План-конспект урока "Meet the band" 7 класс скачать бесплатно

План-конспект урока "Meet the band" 7 класс

План-конспект открытого урока в 7 классе
Тема: Meet the band
Дата проведения урока: 23.10.20__.
Тип урока: комбинированный
Используемые методы: стимулирование обучения (создание ситуации успеха в обучении),
объяснительно-иллюстративный, демонстрация, повторение, языковые и коммуникативные
упражнения, репродуктивный метод.
Цель: формирование грамматических и лексических навыков. Развитие умений диалогической
речи, аудирования.
Развивающий компонент цели урока: развитие языковых, познавательных способностей
учащихся; развитие эмоций школьников; развитие готовности к коммуникации.
Образовательный компонент цели урока: расширение лингвистического кругозора учащихся.
Воспитательный компонент цели урока: создание условий для воспитания потребности в
практическом использовании языка в различных сферах деятельности.
Практический компонент цели урока: практическое использование лексических единиц в
диалогической речи. Учащиеся должны уметь говорить о музыкантах, музыкальных
инструментах, биографии с использованием present perfect continuous.
Лексический материал урока:
Новая лексика: bagpipes, banjo, drums, keyboards, saxophone, violin, while, guitar, piano,
Повторение: band, country music, perform, recording.
Грамматический материал урока:
Новая грамматика: present perfect continuous
Повторение: past simple
Оснащенность урока:
Английский язык: Английский язык нового тысячелетия / New Millennium English:
Учебник для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд. Н.Н. Деревянко.
Английский язык: Рабочая тетрадь к учебнику Английский язык нового тысячелетия /
New Millennium English: Учебник для 7 кл. общеобраз. учрежд. Н.Н. Деревянко.
раздаточный дидактический материал (карточки со словами, карточки с упражнением
на развитие диалогической речи).
веселые и грустные лица, нарисованные на бумаге, для оценивания урока.
грамматическая таблица, фотография певицы Рианны, фотографии музыкальных
инструментов, магнитофон, магниты, цветной мел.
Teacher’s activity
To create warm and
trustful atmosphere
in the class
Hi, everybody! How are you
today? What date is it today?
What day is it today? What is
the weather like today?
1 min
What’s the time now?
To check pupils’
preparedness for the
lesson. To introduce
a new topic.
1. Look at the blackboard
and try to guess the topic
of our lesson.
2. Marina, read the topic,
and say what are we
going to talk about?
3. Yes, you are right. We
are going to talk about
musical instruments,
musicians and their
2 min
To review the
vocabulary on the
To fix the usage of
new vocabulary.
To develop
pronunciation skills.
1. Look at the blackboard
and match the words with
the pictures on it. What’s
the Russian for ….?
2. Now, let’s train the
4 min
Hand out cards with
the words
To develop listening
1. Do you like listening to
What types of music do you
Now, listen to the song and
say what musical instruments
the musicians are playing and
what type of music the song
2. Do you like the song?
We’ve just listened the
song of the band called
Western S.
What information do we
know about this band?
Let’s learn more about
the band. Open ex. 2 b p.
39. Maria, read the task
please. Nastya, will you
check the task, please?
For more information
let’s do ex. 2c. Ivan, read
the task. Ashot will check
the task.
7 min
Pop, rap, country, jazz,
rock and etc.
Instruments: guitars.
Music country.
Speaking 1
To develop speaking
skills (using past
Simple in dialogue)
Let’s guess what tense do we
use speaking about
biography? Look at ex. 2 d.
Lera, what should we do
10 min
To present and to
practice new
Speaking about biography
we also use the present
perfect continuous. Look
at the sentences on the
blackboard and try to
guess the usage of this
tense. Choose the best
Look at ex.5 a p.40. Lera,
read the task please.
7 min
The sentence is on the
blackboard. (Compare
these 3 sentences).
The action started in
the past and is still in
Are there any auxiliary
verbs in the sentence?
What about the
Speaking 2
To develop speaking
skills (using present
perfect continuous
in dialogue)
The last task is exercise in
your cards. You are going to
role play the conversation
about famous celebrity. You
have 5 min to prepare the
10 min
Hand out cards
To repeat what have
been studied at the
Shortly, what did we study
today? What was new for
you, P 1, P 2?
2 min
Home task.
To find out pupil’s
attitude to the
To instruct students
in doing their
Did you like the way we
have worked today? Any
So, we still have a couple
of minutes left. Open your
diaries and write down
your home task.
You worked today rather
good. Some of you …were
very active, I give you “a
5”. Other pupils…have
made a lot of progress. I
put you “a 4”.
There’s a bell.
We shall stop here.
Good bye! Have a nice
2 min
Pupils show suns and
H\W: ex.7 p. 40. Learn
new words for