Конспект урока "Америка (The USA)" 4 класс

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение
города Королева Московской области
гимназия № 11
Конспект открытого урока
на тему: «Америка (The USA)»
4 класс
Составила и провела:
учитель английского языка
Хонова О.В.
Королев, 2014
Задачи урока:
1. Образовательные.
а) совершенствовать навыки речевой деятельности учащихся
б) активизировать употребление ранее изученной лексики по теме в речи учащихся
в) закрепить знания учащихся по использованию грамматических явлений (Present Perfect)
г) отработка интонационных навыков
2. Развивающие.
а) развивать навык фонетического слуха
б) развивать орфографические навыки
в) развивать умение учащихся осуществлять монологические высказывания
г) развивать навыки просмотрового чтения
д) развивать индивидуальные творческие и артистические способности учащихся
е) развивать речевую реакцию
ж) развивать аудитивные навыки
3. Воспитательные.
а) воспитывать у учащихся интерес к изучению иностранного языка
б) расширять кругозор учащихся
в) воспитывать чувство коллективизма и чувство ответственности
Применяемые технологии:
а) коммуникативно-ориентированного обучения
б) развития познавательных интересов
в) активизация учебной деятельности
г) учебно-познавательная игра
д) информационные технологии
компьютер и проектор
Ход урока
Today we shall check up our knowledge on the topic “America”.
The plan of our lesson is to:
Revise the words on the topic “America”
Revise some facts about the history of America
Revise the Present Perfect Tense
Check up your home task; the text “American Symbols”
Listen to the poem “American Сoins” (на экране)
Let’s start our lesson.
1. Фонетическая зарядка. Look at the blackboard and find the words with the sound: (на
a) “th”.
b) [i:]
c) [ei]
Kilometer, sailor, seaman, bathe, brother, native, together, indeed, island, idea, jeans, theme,
leap-frog, then, they, think, through, Thursday, Spain, speak, stage, peace, key, Asia, believe,
face, feel, keep, make.
Now we shall read some words from the blackboard. Will you repeat after me?
Can you find the proper names?
Read the nouns, please.
Will you read the verbs? What about adjectives?
(на экране)
The Mississippi
4. Try to guess what the word is. (буквы рассыпались, нужно сложить слово из них) (на
I ; d ; e; n; e; p; d; n; e; c; n; e
D; n; g; r; s; o; a; e; u
P; a; c; e; e; u; l; f
F; i; e; r; d; s; h; p; i; p; n
Independence, dangerous, peaceful, friendship.
5. Fill in the missing letters: (на экране)
g _ _ _ _ n
s _ _ _ _ _ ed
e _ _ _ y
w _ _d _ _
h _ _ _ _ r
s _ t t _ _ _ _ _ t
6. Now the task for you is to finish my sentences. (на экране)
Christopher Columbus was born in …
But he lived in … for a long time
He was a …
He made many sea …
In 1492 he decided to sail …
He wanted to go to …
After sailing 6400 kilometres he reached some …
Christopher Columbus thought it was …
But it was the new continent -
7. You can see the words on the blackboard. Can you read them?
Read the words in the alphabetical order. (на экране)
Since, God, danger, harvest, prepare, together, turkey, hard.
Danger, God, hard, harvest, prepare, since,
together, turkey.
8. Физ. минутка.
9. What American holidays do you know?
Look at the picture. How do you think what holiday it is? Yes, you are right. It is Thanksgiving
Day. What can you tell me about this holiday? (ученики рассказывают о празднике)
10. Now let’s speak about Native Americans. What do you know about them? (на экране)
Native Americans came from …
They helped a lot to English …
In those days people lived in …
Most of them were very …
Some people were hunters, some people were good …
They believed in many …
The famous tradition was smoking of a …
11. Now let’s check up your home task. It was to read the text “American Symbols”. Look at the
picture. It’s an American flag. Answer my questions, please.
What do people often call the American flag?
What are the colours of the American flag?
How many states are there in the USA?
How many stars are there on the American flag?
How many stripes has the flag got?
What colours are the stripes?
Why are there 13 stripes on the flag? What do they mean?
12. Look at the blackboard and repeat after me. I’m sure that you know what a dollar is. There
100 cents in a dollar. I want to know if you know what other American coins are. Listen to the
poem “American Сoins” and be ready to answer the questions. (запись №87, ex. 12 p.362- 363)
13. Give three forms of the verbs: (на экране)
To fight
To be
To mean
To rise
To have
To see
To know
To do
To smoke
13. Open the brackets using Present Perfect: (на экране)
She (live) in our town since 1982.
I just (eat) some nuts.
My parents (have) these books for 13 years.
Has he ever (see) Native Americans?
She already (know) this boy since last year.
I (be) to New York.
14. Физ. минутка.
15. Choose the right word: (на экране)
A (discoverer/discovery) is a person who discovers something.
Did you (sail/sailor) yesterday evening?
The hotel (situated/interested) at the seaside.
Pete has been here (since/for) five years.
We have had this car (since/for) 1997.
One of the most important days in the (America/American) year is Thanksgiving Day.
They lived in a (wood/wooden) house.
Match the parts of the words and make up some compounds: (на экране)
16. Write down your home task:
17. Ex. 21 p. 366.
18. Now your marks for today. (Комментируем оценки).
19. Do you like our lesson?