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English Writers (Writing a Biography) What kinds of things would you find in a biography?

date of death

date and place of birth


later years


early years




South Tyneside - [taimsaid] is in the north-east of England. Tyneside is now established as a lively cultural centre. desperate - доведённый до отчаяния to escape - спасаться бегством security - а) безопасность b) благополучие, обеспеченность laundry - прачечная New words She lived in South Tyneside. She bought a large house. She wrote her first novel. She lived in Sussex. Her books were adapted for television. She married a schoolteacher. She returned to the North-east. She worked in a laundry. Put these events into the correct order:









1. In the late 1920s, young Catherine was so desperate to escape that she moved south to Sussex in search of respectability and security. 2. She worked in a laundry and saved as much as she could, so that she was finally able to buy a large house. Which of these sentences from the biography describes purpose and which result?

1- result

2 - purpose

so great that - result so popular that - result so that - purpose Check your answers: Combine these pairs of sentences to form one sentence. Remember these patterns: so + adjective (+ infinitive) + that (result) so + adverb + that (result) so that + sentence (purpose) 1. The people in the area were poor. The children didn’t have enough to eat. 2. Catherine wanted to find a better life. Catherine left the North-east. 3. Catherine needed money. Catherine worked in a laundry. 4. Catherine and her husband were always together. Catherine and her husband loved each other very much. 1. The people in the area were so poor that the children didn’t have enough to eat. 2. Catherine left the North East so that she could find a better life. 3. Catherine worked in a laundry so that she could have money. 4. Catherine and her husband loved each other so much that they were always together. Check your answers: Fill in the missing words:















James Hodge¹ ____ a writer who lived a life²____ interesting as anything he wrote ³ ____ in his novels. He was⁴ ____ in the North – west of England⁵ ____ a life of poverty. He later⁶ ____ on his own childhood experiences for his novels. Fill in the missing words:







1812 Charles Dickens born / Portsmouth Father / clerk / earned relatively little money 1822 Family moved to London / Charles's education interrupted by need to take poorly-paid work in factory / father got into debt and imprisoned / never forgot this terrible time 1823 Became solicitor's clerk 1824 Became newspaper reporter 1825 First short story published / anonymously 1826 Began writing under pen name “Boz” / described conditions of poverty in England 1836 Married Catherine Hogarth / had 10 children 1842 Visited USA / very well-known there 1837-65 Some of finest writing published, e.g. Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities. 1858 Dickens and wife separated / began to work very hard / eventually became exhausted and ill 1870 Died / buried Westminster Abbey. Dickens later... In the 1820s, ... Between 1837 and 1865 ... Two years later, ... Dickens, however, ... During his lifetime, ... As his health ... While..., It was in ... that he ... He then... Include some sentences with so ... that and so that... if possible. Start each sentence in a different way: Introduction (Paragraph 1) - name of person - what famous for Main Body (Paragraph 2) - early years (when/where born, childhood, etc) (Paragraph 3) - later years (marriage, achievements, etc) Conclusion (Paragraph 4) - date of death, comments Plan Write a biography of between 200 and 250 words about a famous British writer, Charles Dickens. YOU HOMEWORK: Использованные материалы: I. Интернет реcурсы: 1.http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ru/9/9f/Catherine_Cookson.jpg – портрет Кэтрин Энн Куксон 2. http://simania.co.il/images/users/18749.jpg - портрет Диккенса II. Kathy Gude, Jayne Wildman, Danuta Gryca. Matrix Intermediate Student’s Book. – Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001г. III. Anne Conybeare, Kathy Gude, Jayne Wildman. Matrix Intermediate Teacher’s Book. – Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001г.