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Michael Schumacher



Hot wheels


Phonetic drill [ I ] it, bring, nickname, deserve, thin, everything, with, without [ ɔ ] block, hobby, jogging, occupation Everything is well that ends well. He is thin as a lath. If you want to be healthy do jogging in the mornings. Put the missing letters
  • N_c_n_me
  • O_c_p_ti_n
  • F_m_ _s for
  • Ra_ing ca_ dr_v_r
  • D_s_rve
  • P_r_onal d_t_ _ls
Translate the sentences into English:
  • Translate the sentences into English:
  • Приносить победу
  • Личные данные
  • Команда болельщиков
  • Заслуживать уважения
  • Отличное занятие
  • Превосходное хобби
  • Оздоровительный бег по утрам
  • Родиться весной
  • Быстрый автогонщик
  • Личные данные
Read the text about M. Schumacher and the factfile about Kimi Raikkonen and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). If the sentence is false – give the correct variant.

1. Michael Schumacher is a very famous interior designer.

2. Michael comes from Germany.

3. He can play tennis and volleyball very well.

4. Michael is devoted to Ferrari.

5. Kimi Raikkonen is a famous Finnish racing car driver.

6. His hobby is skiing and grass hockey.







Fill in the right preposition: to, with, after, from, for, till, by, on, at, in.
  • They go…..school ….Monday …..Friday.
  • Some children go….school ….bike, some of them go…..bus, and some go ….foot.
  • Lessons start ….a quarter past nine….the morning.
  • Many pupils eat lunch …..school, but some go home…..lunch.
  • Some friends meet ….a school club ….lessons.
  • Some children play …..the garden …..the weekend.
  • I usually go ….. the park……my friends.
  • This girl is …..our class. She is …..England.
  • We can go …..the café together.
  • We usually buy food ….the grocery.
Fill in the necessary preposition. My name is Laura. I came….San Diego, a city ….California ….the west of the USA. But I am …..York…..the moment. I am a student….the university. York is a very beautiful city ….the north-east of England. It stands …..the river Ouse. It is not far…..Leeds. it is famous …..its cathedral.

I live in…..

It has ……and……..

Say it in English
  • Оживленные улицы и тротуары
  • Тихое шоссе
  • Гулять в тихом парке
  • Волнующая ночная жизнь
  • Скучная книга, в скучной библиотеке
  • Безопасный пляж
  • Опасная улица
  • Много чистых и красивых пляжей
  • Безобразный отель, много красивых зданий
  • Современный город
  • Исторические здания и места
  • Дешевые магазины
  • Дорогие рестораны
1990 Wins German Formula Three championship. 1990 Wins German Formula Three championship. 1991 Formula One debut for Jordan, but moves to Benetton after one race. Takes four drivers' championship points. 1994 Wins his first drivers' championship . 1995 Wins his second drivers' title with Benetton. 1999 Crashes at the British Grand Prix and breaks his leg. 2004 Wins his seventh drivers' championship in style with an amazing 13 victories from 18 races. Retires just once, in Monaco. 2011 The fourth place in Canada - the team's best result of the year - a real achievement. Home assignment
  • Work book ex.2 p. 19.