Конспект урока "The Earth"

Конспект урока английского языка с использованием ИКТ и проектной
технологии по теме «the Earth»
Группа: 3 курс
Цель урока: Формировать коммуникативную компетенцию учащихся при
помощи информационно-коммуникационных технологий.
- продолжать формирование коммуникативной компетенции по теме;
- обеспечить в ходе урока повторение усвоенных лексических единиц по
- читать с целью охвата общего содержания;
- совершенствовать навыки употребления лексических и грамматических
структур в речи учащихся с соблюдением норм иностранного языка;
- продолжить формирование общего и филологического кругозора.
- развивать языковую догадку;
- развивать навыки понимания иностранной речи;
- развивать память и мышление;
- развивать коммуникативные навыки и умения;
- развивать познавательный интерес у учащихся.
- воспитывать понимание ценности человеческой жизни, взаимопомощи и
бережного отношения к природе.
Карточки с заданиями, компьютерная презентация, жетоны-листочки,
аудиозапись к учебнику, плакат с изображением дерева.
Технологии: коммуникативная, ИКТ, обучение в сотрудничестве, проектная.
Формы работы: групповая, фронтальная, индивидуальная.
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент: Введение в тему урока.
Teacher (Т): Good morning, everybody! I'm glad to see you.
Pupils (Ps): Good morning, we are glad to see you too.
T: Take your seats, please. Let's start our work. Look at the screen now. Read
these words, look at this picture and think about the topic of our lesson. What are
we going to speak about? (Слайд № 2)
Ps make their suppositions. (for example: We are going to speak about nature and
its problems.)
T: That's true. We will have a kind of a competition called “Nothing is forever”.
We’ve already divided into 3 groups. Be friendly, active and smart. For each right
answer the team will get a green leave. Whose team has more leaves those will be
winners. We can start!
II Фонетическая разминка (отработка трудно произносимых слов по теме).
T: - First of all let’s pronounce the most difficult words correctly: Earth,
environment, protection, pollute, chemicals, atmosphere, electricity, to breathe,
climate. (Каждая команда получает карточку со словами и старается
безошибочно произнести данные слова.)
II. Речевая разминка: Беседа по актуальным вопросам изучаемой темы. Guess
the word: what is around us where plants, animals or people live?
ІІІ. Основная часть урока: Выполнение заданий в форме игры-соревнования.
Работа в группах.
1. Choose the words about “pollution.” (Слайд № 4)
2. Choose the problems with air, water, forests and soil. (Слайд № 5)
3. Match the verbs and the nouns:
to cut down
to drink
to breathe
to leave
to pick up
to drop
to make
to recycle
to kill
(Слайд № 6)
4. Choose the correct article: the, a or no article.
… moon goes round … sun.
…forests and …oceans are a part of …environment.
There are many important problems connected with…environment.
… Earth is the biggest planet in… universe.
…atmosphere is … air or climate in a particular place.
The people of …world must help the animals.
(Слайд №7-8)
5. T: You know very well that the world around us is in danger and we must
protect the nature. The Earth is our big home. We must keep it clean for ourselves
and for the next generations, because nothing is forever and nature is getting tired.
If we don't stop and think today, tomorrow the Earth could die.
Now listen to the text and be ready to answer the question:
"How do people in England protect the environment?" (Слайд №9)
(Учащиеся слушают текст, после отвечают на вопрос учителя.)
1. We sort our rubbish: there are special containers for paper, tins, food, white
glass, brown glass and green glass. After that special factories recycle these
materials and people reuse them.
2. We never drop litter in the street. If somebody sees you, you have to pay a fine.
3. We never forget to turn off lights and water. Water, heating and electricity are
4. A lot of people use public transport. They don't go by cars, because firstly, cars
pollute the atmosphere and secondly, because it's very difficult and expensive to
park a car in a big city.
5. We clean up after our dogs with special pooper scoopers. If we don't the fine
is £50.
6. Our winters aren't very cold, so nobody wears fur coats. If you wear a fur coat,
sometimes people from Greenpeace spray your coat with paint. "We mustn't kill
animals for clothes," they say.
7. When we go camping, we never make campfires. We use camping stoves.
Ответы учащихся: (За каждый правильный ответ группа получает жетон-
1. They don’t kill animals for clothes.
2. They sort their rubbish.
3. They use public transport.
4. They never forget to turn off lights and water.
5. They never drop litter in the street.
6. They never make campfires. They use camping stoves.
7. They clean up after their dogs.
T: Now let’s speak about the protection in our country. Answer the question
please. Look at the screen.
How do you protect the environment? (Слайд №10)
Ответы учащихся по очереди в группах:
I don’t make fires in the forests.
I don’t pollute the water.
I take care of animals and birds.
I don’t leave litter in the forests.
I plant trees.
I feed birds in winter
I turn off the lights when I leave a room.
I don’t drop litter in the street.
I don’t kill birds and animals.
We clear rubbish around our school every spring. We plant trees, flowers. We
build bird - houses and feed birds in winter.
T: I’m glad that you take care of nature. And now let’s listen to your promises that
you had to write at home.
How will you protect the world around us?
Let's make the project "Green Tree". (Слайд №11)
Use the tree leaves from the Cut Out page in your workbook. Read your promises
and fix them on our tree. Is it clear?
We'll make our Green Tree. Who starts?
(Учащиеся зачитывают свои обещания, защищать природу.)
T: We've made our Green Tree. Do you like it? I think you must keep your
promises, mustn’t you?
PI: Yes, we must.
Now let's relax and sing the song about nature protection.
(Учащиеся поют песню.) (Слайд №12)
Today and tomorrow.
With your family, friends or class.
Please help us, don't drop any litter!
‘Cos your litter lives longer than us
Today you cut down your forests
But the planet needs our leaves.
Please stop it because tomorrow
You'll have no air to breathe!
'Cos nothing is forever
And nature is getting tired.
If we don't stop and think today
Tomorrow the Earth could die.
You can have a bath or a shower
But today is the time to think.
Save the rivers because without them
You'll have no water to drink.
Today we are still in your forests,
In the sky, in the rivers, but look:
Don't kill us! Because your children
Will see us in picture books.
T: Thank you for the song.
ІV. Обобщение, подведение итогов учениками. Заключение - учитель Count
the total score is… The winner of the competition is the team … but the winner is
that who will try not to harm our planet and save it to the next generation. If we
don’t stop and think today tomorrow the Earth could die.
Т: Dear friends, our lesson is almost over.
Today we've spoken English a lot.
T: Which part of the lesson did you like most of all?
PI: I liked the song.
P2: As for me I liked the project and presentation.
T: What did you understand at the lesson?
PI: It is important to protect the world around us, animals and trees.
P2: I agree, if we want to have clean Earth, water, air we must protect it.
P3: We must protect the environment, because nothing is forever and nature is
getting tired. If we don't stop and think today, tomorrow the Earth could die.
T: Thank you for the lesson, you were very active today.
I enjoyed your work at the lesson. Your marks are...
V. Домашнее задание:
Представьте, что вы – художники. Вам нужно нарисовать плакаты для
международного слета членов организации «Greenpeace», чтобы привлечь
внимание всех окружающих к экологическим проблемам. Тема вам
известная: «Защита окружающей среды» Это будет продолжением вашего
(После объяснения задания учитель прощается с классом)
- Good bye!
- Good bye!