План-конспект урока "U are the World" 9 класс скачать бесплатно

План-конспект урока "U are the World" 9 класс

МБОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №7 г. Лениногорска»
муниципального образования «Лениногорский муниципальный район» РТ
урока английского языка
по теме: U are the World
Из опыта работы
учителя англ. яз
2 кв. категории,
Павельевой А. А.
Лениногорск, 2012
Тип работы: конспект урока с презентацией
Предмет: английский язык
Класс: 9 А класс
УМК:Ваулина, Spotlight.
Форматы файлов, содержащихся в архиве: docx,.pptx.
Данный материал ранее нигде не публиковался и не размещался.
Цель урока:
Обобщение и систематизация знаний по теме «Спорт».
Задачи урока:
тренировать и закреплять в речи учащихся лексические единицы по
познакомить учащихся с экстремальными видами спорта;
формировать речевые навыки, обеспечивающие познавательно-
коммуникативные потребности учащихся;
расширять словарный запас учащихся.
развивать языковые способности и устойчивый интерес к изучению
английского языка;
расширять кругозор обучающихся при помощи мультимедийных
средств, информации из Интернета;
развивать практические умения работе в группе.
способствовать воспитанию толерантного отношения к спорту,
способствовать воспитанию сотрудничества при коллективной
способствовать обогащению внутреннего мира учащихся.
Актуальность и целесообразность использования медиапродукта:
интенсификация учебно-воспитательного процесса (увеличение
количества предлагаемой информации, эффективность выполнения
упражнений увеличивается в несколько раз)
повышение эффективности усвоения учебного материала за счет
одновременного изложения учителем необходимых сведений и показа
демонстрационных фрагментов (подача материала двумя способами:
аудиально и визуально);
Форма обучения направлена на практическую подготовленность
учащихся: владение английским языком в речи.
Развитие компетентностей:
готовность к самообразованию;
Необходимое оборудование и материалы для занятия
операционная среда Microsoft Windows XP, проектор, карточки на каждого
ученика для групповой работы и чтения.
Ход урока
Организационный момент. Приветствие.
- Good morning, young ladies and gentlemen ! Good morning dear guests!
Today I'm pleased to meet you at this lesson! Sit down please!
Before we'll start I'd like to know how are you today.
- Kamilla you are so beautiful today! I think you are fine, am I right?
- Misha this tie realy suits you! How are you?
- Dasha! So beautiful hairdress. Are you Ok?
- How are you feeling?
I hope everythig will be Exelent today because during this lesson we are
going to discuss a very intresting topic!
You can see it on the screen! It called as « U are the world». Have you ever
heard this statement?
Children: Oh, yes it is a Motto of The World University Games!
Teacher: You are right! The World University Games do not have a
permanent motto. Each host nation offers its own, which is approved by FISU. The
motto of the Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade is ‘U are the world’But how do you
understand the meaning of this moto?
Children: It has two meanings: ‘You are the world’ and ‘Universiade is the
World’. We can interpret letter U as pronaun you and U as a word Universiad!
The whole world is in you!
Teacher: You are absolutely right! And if there is a motto there must be a
symbol! What is a symbol of the Universiade?
Children: It is Uni, the Kitten of winged snow leopard. It has been chosen as
the mascot for this games! The winged snow leopard is the national symbol of the
Republic of Tatarstan. Stylised, this creature is represented on Tatarstan's coat of
Teacher: Good! Exellent! You have already heard that the host city of the of
the 27th Summer Universiade 2013 is Kazan!Can you guess why Kazan got the
opportunity to be a host city of the Universiade 2013?
Children: Kazan is one of the biggest cities in Russia with lots of historical
placese and sightsings!
Children: There are a lot of students who go to Kazan to get a hightquality
education! Because there many famous universities there such as KFU, KGTU
and many others.
Children: Kazan is one of those places where Christians and Muslims speak a
common language and build mixed families!
Проблемные задания.
Teacher! Thank you children! You've gave me very interesting answers! I
like all of them! But now, I'd like to show you a film where, in my oppinion, you'll
see the full explanation why Kazan deserve this brilliant opportunity! After
watching this film you'll have to do a little test on your laptops wich is connected
with the content of this film! Well, Lets watch this movie!
1) Просмотр ролика- презентации Казани, как города для
проведения Универсиады 2013.
2) Выполнение теста по содержанию фильма.
Формирование навыков устной речи
Teacher: Well done, children! I see you good marks so I made a conclusion
that you've understood the information from this movie! Well, let's move on! Tell
me please what you know about The 27-th World University Summer Games?
Children: The 27th World University Summer Games in Kazan will be the
first Universiade, and even more, the first high-profile multi-sport event in the
history of modern Russia.
TEACHER: When will the Universiade start?
Chidren: The 2013 Summer Universiade will start on July 6th and end on
July 17th, 2013.
Teacher: What is the mission or the Kazan Universiade?
Children: The mission of the Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade is to gather
young athletes from all over the world in the city of unique multiethnic heritage.
To make the life of Kazan citizens more interesting and convenient. To give Kazan
citizens of all ages a possibility to play any kind of sport they like, to live a healthy
life. To make a major contribution to the creation of Russia’s positive image in the
Teacher: How many kinds of sports will be contested at the Universiade?
Children: There are 27 kinds of sport that will be contested at the 2013
Summer Universiade
Teacher: Oh, yes! And some of them you can see on the screan! Can you
name them? Adelina will you go to the board?
Name the sport and touch the picture to check yourselves!
And now you see another names of the sports that will be contested at the
2013 Summer Universiade.
What sports do you like and why?
1) I like swimming. I started to learn when I was about seven years old. I think that
swimming is something like music or language. That is why very good to start as early
as possible if you want to be good at it. I visit swimming pool every week. Swimming
helps me to stay in good shape.
2) In my opinion the best sport is tennis. In fact I play table tennis. My father has taught
me this game. And now I play it every day. I’m so glad that tennis is so popular in our
school. During the breaks or after the lessons there are many students waiting their turn
to play tennis. It is good for my health and body. Tennis also helps me to relax after my
working day.
3) I play soccer. It helps me to stay in good shape, to build character. It teaches us to win
and to lose. Besides, it is a good way to meet different people and make new friends.
Teacher: Lot's of people are interested in sports. But what do the officials do
to support this iterest! Look at the screan and find out! Your task is fill in the
missing words in the text.