Конспект урока "Free Time" 6 класс

Конспект урока по английскому языку.
Учитель английского языка: Самородова Оксана Сергеевна
МОУ СОШ № 12 «Центр образования»
Тема: “Free Time”.
Класс: 6 класс
Цели урока: развитие языковой компетентности учащихся.
Задачи урока:
1. Образовательная освоить новые лексические единицы по теме
«Досуг» в различных видах речевой деятельности; повторить в
сопоставлении грамматические времена Present Simple и Present
Continuous с расширением контекстов употребления;
2. Развивающая развивать воображение при моделировании
ситуации общения;
3. Воспитательная воспитывать уважение к традициям и обычаям
как части культуры разных стран мира.
Оснащение: учебник Spotlight 6 (Student’s Book);
Class CD к учебнику;
мультимедийный проектор;
презентация «Present Continuous and Present Simple» в «Power Point»;
презентация к песни «Perfect Day» в «Power Point»;
карточки с заданиями.
Ход урока:
I. Этап (вводный)
1. Орг. момент.
Good afternoon, boys and girls.
I am glad to see you. I hope everybody is ready to work.
Lets greet our guests. Sit down, please. Let’s start our
What date is it today?
What day is it today?
Who is absent today?
2. Целеполагание.
Сообщение задач
урока, мотивация
учебной деятельности.
Today we’ll speak about our free time and free-time
activities: our hobbies interests, and board games. We’ll
buy a present for a friend. Also we’ll practice the present
simple and present continuous tenses.
3. Фонетическая
Whether, weather, whatever, we
Whether the weather is fine or whatever the weather is
Whether the weather is cold or whatever the weather is
We’ll weather the weather whatever we like it or not.
II. Основной этап.
Включение учащихся
в речевую
изученной ранее
All the activities can be divided into two large groups.
When the weather is good we spend our free time
outdoors and when the weather is bad we stay at home.
So the two large groups are outdoors and indoors
activities. Let’s make a list of these activities.
What can we do? Where can we go? (Outdoors
activities: go for a walk, go camping, meet our friends,
go cycling and we can do or play different kind of
By the way, do you like sports?
Do you like winter sports?
What winter sports do you know? (snowboarding,
skiing, ice-hockey etc.)
What summer sports do you know? (tennis, basketball,
volleyball etc.)
Have you ever heard about extreme sports? What does it
mean “extreme sports”? (Dangerous kinds of sports)
What extreme sports do you know? (bungee jumping,
ski-jumping, rock climbing)
Activity 1 (работа с карточками)
And now be very attentive and listen to me very
carefully. I’ll read the definition of a sport and you’ll
guess what sport I’m taking about.
Well, now let’s imagine that the weather is nasty, windy
or wet. We don’t want to go out, we stay at home. What
can we do in our free time at home.
(Read a book or a magazine, watch TV or a DVD, listen
to music, play computer games, surf the Internet, talk on
the phone etc.)
What about board games? What board games do you
know? (Students write the words on the blackboard)
(backgammon, billiards, chess, darts, dominoes,
marbles, monopoly, scrabble, jigsaw puzzle etc.)
Thank you very much.
Activity 2 (Раздать каточки) Take your pens and write
down your name. Read the task aloud. Translate. (Disc 2
track 18)
(собрать работы для проверки)
Физкультурная пауза
Let’s do some exercises.
First watch as I do and do the same.
1. Stand up, keep your feet together, relax your
shoulders, put your hands on your hips, look at the
window, and look at the door, once more, at the window,
at the door.
2. Rotate your neck in a circle, touching your ears to
your shoulders. Rotate slowly in a clockwise direction 5
times. And now rotate slowly in an opposite direction 5
3. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears. Repeat 5 times.
4. Lets squat 5 times.
5. Lace your fingers together.
Raise your hands above your head, palms upward.
Lift up stretching your body.
Hold for a count of 5.
Bend over and touch your fingers to your toes.
Let’s sing a song.
A Perfect Day. (презентация в «Power Point»)
2. Identify the tenses.
(Present Simple or
Present Continuous)
2.1. Повторение в
сопоставлении с
2.2. Аудирование с
опорой на текст.
2.3. Самостоятельная
работа с
(презентация в «Power Point»)
The first slide of the presentation.
Slide 2.
Read the sentences, translate them and match the tenses
in the right column to the correct descriptions.
Slide 3, 4.
And now let’s listen to a dialogue. (Disc 2 track 17)
Read the red sentences, name the tense form and explain
why it is used in each sentence.
Slide 5, 6.
Now open your Student’s books at page 59, ex. 6.
(самоконтроль с помощью презентации)
3. Обучение речевому
этикету: освоение
речевые клише,
используемых при
покупке подарка.
(Аудирование без опоры на текст) Listen to a dialogue
and answer the questions:
Where can we hear such a dialogue?
Who are speaking? (a customer ad a shop assistant)
What does the boy want to buy?
And now you should make some changes in this
dialogue according to your task.
Activity 3 (Раздать карточки с заданием) Work in
(Students present their dialogues)
Подведение итогов
Dear boys and girls!
Thank you very much for your work. Did you like the
Did you know anything new?
What have you learnt today?
Now we can speak about our free time, our hobbies and
interests, games and free-time activities, board games.
We can buy a present for a friend.
We understand the difference between the Present
Simple and Present Continuous.
Оценка деятельности
Домашнее задание.
Now your marks: ………
H.a. Workbook p. 36 ex. 1, 2, 3.