Конспект урока "Holidays and traditions" 8 класс

Седымова Наталья Анатольевна
МБОУ Первомайская СОШ
Татарский район, Новосибирская область
Урок по теме "Holidays and traditions" (8 класс).
УМК Кузовлева В.П.
Совершенствовать навык построения монологического сообщения на английском
Учить пользоваться двуязычным словарем;
Формировать грамматический навык говорения( пассивный залог настоящего
времени, видо-временные формы глагола);
Развивать межпредметную связь музыкой, литературой, историей,
изобразительным искусством);
Развивать творческую фантазию, познавательный интерес, инициативу в
осуществлении иноязычной речевой деятельности;
Формировать положительную мотивацию к изучению английского языка;
Воспитывать толерантное отношение к культуре и традициям народов стран
изучаемого языка;
Воспитывать уважение к мнению товарищей.
Ход урока
Teacher: Good morning! Glad to see you! Today we are speaking about main holidays and
traditions connected with them in Great Britain, America and in our country Russia. I hope
you’ll be active and friendly to each other and enjoy today’s lesson.
Task 1. Traditions, connected with different holidays, are very important in all countries. Of
course, they play an important role in the UK, the USA and in our country.
We have already learnt some English and American traditions and holidays. I think, you
remember such holidays as St.Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s Day, Christmas and Halloween.
People in Russia like people all over the world have their own traditions and customs, they are
for example New Year’s Day, Christmas and others.
And now let’s listen to your classmates, who will tell you about different holidays and traditions,
connected with them.
Презентации и сообщения детей, которые они готовили к уроку заранее.
Christmas is the most popular holiday in English speaking countries. People of Norway give
Londoners a big Christmas tree as a present. It is situated in Trafalgar Square. Christmas day is
celebrated on December 25
( in Russia on January 7
) in honour of the birth of Christ. It is a
family holiday. Relatives usually meet for the big Christmas dinner of turkey and Christmas
pudding- traditional dishes- and everyone gives and receives presents. Children put stockings at
the end of their beds or on the chimney, and in the night Santa Clause comes down the chimney
and put there presents.
New Year’s Day is the first holiday of the year. People see the New Year in at midnight on the
of December. There are many New Year traditions in Russia. There is a New Year tree
decorated with coloured lights and toys almost in every house. Children always wait for Father
Frost to come and give them presents. I like New Year’s Eve because my parents allow me to
stay up all night! We make fireworks at midnight to announce the beginning of a new year.
Some people go out into the streets, sing and shout “ Happy New Year!”
Easter is celebrated on a Sunday in April or May. The week before Easter people colour eggs
and cook Easter cakes. On Easter Sunday children wake up to find that Easter Bunny has left
them a basket of candy.
Maslenitsa is one of various Russian special traditions. It is the holiday, which lasts for a week,
to say good bye” to winter. People celebrate it at the end of February or at the beginning of
March. During this holiday they celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. People
usually cook pancakes, on fires they burn straw scarecrows of winter, sing songs and dance.
They invite their friends to see each other and eat pancakes with sour cream, fish, caviar or
butter, sugar, honey.
St.Valentine”s Day is one of youth’s favourite holiday. It is celebrated on the 14
of February.
It is a day of love and friendship. Young people send greeting cards to their sweethearts and
friends and ask them to Be My Valentine”. This means be my friend of love”. People
decorate rooms with big red hearts and give roses and chocolate to their sweethearts, friends and
T: Let’s watch how people celebrated Maslenitsa in old Russia. (Слайд №2)
Halloween is one of funniest holidays for children. Halloween is much more popular in the USA
than in Britain. People celebrate this holiday on the 31st of October. Groups of children dressed
as ghosts, witches, black cats, and wizards, knock at their neighbors doors and sing out “ Trick or
treat!” The neighbors usually give each child a sweet and a bun or cookies. People collect
money, buy food and medicine for orphanages, hospitals and homeless people. In Russia people
also decorate their houses and schools in the traditional Halloween colours: orange and black.
Popular decorations are witches, ghosts, skeletons, black cats and jack-o-lanterns. Jack-o-
lanterns are pumpkins carved like faces. Everyone tries to look scary on Halloween.
Task 2. T: And now let’s start a quiz.
1. What holiday is it? When is it celebrated?
2. When and where is it celebrated?
Слайды№ 3-8
(Предполагаемые ответы)
1. It’s Hallowe’en. It is celebrated on the 31
of October.
2. People celebrate Christmas on the 25
of December in Great Britain and in the USA and
in Russia people celebrate it on the 7
of January.
3. It’s New Year’s Day. It is celebrated on the 31
of December.
4. It’s St.Valentine’s Day (Maslenitsa, Easter ). It is celebrated on the 14
of February (
March or April).
(Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы и вывешивают даты с названиями праздников под
картинками у доски).
Task 3. Quiz (Слайды№9-11)
1. When do people get anonymous greeting cards?
2. What may happen when people don’t give children a treat?
3. What is the name of “Дед Мороз” in America?
4. When and who brings children colourful eggs?
5. What is jack-o-lantern and how should it be made?
6. On what holiday do American,British and Russian children honour their mothers?
7. What holiday do Americans celebrate to honour God for good harvest?
8. When can people see ghosts and witches in the streets and why?
9. What is the most scary day of the year?
10. What are traditional colours on Halloween?
11. When are children allowed to stay up until midnight?
12. When do children bring their fathers breakfast to bed?
13. When do people in Russia burn a straw scarecrows of winter?
Task 4. Find the words (Слайд№12)
Anniversary, atmosphere, connect, Easter, firework, follow, include, introduce, mark, occasion,
preserve, religious,unite,widely
Task 6. Make a wish (Слайд№14)
T: Guess what people usually wish to each other on holidays. Make a wish, please.
I swhi a liohayd oyu papyh !
(Key: I wish you a happy holiday!)
T: Today we’ve worked well. You’ve learnt a lot about holidays and traditions in America,
Russia and Great Britain. Please, express your opinion about our lesson and draw a picture of our
lesson in 3-4 minutes.