Грамматический тест по английскому языку 9 класс

9 Form Grammar Test
1) What … you … about?
(=are you considering)
a) are thinking
b) do think
c) will think
2) I … Jenny tonight.
(=I’m meeting)
a) am seeing
b) will see
c) see
3) He is … to become a doctor.
a) enough clever
b) too enough clever
c) clever enough
4) I … TV when mother came.
a) was watching
b) watched
c) have watched
5) She … all the letters by 10.
a) had typed
b) have typed
c) will type
6) He … in London for 3 years
before he moved to Scotland.
a) has been working
b) had worked
c) had been working
7) He … me that he wouldn’t do it.
a) said
b) told
c) spoke
8) He said she … the piano.
a) had played
b) was playing
c) will play
9) I advised her … a dentist.
a) to visit
b) visiting
c) will visit
10) He denied … the fax machine.
a) having used
b) used
c) to use
11) If I … you , I’d try to find
another job.
a) was
b) had been
c) were
12) She … her house … .
a) does … designed
b) had … designed
c) will … designed
13) I’d rather you … the walking-
up tonight
a) do
b) will do
c) did
14) I prefer listening to the radio to
… TV.
a) watch
b) watching
c) have watched
15) Don’t tell her, … ?
a) do you
b) shall we
c) will you