Конспект урока "Несколько шагов к чистой планете" 8 класс скачать

Конспект урока "Несколько шагов к чистой планете" 8 класс

Учебное занятие по теме «Несколько шагов к чистой планете»
8 класс (30 минут)
Цель: создать условия для развития познавательных УУД, в которых ученик сможет
решить следующие задачи
1. Речевая компетенция:
- развивать произносительные навыки монологической речи, навыки аудирования и чтения с
полным пониманием
- развитие языковой догадки при переводе незнакомых слов
2. Языковая компетенция:
- распознавание и употребление в речи основных значений изученных лексических единиц.
3. Учебно-познавательная:
- активизация лексического материала по теме
- совершенствование навыков во всех видах речевой деятельности (говорения, понимания
иноязычной речи на слух, чтение с пониманием основного содержания прочитанного).
4. Социокультурная компетенция:
- распознание и употребление в устной речи основных норм речевого этикета, принятых в
странах изучаемого языка
5. Компенсаторная компетенция:
- развитие умения выходить из трудного положения в условиях дефицита языковых средств
при получении и передачи информации.
Метапредметное содержание учебного занятия:
- развитие учебных действий, включая навыки работы с информацией: поиск и выделение
нужной информации, обобщение и фиксация информации.
Ход занятия
1. Приветствие
2. Выбрать помощников (3) (они сами выбирают себе членов команды)
3. Раздать карточки самооценки для заполнения
My achievement
1. I can read and understand texts about
environmental problems
2. I can understand children’s opinion about
environmental problems
3. I can ask questions about environment
4. I can describe environmental problems
5. I can discuss environmental problems
6. I can use Subjunctive Mood II
(We have already finished unit 2, and now you are to test yourself. Fill in the table about
your achievements. You have 1 minute to do the task.
4. Video-film Michael Jackson Earth Song
а) Do you know this problem?
b) What is your attitude towards it?
c) Is this problem actual nowadays?
d) And what is the main question of this song?
Today we’ll discuss the environmental problems and try to make appeal to the people of our
district, region, country.
5. But before starting our work let us recall some words.
6. Thank you very much and now make up sentences with these word combinations. It is a
pair work. You have 2 minutes to do the task.
7. All right, now I see that we are ready to start.
Каждая группа получает текст по своей проблеме. Учащиеся обсуждают в группах
(время работы 5 минут) основную идею текста и предлагают решение проблемы:
1 группа - если бы я был президентом страны
Air pollution is a very serious problem. Factories emit (выбрасывают) tons of harmful
chemicals. And you certainly know that most of the pollution in big cities comes from cars and
An even greater threat are nuclear power stations.
Many scientists think that the holes in the ozone layer are the result of air pollution.
Water is very important for life on the Earth. It is in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. There
is much water on our planet and at the same time there is little water on it. It is so because very
little water on the Earth is good for drinking. In many rivers and lakes water is very dirty.
Sometimes people cannot swim even in the sea because the sea and the seaside are not clean. In
many places water is not drinkable. It is dangerous to use it when you cook. Even fish die in such
water. It happens so because factories and plants produce a lot of waste and pour it into rivers.
So they poison the water.
(Примерный вариант ответа)
If I were the President of our country, I would
- write a law which prohibits to drop litter in the streets
- prohibit to burn litter because the air is polluted
- build more recycling centres in different cities and towns
- force all the factories and plants to use treatment facilities
- suggest scientists to use new technologies to save our planet
2 группа - если бы я был волшебником
The next problem is connected with the animals which need our protection.
Many animals and birds are disappearing nowadays. Many of them are in danger. A lot
more endangered species fish, reptiles, insects, birds, mammals may disappear too. The
reason is man that kills animals and destroys their habitats.
Indian tigers are among the endangered animals. Some people are afraid of tigers and kill
them to save their livestock and their lives. But some people have hunted tigers for fun and
for their beautiful skin. They sell the skin and get a lot of money.
We can ask the same question about African elephants.
Hunters kill thousands of elephants every year. Specialists think that only two million
elephants live on the planet today.
3 группа - если бы я был учеником
It is not just animals that are in danger. So are plants. The world had over nine million square
km. of forests. This is a lot of trees, and also a lot of different species of trees. But they are
disappearing fast. People cut the trees down because they need wood and paper or new places for
farms and houses. Forests the size of Belgium are destroyed every year. It’s an international
disaster. Even if new trees are planted, it takes many years for them to grow.
Every year over 100 000 sq. km. of forests are cleared for different uses, and a lot of forests are
so badly damaged that they will hardly be able to recover. If we go on like this, before long all
the forests on this planet may be destroyed. This includes rainforests in South America, Africa
and Asia. The huge forests help to control the world’s weather, and to produce much of the
oxygen in the air.
После выступления каждой группы учащиеся двух других групп задают вопросы по
8. Подведение итогов:
Whom does the future of our planet depend on?
(Everything is in our hands)
9. Выполнение задания We should/We shouldn’t (Smartboard)
10. Повторное заполнение листа самооценки (перед этим дать словесную оценку работе