Конспект урока "Кинематограф" 11 класс

Урок в 11 классе по теме «Кинематограф»
Цель: развитие монологической речи учащихся по теме
«Кинематограф» и умение на основе текста составлять аналогичное
монологическое высказывание о другом городе
Перед началом чтения и обсуждения текста учащиеся знакомятся с
новыми понятиями, терминами и реалиями, которые встретятся в течение
урока, например, MPAA* rating system, PG-rated film и др.
1. The MPAA* rating system was introduced to prevent children from too
much violence in action films on the screen.
1) What does the MPAA rating system mean?
2) What are the main features of each category of films?
Следующим этапом урока является аудирование высказываний,
записанных на пленке и чтение этих высказываний самими учащимися.
2. Grown-ups think that not all films are suitable for children, especially
action films.
1) Who of the teenagers likes and who dislikes action films?
(reading/listening for the main idea)
Pam: Action films? What a bore! Criminals, shooting, explosions. Nothing
else. I agree that such films have the right to exist. They have some positive
features. They are dynamic, dramatic and full of special effects. But they are
unrealistic. I can't believe one man can win over the Mafia. Some
people watch violence to cool off and such films are good for them. But other peo-
ple can get sick and nervous especially teenagers. There are better ways to cool off,
I think. But, I consider it is up to you to decide to watch the film or not. Besides,
there is MPAA rating system. As for me, I prefer to watch a PG-rated film better
than going to the cinema with my parents to watch an R-rated film.
David: I do love action films. Why? They are very dynamic and really
exciting. They grab your attention from the first scene. I like films with a
mysterious plot. They keep me in suspense. I can't understand people who don't
like action films. They are so various that can suit different tastes. Some people
think that action films teach only to fight and to kill. I don't agree with such
opinions. They teach people to defend justice and to be strong and brave. I think it
is not bad to want to look like the heroes of action films.
Sue: If you ask me, there's too much violence in film. Killing seems
normal now. Action films are stuffed with fights of different types. They haven't
even got any plot - only fighting, killing and rough language. I do hate such films.
They are horrible and frightful. They make me want to scream. What can such
films teach you? Nothing good. But I think they teach violence and aggression. If
you keep seeing shooting and fighting, you won't care if it happens in real life.
Sometimes such films cause crimes. Such films set a bad example. I don't like to
watch R-rated films, even if my parents take me to the cinema.
Послетекстовые упражнения обеспечивают проверку понимания
текста и дальнейшую работу по углублению понимания текста.
2) Answer the questions:
a) What does Pam (David, Sue) feel about action films?
b) Why do these teenagers like or dislike action films?
Action films are very dynamic and
3. Here are some other teenagers' opinions about action films.
1) Which of them are for and which of them are against action films?
Action films are rotten.
They make you want to hide.
They teach you to defend those who are weak and in danger.
They are very impressive.
You get accustomed to violence very quickly.
Action films are a good way to relax.
They are full of extraordinary fights.
They are stuffed with shooting and killings.
If you watch too much violence, you become cruel.
They are dangerous for young children.
They demonstrate the physical abilities of man.
2) Whose opinion (Pam's, David's or Sue's) do they correspond with?
3) What are your arguments for and against action films?
4) What is your opinion about action films?
Учащиеся пользуются опорами для составления собственных
высказываний о своем отношении к боевикам.
If you ask me, I do
love action films.
Action films are ...
More than that, they…
They are ...
I do hate action films.
They are ...
Besides ...
More than that ...
I don't think action films
are ...
On the one hand ...
Besides ...
On the other hand ...
4. Another genre which provokes serious discussion is horror films.
a) What is your opinion about horror films?
b) Should children watch action and horror films?
c) What genres might have been better than horror and action films?
d) What is your favourite genre of film?
Учащимся предлагается высказать свое мнение о жанрах фильма и
составить сообщение о своем любимом жанре фильма. Для этого они могут
использовать опоры, например, таблицу, предлагаемую в учебнике на стр.
What is positive
about such films?
How do you like such films?
It teaches you to
defend justice
They teach you to
defend the weak
and offended
love for ...
to be kind
to find your
way in life
to believe in
to be proud
of something
They are excellent
It is magnificent
nothing special
not bad
nothing to write
What is negative
about such films?
They teach you
It teaches you
to be passive
to be indifferent
to believe in
unreal things
How do you feel about such films?
They keep(s) you in suspense/ grab(s) (catches) your attention
They are exciting/boring/melancholic/touching/moving/frightening/
funny/serious/entertaining/ educational/informative
It makes you laugh/cry/happy/smile/ feel calm/sick/yawn/ want to hide/miserable/
unhappy/nervous/bored/ want to scream
I couldn’t help crying/laughing/yawning