Контрольная работа "Косвенная речь" 8 класс

1 вариант.
1.Write the following statements in reported speech:
1) Mother said: “There are seven nice cups on the table.”
2) “I want to have the magic carpet tomorrow”- the king said.
3) The prince told the girl: “I can help you to get your ball”.
4) “You must eat less hamburgers.”- said the doctor.
5) The boy said: “My grandfather works in this hospital.”
6) Mary said: “He has lived in Omsk for 2005.”
7) “I wrote a letter to Alice”- said my elder sister.
8) Angela said:”I’m too late today.”
9) Mark said: “I’ll take some medicine.”
10) “I got a “two” in Math today”- said Pete to his mother.
11) “It’s too cold to go skiing,”- said father.
12) “I ran away and swam across the river,”-said John.
2 вариант.
1.Write the following statements in reported speech:
1) “I can’t solve my Math problem,”- said Mark.
2) “We are having chemistry test tomorrow,”- said my sister.
3) Mother said: “It’s too warm in the room.”
4) “You can watch it after the test,”- said the teacher.
5) Martin said: “We had a wonderful party yesterday.”
6) “This morning I found some information on the Internet- said Ann.
7) Mother said: “There is an interesting film on Channel 4 this evening.”
8) “They will go to a language school in London next week.”- said my father.
9) “We have just arrived to Moscow.”- the students said to their teacher.
10) Mother said to her son: “You must do your homework now.”
11) “It’s a lovely morning,”- said Betty.
12) “Then I heard another sound, like great guns,”- said John.