Презентация "Foreign languages in our life" 9 класс

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Foreign languages in our life

We study foreign languages,

because we want to learn a lot of

interesting about foreign


Knowledge of the English

language is always necessary, when

you travel on the different countries

and communicate with people of

different nationalities.

To find well-

paid work is

one of the main aims of modern youth.

The perfect

knowledge of English is

important for

the future


The English language gives the chance for

business development, for example –

the owner of restaurant or any firm.

If you are married for the foreigner



of English will provide you the dialogue and

will help to

learn better

each other

English is the

Language of international


To speak English fluently, you should practice your skills well!  To read books in the original, to study, to understand instructions of the devices, you must know the English language. What a pleasure!

The project was prepared by:

Arthur Fardeev

Maxim Fomichev

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