Конспект урока "Карта города" 7 класс

Конспект урока в 7 классе
По теме «Карта города»
Практика диалогической речи “Asking the Way
УМК М.З. Биболетовой, Н.Н. Трубаневой, Е.Е. Бабушис «Enjoy English»
Цель урока:
Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи в соответствие с
конкретной ситуацией общения на базе лексико-грамматического
материала по теме «Карта города».
Задачи урока:
Научить спрашивать и объяснять дорогу до нужного объекта
Развивать умения ориентироваться по плану
Воспитывать умение вежливого общения c соблюдением этикета
Оснащение урока:
магнитофон, раздаточный дидактический материал: карточки с заданиями,
карта Лондона.
Ход урока
1. Начало урока
Good morning, everyone! To begin with, could you help me and say who is absent
today? Polina, write down the date on the blackboard, will you? Now we are ready
to start. Today we are going to continue our work, talking about our school and
about how to get here.
2. Речевая подготовка
What school do you study at? How many lessons have you got every day (today)?
What subjects are you good (bad) at? What things do you like about our school?
Have you got any friends here? Who is your best friend? Do you come to school
by yourself or with your classmates? Is our school far from your house? How long
does it take you to get to school? How do you get to school? How does your
friend get here? Would you like your friends to visit you after classes? Do they
know the way? So, let’s learn how to give directions and orient ourselves in a city.
Игровая ситуация
-First of all, stand up, please. Look at me and repeat everything I do:
Turn to the left. What can you see on the left? Turn to the right. What can you see
on the right? Turn around. Turn left. Come up to me. Turn around. Go straight
ahead back to your places. Sit down, please.
-Игра “A blind man” It’s so easy to orient when you can see everything around
you, isn’t it? And what do the blind have to do? Oh, yes! Ask for somebody’s help.
You see, I am blind now and I need your help to get to the door. (Turn to the left.
Go straight ahead. Turn around.) Thank you very much. And who wants to be the
next blind?
3. Актуализация учебного материала
Работа с раздаточным материалом:
-лексико-грамматическое упражнение
You see, prepositions are very important for our orientation in a place. Take the
cards on your desk and fill in the necessary preposition. Dima, work at the
blackboard, will you?
Взаимопроверка выполненного задания с опорой на доску.
Your time is up. Look at the blackboard, check and correct yourselves.
-групповая работа с планом на карточках
Read the task, then look at the map and give us instructions
Now look at the third task on your sheet. We will listen to a dialogue between two
passersby and fill in the missing words. OK, open your books, page 65 exercise 15,
check and correct yourselves (учебник упр.15 стр.65)
-Чтение и перевод диалога
Now we are going to read one more dialogue and your task is to remember as
many phrases as you can.
4. Закрепление учебного материала
-Let’s work as interpreters and do ex.5 p.49 in your activity books (рабочая
тетрадь к учебнику упр.5 стр.49)
-Ролевая игра составление диалога в парах по карте Лондона.
I am sure, now you have learned how to explain a new route to anybody needs it
and you are ready to make up your own dialogues. Don’t forget to be polite. I
would like you to use all nice word we have learned. So, the first pair comes up to
the blackboard.
OK, look at the blackboard, please. Here is a map of London. You are a stranger
here, and you are a local resident. Could you help Sasha to get to Trafalgar
Square, the Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London,
Westminster Bridge, Westminster Abbey, etc.?
5. Конец урока
Подведение итогов I am afraid it’s time to stop. What have you learned on this
lesson? Ulya, are you able to tell the way to the nearest shop? OK, everyone has
worked hard and because of it I am going to give you little homework. Learn
exercise 15 page 65 by heart and write your own dialogue, asking the way from
your house to the nearest cinema. See you tomorrow.
Fill in the necessary prepositions:
1. We like to walk…. the centre of Moscow.
2. Don’t run…..the road.
3. What can you see…..the end of the street?
4. He was going…..the forest at that time.
5. Children, sit…., please.
6. Ann is waiting for me …...the traffic lights.
-………..me, sir. How can I …… to school 7?
- No problem. Go straight ……… this street. Turn …….. when you come ……
to the tall building over there.
-Which one?
-The big grey one. School 7 is just behind that grey building.
- ……….. you very …….. .
-You are welcome.