Презентация "Fashion – on integral part of everyone’s life" 10 класс

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Fashion – on integral part of everyone’s life Gontar Ksenya 10 class Nowdays more and more people start thinking about fashion. They say we usually judge strangers by the clothes they wear, because it is the only thing we know about them. To begin with, you clothes reflect your social status. It goes without saying that if you are a business lady you should be dressed appropriately. To put it in another way, if a person is a head of a company, it is preferable to him to wear well branded clothes. Psychologically, people spend so much time on fashion and buying clothes to forget about different life problems. That is tosay, shopping for clothes can be a good therapy in case of life troubles. However, it is not worth a sacrifice if you are a shopoholic and buy everything you see; the feeling of style and good taste are surely important. As opposed to above ideas, some people argue that our clothes should be similar to our soul, and that it is not necessary to spend amounts of money on designer clothes. However, I am inclined to believe that fashionable clothes reflect our soul greatly, besides it is extremely good-looking. All in all, fashion is an inseparable part of our life and there are no bad points in purchasing expensive designer clothes if you can afford it. QUESTIONS - What today thinks most people? - That can serve as therapy in the case of any disappointments? - Some of the things could not be better reflects our state of mind? THE AND