Контрольная работа "Passive Voice"

Раскройте скобки, произведя необходимые изменения.
1. I'm not wearing my black shoes today. They (mend).
2. This copy (not read). The pages (not cut).
3. Why the car (not lock) or (put) into the garage?
4. The damaged ship (tow) into harbour when the towline broke.
5. This room (use) only on special occasions.
6. Bicycles must not (leave) in the hall.
7. He was taken to hospital this afternoon, and (operate on) tomorrow morning.
8. It was a lonely road, and the girl was afraid; she thought she (follow).
9. The paintings (exhibit) till the end of the month.
10. The little girl is the only child in the family, and she (spoil) by her parents.
11. Normally this street (sweep) every day, but it (not sweep) yesterday.
12. It was very cold yesterday afternoon, but we couldn't light a fire in the sitting-
room; the chimney (sweep).
13. This purse (to leave) in a classroom yesterday, it (find) by the cleaner.
14. Thousands of new houses (build) every year.
15. When I saw the car, it (drive) at over 50 miles an hour.
16. This room (not use) for ages.
17. The children are very excited this morning. They (take) to the circus this
18. My keys (return) to me; they (pick up) in the street.
19. Dogs must (keep) on leads in the gardens.
20. Dictionaries may not (use) at the examinations.
Make sentences passive.
1. Tom and Kate organized the meeting.
2. A lot of people saw the pictures.
3. Nick started the conversation.
4. The police did not arrest Clyde.
5. He told the teacher about us.
6. The TV reported the weather forecast.
7. Our parents did not scold us.
8. The neighbours returned or little puppy back.
9. The student turned the page over.
10. She borrowed the money from their parents.
Open the brackets and make the verbs passive.
1. Our school ( to build) 2 years ago.
2. The work (to do) already?
3. All the students (to surprise) by the professor’ s clever jokes.
4. The pictures by Picasso (to display) in the museum.
5. A great loan of money (to borrow) from the bank.