Презентация "Inventors and their inventions" 10 класс

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Inventors and their inventions Выполнил Козма Алексей, 10 Б класс МБОУ «Лицей № 21» Курск 2015 Galileo Galilei have a significant impact on the science of his time. He first used the telescope to observe celestial bodies and made ​​a number of outstanding astronomical discoveries. . 

1564 - 1642

These days we are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the optical telescope - the simplest and most effective scientific instrument that opened the door to humanity in the universe. Honor creation of the first telescopes rightfully Galilee. Galileo took up experiments with lenses in the middle of 1609, when he learned that in the Netherlands for the needs of navigation was invented telescope. . Just six months Galilee managed to improve this invention to create on its principle powerful astronomical instrument and make a number of amazing discoveries. Telescope - a tool that helps in the observation of remote objects by collecting electromagnetic radiation (such as visible light ).

With the help of a telescope constructed Galileo discovered craters and ridges on the Moon (in his view - "mountain" and "sea"), saw innumerable clusters of stars forming the Milky Way, saw the moons of Jupiter

Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh (Scotland) March 3, 1847. Range of interests of the American scientist and inventor was unusually wide. In his fascinating experiments he managed to combine the art and science of acoustics and music, electrical engineering and mechanics. It was Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and largely contributed to the development of the telecommunications industry in the United States Karl Friedrich Michael Benz - German engineer, the great inventor, one of the creators and founders of the automotive vehicle. What was the car? Three-wheeled cart on bicycle wheels. Front wheel driven power steering with a rotating horizontal handle. Four-stroke gasoline engine was located under the seat above the rear axle.  Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright (Wilbur Wright (1867-1912) and Orville Wright (1871-1948)) - two Americans, followed by most of the world recognizes the priority of the invention and construction of the world's first aircraft capable of flight, as well as the fulfillment of the first managed manned the machine heavier than air to the engine December 17, 1903. Two years later, the brothers were able to develop the project in the first practical airplane operated. Despite the fact that the Wright brothers were the first to build and make a flight the pilot the plane, they were the first who could manage such a flight in the air, which made possible the further development of aircraft design. The largest fundamental achievement was the discovery of the Wright brothers of the three axes of rotation of the aircraft, allowing pilots to effectively manage aircraft and maintain balance during flight. This method has become a staple for all subsequent types of aircraft. The end.