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Презентация "Scotland the Beautiful" 8 класс

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Scotland the Beautiful

Scotland the Beautiful

“He, who has not seen Scotland

does not really know Great Britain”

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Горбачева Алия Дамировна

учитель английского языка

МКОУ СОШ №4 г. Миньяр

“My Heart’s in the Highlands” by Robert Burns

The British Isles


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland

Thistle is the symbol of Scotland

St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland

The Edinburgh military tattoo

The Royal Mile


The Princess Street

The Holyrood House


The Castle

The Edinburgh Festival

Give five reasons to visit Scotland

Your home task for the next lesson:

p. 184 ex. 31

Study the map of Edinburgh and decide which places you would like to see. Explain your choice to your classmates.