Конспект урока “School Subjects” 4 класс

Урок английского языка 4 класс
Тема “School Subjects”
Учитель Лихограй Екатерина Сергеевна
Школа № 600.
Учебные пособия: учебник для 4 класса под редакцией
И.Н.Верещагиной, О.В.Афанасьевой.
Цель урок: обобщить и систематизировать изученный лексический и
грамматический материал по темам "Школьные предметы".
1) образовательные: повторение и закрепление лексики раздела;
развитие умений строить монологическое высказывание, развитие
диалогических навыков, развитие навыков аудирования, развитие навыков
говорения, развитие умения читать с детальным пониманием содержания,
развитие грамматических навыков – закрепление Present Simple,предлогов.
2) развивающие: развивать познавательные и творческие способности
учащихся, самостоятельность мышления.
3) воспитательные: формировать и повышать дальнейший интерес к
изучению иностранного языка в процессе игр и драматизаций.
Тип урока: урок-игра
Оборудование урока:
- компьютер
- проектор
- аудиозапись
- наглядные пособия
План урока:
What does school mean to you?
-Discussing the timetable.
- Maths (counting)
- English( listening, reading, and acting out own dialogues)
- Writing ( Present Simple, prepositions)
- SPORT (doing exercises)
- Art (describing the meaning of the Key words)
-Music (singing a song)
Ход урока:
1. Т: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. I hope you are fine and
ready to work. Our topic today is "School subjects". We will speak about
subjects of our school, practice Present Indefinite tense, by the end of the
lesson you’ll have to be able to talk on the topic “School subjects” and
use Present Indefinite tense properly.
2. Т: Now we warm up our tongues. What does school mean to you?
Make up your statements beginning with the words "A school is a place
What do you like at school? (All answers are welcome)
We become cleverer;
We take part in different school activities;
We have a lot of friends;
We study interesting subjects;
We learn new things.
What don’t you like at school? (All answers are welcome)
We have no time for sports and hobby;
We have to get up early in the morning every day even on Saturday;
We are tired of doing homework;
We depend on teachers’ mood;
We have to learn some boring and useless subjects;
We have many tests and exams;
We worry about getting good marks;
Our school bags are too heavy;
Sometimes school has nothing to do with real life.
3. T. Today is Tuesday and we have 6 lessons: Maths, English, Sport,
Writing, Art and Music. But I can’t remember number of our lessons.
Can you help me? P. Yes….
I’ll describe them and you should name them. Is it clear? Be attentive!
1. At this lesson you write in your exercise-book and count. (Maths)
2. At this lesson you read English texts, speak, ask and answer questions, play
games. (English)
3. At this lesson you, write, do exercises in our workbooks. (Writing)
4. At this lesson you don’t read and write. You run, jump in the Gym. (Sport)
5. At this lesson you draw and paint. You have papers and pencils, a brush.
6. At this lesson we listen to the music, songs, dialogues. (Music)
Well, done.
4. T. (Звенит колокольчик.) The bell has gone. Let’s start our first lesson-
Maths. It's time to count now.
5. T. (Звенит колокольчик.) The Maths lesson is over and we begin our
second lesson - English.
a. You were to prepare dialogues about school. Act out your dialogues,
b. And now let’s listen to the text to identify some information and ask
my questions.
c. Well done. Now you should read this text attentively and then fill in
the missing words.
d. Hometask
6. T. Our school day continues and we have the third lesson. (Звенит
колокольчик) At this lesson we’ll know how well you do grammar
a) We practice Present Simple.
b) We practice prepositions.
7. T. Thank you very much for your writing, it was very nice. But we
continue. (Звенит колокольчик) I know that all of you like Sport that’s
why I’d like to offer you to do exercises. Stand up, please and do
exercises with me.
Stand up. Clap! Clap!
Hands up. Clap! Clap!
Step, step. Hands down!
Clap! Clap! Please, sit down!!!!
8. T. Thank you very much. But now it’s time to work. And we have ART
now. You should describe the meaning of the Key words, for example,
Maths I associate this lesson with calculator, pencil, line that’s why I
draw it.
9. T. (Звенит колокольчик) Our last lesson is Music. Let’s listen to the
song and sing it together.
10. T. thank you very much. It was excellent. Look at the blackboard and see
if we have fulfilled our task for today…..
11. Our lessons are coming to the end. Most of you have worked hard
today. I’m proud of you. Your marks are …