Презентация "Hello, Dr Drew!" 6 класс

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Урок английского языка в 6 классе по теме «Hello, Dr Drew!»
  • Выполнила учитель английского языка
  • Пермякова Юлия Николаевна
Read the rhyme
  • Early to bed
  • Early to rise
  • Makes a man healthy,
  • wealthy and wise.
  • Кто рано ложится и рано встает,
  • здоровье, богатство и ум наживет. 
Look at the pictures and answer: What is the topic of our lesson?
Hello, Doctor Drew!
  • 1. Введение и отработка лексики по теме «болезни»
  • 2. Закрепим прошедшее время Past Simple
  • 3. Послушаем и научимся петь песню
  • «Hello, Doctor Drew»
Listen to the words and expressions and repeat them after me. (read the words one by one)
  • To have/get flu- заболеть гриппом
  • To have/get a cold- простудиться
  • I have a headache- у меня болит голова
  • a sore throat- горло
  • a toothache- зубная боль
  • a stomachache- боль в желудке
  • An earache- боль в ухе
  • Broken leg- сломанная нога
  • To cough – кашлять
  • To be ill -болеть
Read and help Agent Cute to find the robber. Use toothache, stomache,sore throat, headache, broken leg, earache, cold, flu (book p.211 ex.2)
  • Model:Dear Boss! Mr Jones has a headache.   
  •  Mr Clark has a...  Mr Book has a...  I Mr Spook has an...  Mr Pale has a...  Mr Cool has a...  Mr Fine has...  Mr Dull has a...  Mr Slim has a...  The robber is  Mr ..., because...
Look at the pictures: Why are all the people ill? What did they do yesterday? (p.212 ex.3)
  • for 1st group (2,3,4,5)
  • Model:
  • Mr Jones has a headache, because his neighbours had a party yesterday and he couldn 't sleep.
Group 2. (6,7,8,9) Let’s have a rest! Open books at page 213 ex.4 Look at the song and listen the 1st part, read.
  • Hello, Doctor Drew! This is Jenny Boat. I went for a walk without my warm coat, And now I'm coughing and have a sore throat. I have a bad headache, my forehead is hot. Is this a cold I got? 
Answer the questions in groups
  • 1st group
  • What are Jenny’s symptoms?
  •   What's the matter with Jenny? Is it a cold or is it flu ?
  • 2nd group
  •     Why is she ill?
  •    What advice can you give her?
Look at the song and listen the 2nd part, read.
  • Hello, Jenny Boat! This is Doctor Drew. You don't have a cold, but you have flu. I'll tell you exactly what you must do: Juices and tea will be good for you, And honey with milk can help too.
Answer the questions.
  • 1. What does Jenny have?
  • She has…….
  • 2. What must she do?
  • She must drink……….eat……..
  • Listen the song and sing.
The cards with the table. Answer: Were you ill? Make a story about it.
  • I was ill
  • days ago, weeks ago, last week, last year
  • I had
  • A sore throat, a headache, a cold, flu…..
  • I was ill because
  • eat a lot of ice cream, hot dogs, listen loud music
  • I couldn’t
  • play football, go to school
Evaluation sheet. (Оцени себя)
  • bad
  • good
  • Very good
  • Reading of the words
  • Reading of the text
  • Work with the picture
  • sing the song
  • Answering questions