Конспект урока "Спорт в нашей жизни" 8 класс

Открытый урок в 8 классе по теме:
«Спорт в нашей жизни»
учебный аспект - развитие лексических навыков говорения по теме: «Спорт»
сопутствующая задача: развитие произносительных навыков.
социокультурный аспект знакомство с видами спорта, популярными в
развивающий аспект развитие произвольного внимания, памяти, способности к
догадке, способности к самооценке.
воспитательный аспект воспитание стремления к активному образу жизни.
Ход урока:
Организационный момент. Приветствие. (слайд №1)
- Good morning, dear friends! I’m glad to see you. Welcome to English lesson! How are you
today? (слайд 1)
- Fine, thanks.
- Sit down, please. I’m fine too. If you are ready, let’s begin our lesson.
Фонетическая зарядка. Мотивация. Объявление темы урока.
- Today we are going to have a very interesting lesson.
At the beginning of our lesson let’s do this exercise. Name these sports and games.
(слайд №2)
Now think and answer: what is this lesson about?
You are right. The theme of our lesson “Sport”. Today we’ll revise the material of
previous lessons, speak about sport in your life and find out new information.
Речевая разминка.
- Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: “A sound mind is in a sound body.” (слайд 3)
Millions of people who go in for sports know from their own experience that this famous saying
is true.
At the same time a great number of people don’t go in for sports. Some of them realize that sport
is useful but prefer watching sport on TV to going in for it themselves.
Now I’d like to ask you some questions about sport and sport activities. (слайд
4) (Индивидуальные ответы учащихся).
1. Do you like sport?
2. Do you prefer go in for sport or watching it on TV?
3. What kinds of sport are popular in Russia?
4. What national English sport do you know?
5. What kind of sport do you like?
Проблемные задания. Закрепление лексических единиц.
- Now let's do some exercises. Match the words about sport in English and in Russian.
(слайд №6)
- Group these activities into indoor and outdoor sports. (cлайд 7)
- Let`s speak about winter sport. What kind of winter sport do you know? (слайд 8)
What kind of extreme sport do you know? And what about water sport?
- What sport we can… PLAY ? GO ? DO ? (cлайд 9)
- Check yourself. (слайд 10)
- And now I`d like you to speak about the Olympic Games. We had this team on our
previous lessons and I hope you can answer on my questions. (слайд 11)
Our country was the host of the Olympic Games in Sochi this winter . (слайды 12-23)
And I think that all of you have watched Olympic competitions, and of course each of
you have their own favorite kinds of sport and teams. (ученики отвечают) And as you
remember your home task was to write a composition about “The Olympic Games” in
Sochi. We all watched the exciting opening and beautiful closing of this events, and I’d
like you to share your feelings about this unforgetfull event. (сочинения учащихся).
Okay, thanks for your compositions but as you know after the main Olympic Games,
Paralympics games were held. And I`d like to show you a video about one of participants
of these games. Look at the screen. (видео ролик) (слайд 24)
Inga Medvedeva won silver at Wednesday, in slalom athletes in category “standing”
between the women. Inga concedes only the German athlete Andrea Rotfuss. Inga
showed real sport character and ability to fight till the end. If a man have strong
character, exact aims and wiliness for victory there isn`t any difference if he is disabled
or not.
Many people like sport. But a great number of people don’t go in for sports. Are you
good or against sport? Let’s divide in two groups. The 1
group will think and tell us
about good sides of sport, another one about bad sides of sport. ( Ответы учащихся)
Sport is good because (слайд 25)
It makes me strong and fast
It helps me to keep fit
It builds character
It teachers me to win and to lose
It’s very good for my heart
We enjoy it
Sport helps people to stay in good shape, helps to support health and prevents from
Sport is bad because (слайд 26)
It’s not very useful.
It takes a lot of energy and time.
We have no time to walk with friends
It needs to work very hard.
We can break legs and arms.
- As you see good reasons are more than bad ones. But I`d you express your own attitude
to sport. Give your reasons, please for and against sport.
- I thank everybody for the lesson. You were very active. I hope this lesson was
interesting for you and you have known much new and useful information. Your
speaking about sport was brilliant. Thank you. This lesson is over. Good bye!