Тест по английскому языку 9 класс

1.My friends live in…USA, …Germany, near… Black Sea.
2. Our house is in… Queen Street.
3. She has flown over … Atlantic ocean.
4.Marposad is situated on… Volga.
5.What city has … largest population? I think it’s …Mexico City.
6.How long has Captain Spenser been …air plane pilot?
7… California is … very wonderful state.
8.Go this way and enter … White Tower!
9.... Sahara is the largest desert in the world.
10.Where do you study? I study at … school.
11.Thank you for your letter … March 15 and … your offer to
meet me … the train station.
12. We will arrive …Moscow … 8.15 p.m.
13. … people from different countries have different tastes,
most airlines have a lot of tasty drinks … the plane.
14. Look …! There is a car coming.
15. Could you look … my cat?
16. Have you seen my cap? I’ve been looking … it everywhere.
17.My brother hasn’t put his sneakers … .
18.Never put … till tomorrow what you can do today.
19.Put your books … .
20. Try to put … … it. Don’t worry.
21. Come … or we’ll be late.
22.I came … this book in this shop.
23. The button has come … my coat.
24. Come … with us, or you’ll miss the train.
25.If she gets … early he’ll come … time.
26. How do you get … ? Pretty well.
27. It was too hard for her to get … after that illness.
28. You can trust him until you find everything … .
29.She’s a very bad woman. She always finds fault … people.
30. Yesterday we ran … my friend whom I haven’t seen since
we left school.
31. My dog was run … by a car.
32. Give … smoking! It’s not very difficult for you.
33. She gave … the textbooks.
34. “ I give … “, the enemy said.
35.Many different languages … in Russia.
a) speak b) spoke c) are speaking d) are spoken
36. The house … now.
a) are being built b) is being built c) is built d) was built
37.Donald Duck … by Walt Disney in 1936.
a) is being created b)was being created c)have been created
d) was created
38.Rice … with chopsticks in China.
a) is eaten b) are eaten c)was eaten d) are being eaten
39.The letters … at this time yesterday.
a) were sent b) were being sent c)are being sent d) will have
been sent
40. He said that he (write) stories the next day.
41.She asked me if I (like) Atlanta.
42. We wondered if she (go) to London the day before.
43.Tom said he (do) his homework the next day.
44. Sasha said that he (to be) Russian.
45.The students said that they (visit) America the year before.
46. All the happiness of my life depends on your (love) me.
47. Give up (smoke).
48.We are looking forward to (see) you again.
49.This book is worth (read).
50. The teacher wants the pupil (come) in time.
51.I’d like (speak) to you.
53. Жаль, что я не знаю его адреса.
54. Как бы я хотел, чтобы вы посмотрели этот фильм.
55.Как жаль, что здесь нет Тома, он помог бы.
56. Я хотел бы, чтобы она позвонила мне вчера вечером.
57.Ron is in London at the moment. He … at the Hilton hotel.
a) stays b) is staying c) was staying d) stayed
58. Two hundred dollars … a lot of money for me.
a) is b) are c) will be d) are to be
59. What magazine … through when she came into the hall?
a) was you looked b) are you looked c)were you looking
d)did you look
60. The sun … in the East.
a) rise b) rose c) is rising d) rises