Конспект урока "Спортивные игры" 2 класс

Урок английского языка во 2 классе
Тема «Спортивные игры».
Тип урока: повторение и обобщение пройденного материала.
Организационный момент. So, before we can start to work, I think, it will be
better to say to each other “hello”, so, good morning, children! Sit down, girls, take
your sits, boys.
Сообщение темы. Now listen to me very attentively, because I want to tell you,
what we have to do at our lesson today. So, we’ll revise the names of the sports
games, we’ll continue to use the word combinations in our speech, that’s why we’ll
remember the constructions that help us to say in English what we can do, what we
can not do and also how to ask the question if you can do something. Also we’ll
remember all the letters of the alphabet that we have learned at our previous
Фонетическая зарядка. But before we can start to do it, we have to train our
tongues to say in English language without any difficulties. Look at my cards and
repeat after me the sounds: [ r ], [ t ], [ p ], [ o ], [ ei ]. That’ll do. And now. please,
look at my pictures and repeat after me the word combinations very carefully and
then give me the translation: to play football, to play basketball, to play hockey, to
play badminton, to play tennis, to play table tennis, to play chess, to ride a bike, to
skip, to ski, to skate. Nice, friends!
Актуализация знаний. Now, children, let’s listen to the text and find out the
information what Tom can do and what he can not do. When we will talk about it
in English we’ll use the model from the blackboard. (условные обозначения к
предложениям Tom can do smth. Tom can not do smth.). So, listen to the text for
the first time. (Ученики внимательно слушают текст в первый раз). Now let’s
listen to the text for the second time, translate each sentence and make up our own
sentences with help of the model. (Ученики слушают текст во второй раз,
переводят каждое предложение и с помощью модели составляют свои
собственные предложения). Well done, my friends!
Повторение материала. So, we’ve revised the names of the sports games and
now let’s use them in our speech. Tom had enchanted the forest and it has become
a fairy sports forest. If you look through this picture you can see different subjects
that symbolize different sports games. Let’s find them and pronounce them! (to
play football, to play basketball, to play hockey, to play badminton, to play tennis,
to play table tennis, to play chess, to skate).
Парная работа. Good! Now let’s ask each other about what we can do using
these word combinations! Don’t forget that we have model on the blackboard that
help us to ask the question. (На доске модель, соответствующая вопросу Can
you do smth.? + модели возможных вариантов ответов:Yes, I can/ No, I can not.
(ученики задают друг другу вопрос и отвечают на него).
Физминутка. Now let’s play some! Somebody will come to the blackboard and
try to show the action from the sports game after that the others will try to guess
what it is the game. (Ученики выходят по очереди к доске и пытаются в
движении загадать какой-либо вид спорта, остальные ребята догадываются,
что это за спортивная игра).
Повторение изученного алфавита. And now, children it’s time to revise the
English alphabet, because it’s not possible to make the speech without the letters.
That’s why, I suggest you to watch the video and remember the ABC. (На смарт-
доске учащиеся смотрят видео с песенкой об алфавите, вспоминая образы
букв и их произношение). So, you’ve remembered the alphabet, now let’s put the
letters in correct order, because Tom has changed it! (Ученики выходят к доске и
расставляют буквы в нужном порядке). Now let’s pronounce all the letters!
Подведение итогов. Tell me, please, what we have revised today? (Ученики
вспоминают, что удалось вспомнить и повторить на уроке).
Now I will give you the marks for the work at the lesson.(Учитель выставляет
оценки учащимся).
Домашнее задание. Open your diaries and write down the home task: ex. 1, 2, p.