Тест "Времена группы Simple"

Тест по английскому языку по теме «Времена группы Simple»
Заданиеыберите подходящую форму глагола
1.My sister___lunch yesterday at 7 o’clock. a.had b.will have c. has
2.We ___ TV tomorrow in the evening. a.will watch b. watch c. watched
3.Tom usually___ his homework . a. does b. did c. will do
4. I ___to school next Sunday. a. does not go b. did not go c. will not go
5. Yesterday afternoon Kitty ___about the house. a. helps b. helped c. will help
6. She ___her toys and books. a. likes b. like c. will like
7. We ___our Mother after breakfast yesterday. a. thanked b. will thank c.thank
8. Last week I __at the school sports ground. a. jumped b. jump c. will jump
9. Jane always ___her teeth in the morning. a. clean b. cleans c. will clean
10. He ___ at the ice rink tomorrow a. skate b. will skate c. skated
11. Yesterday morning Tim ___his hands and face. a. washed b. washes c. will wash
12. Every evening last week we ___chess. a. played b. will play c. play
13. Last year they ___at the school sports ground. a. skied b. will ski c. ski
14. We ___our Granny about the house yesterday. a. helped b. help c. will help
15. I ___to school yesterday a. go b. shall go c. went
16. She ___dinner tomorrow. a. cooked b. cooks c. will cook
17. The boy ___his homework 2 days ago a. did not do b. will not do c. does not do
18. We ___this book next week. a. read b. reads c. shall read
19.___you play tennis tomorrow a.will b. did c. do
20.I ___my granny next week. a. will visit b. visits c. shall visit
21. She ___him in the morning yesterday a. saw b.sees c. will see
22.___you ___ to my birthday party tomorrow? a. will come b.did come c. comes
23. Tomorrow I ___at 9 o'clock. a. shall get up b.will get up c. got up
24. He ___ it yesterday. a. said b.will say c. says
25. Next year she ___to London to visit her friends. a. went b.will go c. goes