Презентация "Radio and TV" 6 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "Radio and TV" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Radio and TV

Radio and TV

P h o n e t i c s

TV Channel TV Programme broadcast

radio station national regional commercial competition

specialise in particular a particular type

current affairs entertainment

news and weather background music film/movie game show

western action historical documentaries

weather forecast

Grammar Revision

Open the brackets and put the verbs in the correct form:

- How often … you … TV (watch)? – I … TV every evening (watch). – What programme … you … yesterday (see)? – I … a new game show on the box (see). – … you ever … part in a TV game show (take)? – No, never, but I would … to (like).

Grammar Revision

Now check your answers:

- How often do you watch TV (watch)? – I watch TV every evening (watch). – What programme did you see yesterday (see)? – I saw a new game show on the box (see). – Have you ever taken part in a TV game show (take)? – No, never, but I would like to (like).

Let`s have a pause!

I wiggle my fingers,

I wiggle my toes,

I wiggle my shoulders,

I wiggle my nose.

No more wiggles are left in me.

So I will be still as

can be.

Read the text and answer the questions underneath

Star Wars is a science fiction film about a young man called Luke Skywalker. He lived happily with his aunt and uncle. One day the evil (злодей) Darth Vader came and killed his aunt and uncle. Luke decided (решил) to take revenge (отомстить) and kill Darth Vader.

The film is very exciting especially the last part with the space battle (битва) between Luke and Darth Vader.


  • What type of film is Star Wars?
  • What happened to Luke`s aunt and Uncle?
  • What is the most interesting part of the film?


Listen to dialogue 1 and answer the questions:

  • Where does Sue offer to go?
  • What film does she offer to watch?
  • What does Dave want to see?
  • Did Dave agree to go to the cinema?

    Listen to dialogue 2 and say what film the children are going to watch. Write down the name of the film.

What`s “on the box”?

Discussing TV programme

Types of Films

cartoons musical science fiction

comedy love story action films soap opera

western thriller historical films

documentaries horror adventure films

Thank you for the lesson!

Good bye!