Тест "Разговор о семье" 10 класс

Блохина Светлана Владимировна
МБОУ «Новолядинская СОШ»
Тамбовского района Тамбовской области
УМК М.З. Биболетова «Английским с удовольствием», 10 класс
Тема: «Разговор о семье»
Class 10
1. Listening.
Which speaker considers that.
1. The speaker is an experienced flatmate.
2. The speaker is very sociable and easy-going person.
3. The speaker has found a quick solution of flatmating.
4. The speaker is a very neat person.
5. The speaker prefers to be alone.
6. The speaker is calm and moody flatemate.
7. The speaker can’t relax at home.
Speaker A
I’m a post-graduate student studying geology. I’d be a good flatmate because I tend to
keep myself to myself. I’m not unfriendly but my idea of perfect evening is to spend the
night in, order a takeaway and watch a DND or maybe play computer games/. I’m not a
computer geek, though. Like any student, I’m often short of cash, but not tight-fisted, I
don’t mind paying my share. I can be quite messy I often bring rocks home to work on.
I’m usually up and out before 7.30 in the morning.
Speaker B
I’ m a professional cook in an Italian restaurant. I work late so I don’t like being
disturbed in the morning. I’m a people personand love inviting friends round and cooking
for them. I’m very particular about order, especially in the kitchen if there’s one thing I
hate, it’s a mess kitchen. I also get annoyed if I’m the only one cleaning up or people
don’t pull their weight around the house. My friends say I’m very sensible and practical,
really gown-to-earth.
Speaker C
I’m a lawyer and sing with a band in my spare time. I’ve got a good job and a decent
salary, but at the moment I’m being careful with money as I’m saving up for a new sound
system for the group. I’m often out until the early hours because of late night gigs with
the band. People say I’m a good laugh but I can be pretty serious too I sometimes bring
the band back after a gig and I can really get into talking about politics I love a good
Speaker D
I’m a manager and I have rather stressful work, but it’s not a problem. The problems are
my neighbours. I live on the third floor and the people next door, a young married
couple; they obviously get on very badly. They argue all the time, and the walls are so
thin you can hear every word. Then there are the people upstairs. They absolutely drive
me mad because they’re always moving the furniture around. Then the girl in the flat
below me is learning the piano. She spends hours practicing. I can’t bear it any more.
Speaker E
I’m a last year student. I’ve been sharing flats for the past four years with different
people. This time I decided to share with a friend, somebody I already know well. I’ve
been living here now for nearly a year and we get on well-except for her irritating habits
of eating my yoghurts and finishing the coffee. But it’s great having someone else to help
pay the rent, to share their dinner with you when you’re too exhausted to cook. And I
know there’s always someone to talk to.
Speaker F
I got to London a couple of weeks ago and I’m staying in a place called Swiss Cottage.
My flatmate, Winston, Is great. He’s originally from Jamaica and is divorced with two
kids, who are often around. He’s a good laugh and he’s happy to chat with me any time
so I can practice my English, which is great. I found the flat by means of’ speed
flatmating’ on the Internet. You go to a kind of party and you chat to a lot of people
who’ve got rooms to rent. I met Winston there and we just clicked! I moved in the next
2. Task - Reading
Match the texts (1-6) to a description (A-G). There is one odd description.
1. Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank and of having
nothing to do. Once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but
it had no pictures or conversations in it, “and what is the use of the book”, thought
Alice, “without pictures or conversations?”.
2. Lizzy is a hard-working, dedicated student, who is always happy to participate in class
activities. She has improved considerably this year. She is respected by all her
classmates. She is a caring, well- meaning person, and helped a new student who was
being teased by some other pupils.
3. Are you the active type who loves extreme sport? Well, Exodus Holidays has a range
of adventure and active holidays on offer, from places as diverse as Kilimanjaro and
Antarctica. Activities include walking and trekking, cycling and mountain biking,
rafting and cross-country skiing. Call us now!
4. A lion, Samson, is the star of New York Zoo. His son Ryan feels that he will never be
as popular as his father and after an argument he hides in a box which gets sent to an
island. Realising the danger Ryan is in, Samson and his friends sent out to rescue the
wild animals who live there.
5. I really like it of course and I’ve already started playing it. I’d actually never heard of
it before, because it is so new. I’ never forget who gave it to me.
6. The winner was Des Griffin, who showed some remarkable determination on the day.
His powerful creative moves make the best skateboarding fanatics jealous.
3. Task - Fill in: notice, look, observe, see, view, watch in the correct form.
1. She didn’t have time to dust the furniture, but no one ………………..it.
2. Astronormers ……………….. the stars and the planets.
3. They stayed up late to………………..the film on TV.
4. What are you ………………..at?
5. They decided to go back and ……………………the flat again.
6. It’s too dark in here. We can’t …………………anything.
4. Task -Put the verbs in brackets into the correct past form.
1. A: ……………… (you/see) the film last night?
B: No. It ……… (start) before I ……………..(finish) my homework.
2. A: What …………….(happen) to John?
B: He ………… (fall) and ………..(break) his leg while he ………. (ride) his bike
to school.
3. A: Why ………… (Ann/cry) before?
B: She ………. (train) for the finals for over a week before she ………..(find out) that
she had been disqualified.
4. A: When ……… (you/ meet) her?
B: Yesterday after I ……………… (finish) work.
5. A: Why …………. (he/not come)?
B: He ………….. (just/arrive) at the airport when he ……………..(realize) he
…………….(leave) his passport at home.
6. A: What ……….. (you/do) yesterday at 6 o’clock in the evening?
B: Well, Ann ……………. (tidy) the house while I …………(plant) some flowers.
5. Task Writing.
Think of a bad travel experience of yours. Write an account of it. ( 160-180 words)
Write: when it happened, where you were, who with, what happened.
1. Listening
A 5, B 4, C 2, D 7, E 1, F 3
2. Reading
A 6, B 2, C 4, D 3, E 1, F 5, (G is odd)
3. Grammar
1- has noticed, 2 observe, 3 watch, 4 looking, 5 see, 6 notice
4. Grammar
1 did you see
I had started, I finished
2 has happened, has fallen, broken, was riding
3 had been training, found out
4 did you meet, finished
5 didn’t he come, has just arrived, realized, he had left
6 did you do, was tidying, I was planting
Критерии оценивания:
1 задание - 6 баллов
2 задание – 6 баллов
3 задание – 6 баллов
4 задание – 6 баллов
5 задание - 10 баллов
Всего: 34 балла
«5» - 34- 29 баллов
«4» - 28- 23 балла
«3» - 22- 18 баллов
«2» меньше 18 баллов
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