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Презентация "Classroom objects"

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The 23rd of September



[θ] [ð]

[θ] – think, teeth, thumb , thing, thanks, Mathematics

[ð] – the, they, this, that, these, those, with, without

Read and translate the sentences:

  • It’s a good thing.
  • That boy is my friend.
  • These apples are fresh.
  • Sam is in the bathroom.
  • Those girls are my sisters.
  • This pencil case is not very good.
  • My favourite school subject is Mathematics.
Classroom objects



I am/ I’m

You are/ You’re

He is/ He’s

She is/She’s

It is/ It’s

We are/ We’re

You are/ You’re

They are/ They’re

I am not not/ I’m not

You are not/ You’re not

He is not/ He’s not

She is not/She’s not

It is not/ It’s not

We are not not/ We’re not

You are not/ you’re not

They are not/ They’re not

The verb “to be”


Short answers

Am I?

Are you?

Is he?

Is she?

Is it?

Are we?

Are you?

Are they?

Yes, I am / No, I’m not.

Yes, you are/ No, you aren’t

Yes, he is/ No, he isn’t

Yes, she is/ No, she isn’t

Yes, it is/ No, it isn’t

Yes, we are/ No, we aren’t

Yes, you are/ No, you aren’t

Yes, they are/ No, they aren’t

Fill in the gaps. Make the sentences negative and interrogative

E.g.: She _is_ 7 years old. – She isn’t 7 years old. - Is she 7 years old?

1. Steve __ at school.

2. Tom __ at the café.

3. Mike and Mary ___ in the park.

4. We ___ at the museum.

5. He ___ at the gym.

6. It __ rainy today.

7. The ruler ___ long.

8. The pencil case __ good.

Fill in the proper form

of the verb “to be”. Make the sentences negative and interrogative.

  • She ___ eighteen.
  • He ___ at the supermarket.
  • It ___ Friday today.
  • Helen __ a doctor.
  • They ___ good actors.
  • It ___ windy.
  • John ___ at the gym.
  • Tom and Ted____ in the garden.
  • He ___ at the café.
  • Bill and I ___teachers.

Write the questions:

  • Are you new to the school? No, I’m not.
  • 2._______________________ Yes, we’re in Room B.

    3._________________________ No, it isn’t a ruler.

    4._________________________ Yes, it’s an atlas.

    5._________________________ No, he isn’t my best friend.

  • _________________________ Yes, she’s thirteen.

Fill in the proper form of the verb “to be”. Make up questions

  • She__ at home.
  • Sam and Ted ___ in the garden.
  • The cap __ on the table.
  • Steve __ 20 years old.
  • It ___ hot today.
  • The eraser ___ good.
  • The school bags __ big.
  • The notebooks __ red.
  • The ruler ___ small.
  • The pencil ___ long.
  • The chair ___ white.
  • The pens ___ blue.
  • Jim ___ very tall.
  • Tommy and Helen ___ at the museum.

Correct the mistakes if necessary:

  • Ted are not a actor.
  • They are beautiful.
  • It aren’t windy.
  • Jim and I am in the gim?
  • An apples are fresh.
  • Jack in the museum
  • The eraser is on the desk?


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