Контрольный тест "Brilliant" 7 класс

7 класс Контрольный тест
V. Complete the sentences with the words:
1. A……works in a leisure.
2. A……works in a supermarket.
3. A…..works in a hospital.
4. A…..works in a library.
5. A…..works in an office.
G1. Complete the sentences with the present simple or the present continuos
from of the verb in brackets.
1. She …….(not eat) pizza very often.
2. What computer game…….you……(play)?
3. I…..(not like) traditional music.
4. Mark…..(watch) TV at the moment.
5. What time…..she…..(finish) school today?
G2. Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.
A: (1) ….. any good films on at the moment?
B: (2)……one at the Empire Cinema called Ocean Deep.
A: Would you like to see it tonight?
B: Yes, I’d love to. (3)……an early evening performance?
A: No, (4)…… (5)……….one at half past eight. Is that too late?
B: No, that’s great!
Read the text and circle the correct answer.
My name is Jack Duncan. I’m an actor. I live in Leeds. I love my job because I do so many
different things.
Two years ago, for example, I appeared in a TV soap opera about a family from the North
of England. I played the part of the family’s neighbor. They filmed the programme here in
Leeds. It was great!
Then, last year I was in a play at the city theatre in Leads. I played the part of a police officer
in a detective story. I did that every evening for eight weeks. I was really tired at the end.
shop assistant fitness instructor secretary
librarian doctor
After that I appeared in another TV programme. This one was different. It wasn’t a soap
opera, it was a drama. I played the part of a criminal. I enjoyed that, too.
At the beginning of this year, I went to America. It was really exciting! I got a small part in
a film called San Francisco. They filmed it in Hollywood. I met a lot of famous actors and
actresses. It was fantastic!
1. The first paragraph is mainly about…
a. Jack’s hobbies.
b. the city of Leeds.
c. introducing Jack.
2. The second paragraph is mainly about…
a. Jack’s family.
b. a TV soap opera.
c. the North of England.
3. The third paragraph is mainly about…
a. being a film.
b. a detective.
c. acting in the theatre.
4. The fourth paragraph is mainly about…
a. a drama.
b. a film.
c. a soap opera.
5. The fifth paragraph is mainly about…
a. America.
b. being a film.
c. meeting a lot of people.
Read Helen’s e-mail and write a reply. Answer her questions .
My name’s Helen. I’m 14 and I’m from England. I was born in Manchester
but now I live in Oxford.
I love school and my favourite subjects are English, Biology and Art.
I’d love to hear from you if you like these subjects too.
Every Saturday I meet my friends and we go shopping in town, I love buying
new clothes. And you?
Please write soon,
Love from