguistic university. But we don’t have such university in my
town. And I have to admit that there is no plenty of work here. I don’t want to
leave my town but I have to… . So I’ll do my best to get a good academic
background and perhaps the most important thing useful contacts.
d. This girl is talking about her ancient town and plans for the future. What is she
going to do?
A. to leave her town and enter a linguistic university.
B. to get a good academic background at home
C. To find a job though there is no plenty of work in her town
II. Fill in the articles with geographical names where necessary:
1. …. Netherlands has another proper name is …. Holland.
2. Tom has traveled in …. Middle East.
3…..Cairo is the capital of ….Egypt.
4….Milan is in ….. north of….Italy.
5…..England is washed by …..North Sea.
6. “The Murder on…. Nile” is the famous detective novel by A. Christie.
III. Change the questions using Do you know…? Could you tell me…?
1. Where does Tom live?
2. How did the accident happen?
3. What time did he left for London?
4. Where has he gone?
5. Where is the post-office?
6. How much does she pay for her outfit?
IV. Ask polite questions using the information:
1. about time
2 . how to get to the nearest underground station.
3. about the climate of the country you’re going to
4. if your teacher can help you.
5. how to spell a word in English
V. Cultural Awareness:
If this information True or False:
1. Great Britain is the world’s largest island.
2. In the USA people live within four time zones.
3. In the UK the seasons are the other way round.
4. In Australia much of the land is a useless desert.
5. Nature has been kind to Russia.
6. The British started the fashion for seaside holidays.
7. In Great Britain practically every climate is represented.
Вариант № 2
Five sentences have been removed from it. Choose from the sentences A-G
below one which fit gap (1-5). There are two extra sentences which you do not
A. They have to make new friends wherever they go.
B. People have few babies because of birth control and the high cost of raising
C. Values and people are changing in the United States.
D. The Americans worry about the same things as other people in the world, about
their children, and what their lives will be.
E. They seldom moved from one place to another and usually knew their
neighbours well.
F. Religion is a private issue.
G. The Americans are getting older and the number of senior citizens increases.
A. Changing America
In the past fifty years American society has changed much. Fifty years ago most
Americans lived in small communities.
Life was so personal that people often joked about it. It was difficult to have
privacy in a small community like that. Some people dreamed about moving to big
cities, but most people were happy to live all their lives in the same place. Now
people often move from place to place. It is rare to find people who have lived all
their lives in one community. They go to warmer parts of the country, to some of
the older cities, to some large suburban areas.
The American population is changing. There are now more Asian Americans and
Spanish Americans than ever before.
The American family has changed too. The number of divorces increased.
Americans are not likely to remain in a marriage that has problems. They are not
forced by economic, social or religious pressure to stay married.
American women work more now, but still don’t have the same opportunities for
equal salaries and career as men. They often find that they have two jobs now:
taking care of the house and the children and working at the office.
5……………..... …………………………………………………………………
They worry about international terrorism. They know that this time is a period of
change and many difficulties, but perhaps the pioneer spirit which built the country
will help Americans change, improve and adapt to the future.
II. Fill in the articles with geographical names where necessary:
1…Lake Superior is one of the Five Great Lakes in ….USA.
2…England is washed by ….Straits of Dover.
3…Alps is the best place for skiing for millions of tourists and famous
4. Can you show …Australia on the map?
5… Everest has been conquered by some of the alpinists.
6. He took part in the expedition across … Gobi Desert.
II. Change the questions using Do you know…? Could you tell me…?
1. Why did they want to leave so soon?
2. How does this mechanism work?
3. What clothes should I take with me to America?
4. What is her E-mail?
6. When has he gone to Paris?
5. How do you cook this tasty dish?
III. Ask polite questions using the information:
1. offer your help to your friend
2. how to get to the nearest post-office
3. about the weather for tomorrow
4. if your friend can lend you some money
5. offer your help to your brother
6. if your friend can give you a book
IV. Cultural Awareness
Is this information true or false:
1. Australia is the world’s largest island.
2. In the USA the seasons are the other way round.
3. Australia is the smallest continent.
4. Many people live far away from towns in the outback in Australia.
5. Three-quarters (3/4) of the USA are washed by ocean.
6. On the Australia’s coat of arms there are the kangaroo and the emu.
7. In Great Britain people live within four time zones.
8. It is never very hot or very cold in the UK.
Вариант 3
New Zealand, an independent state and a member of the Commonwealth, is
situated south-east of Australia. The country consists of three large islands, called
North Islands, South Islands and Stewart Island, and so many small islands.
The main cities in North Island are Auckland, the largest city and port with
750,000 inhabitants, and Wellington, the capital. Wellington has been the capital of
New Zealand since 1865, and is one of its busiest ports. It is situated at the
southern end of North Island. It lies among hills on the western side of a natural
harbour. Wellington was chosen as a capital of New Zealand in preference to
Auckland, which, though larger, is less central. The population of Wellington is
about 350 thousand people. The New Zealand parliament and government
buildings are situated in Wellington. Excellent roads and fast railways link
Wellington with its suburbs and with other parts of North Island. Wellington also
has an international port.
A little north of Wellington there is an important industrial area, now included in
the city. Christchurch and Dunedin are the most important towns in South Island.
The cities and towns of the country resemble very much those of England,
especially Christchurch. Dunedin is more like Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.
New Zealand is a mountainous country. The mountains run from south-west to
north-east throughout both the larger islands, The Southern Alps, the highest New
Zealand Mountains, lie near the west coast of South Island. The climate in New
Zealand is warm and the greater part of the country is well watered. New Zealand
has very few native animals. The kiwi, a bird which lives in the forest and doesn’t
fly, is found nowhere else in the world.
Choose the right answer:
1. The text is about….
a. the climate in New Zealand b. the capital of Scotland
c. New Zealand d. Australia
2.Содержанию текста соответствует предложение:
a. Christchurch is the most important town in South Island.
b. Dunedin is the most important town in North Island.
c. Dunedin is the capital of Scotland.
3. Правильным ответом на вопрос:”What is the most interesting bird in the
country?” является:
a. kiwi b. duck c. pigeon d) oriole
4. В тексте слово “Commomnwealth” означает:
a. государство b. сообщество c. республика d. содружество
5. Cодержанию текста в предложении: “are the most important towns in
South Island” соответствует словосочетание:
a. Christchurch and Dunedin b. Christchurch and Auckland
c. Dunedin and Wellington d. Edinburgh and Auckland
II. Fill in the articles with the geographical names where necessary:
1. …Pacific Ocean is one of the largest one in the world.
2…. Baikal one of the cleanest lakes is known for its unique nature.
3. The group of our students travelled to …USA on cross culture tour .
4. There are beautiful landscapes in …Russia.
5….UK is separated from… Europe by …. Straits of Dover.
6…New York is famous for its multinational population.
III. Change the questions beginning with Do you know…? Could you tell
1. Where is the nearest railway station?
2. Why was mother glad?
3. What time does the show start?
4. How often did they visit Spain last year?
5. How is climate varied in different seasons?
6. What vegetables and fruit do they grow?
IV. Ask polite questions using the information:
1. offer your help to your classmate
2. if a waiter can bring you dessert
3. about the time
4. how to get to the airport
5. about the climate of the UK?
V. Cultural Awareness
Is this information true or false?
1. Australia is sometimes called the Land Down Under.
2. Russia is situated in two continents.
3. In Australia people live within four time zones.
4. Australia is called “the lucky country”.
5. Cockney is spoken in Australia.
6. Australia is the world’s largest island.