Контрольная работа "Человек и место, где он живёт" 11 класс

Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 11 класса (разделы 1-2 )
Учебник : New Millennium English
1. The underlined words and expressions are in the wrong sentences. Write the correct one in
the space.
(with the exception of one).
1. The authorities need a project proposal that can be contributed quickly.
2. The advertising campaign implemented a lot to the success of the project.
3. The working group were drawn into local authorities for the grant.
4. Accommodation of the project over the course of two years.
5. Because of the great number of visitors in London , the financial viability is very expensive.
2. Choose the wright proposal .Translate the sentences.
1 . For further information, apply to/ for the address below.
2. I didn't take sides because I didn't want to get drawn into/ on their arguments.
3. The present state of many of our cities and towns scare the tourists off/ of .
4.Tourism could provide good profits, especially at /on the height of the tourist season.
5. My friend is very fond of/on reading.
3. Express your regret. Ex: (If only…+V2(ed)
1. The streets are so dirty. ( clean) 4. She always forgets about my birthday. (not forget)
2. There are few visitors. (more ) 5. My girlfriend is absent-minded.( more attentive)
3. The weather is rainy. (sunny) 6. Tom hasn’t got any money. (some)
4. Complete the sentences with the words below.
On the surface, young 1 seem to be phenomenal language learners, often appearing 2
more capable than their parents of learning quickly and accurately. Younger learners tend 3 ….
progress, perhaps in part because they 4…. more time than adult learners. They also tend to
do relatively well in acquiring native-speaker standard pronunciation. But older learners begin
with several distinct advantages: 5 …. a first language, knowledge of how the world 6… ,
awareness of the structural features of languages in general and 7 ….. Several research studies
8…. that 9 advantages make language learning more efficien and more 10 for older
learners, at least in the beginning.
(children, to be ,to make, knowledge of, works, have , others , have shown , those , faster)