Конспект урока "Stories with Familiar Settings"

Stories with Familiar Settings
Learning Intention: I can compose and punctuate a series of sentences
to describe a familiar setting.
Put pictures of various settings on the board. Ask children what they can
see in the pictures. Let them come to the board in turns, pick a piece of
paper with setting description, read it aloud and stick it under the picture it
refers to (Word document file “Warm-up” is attached).
Main Teaching Activity
Ask children to explain the meaning of the word “setting”. Remind of the
four questions they should answer when describing it what they
see/what they hear/what they smell/how they feel.
Introduce the story. Read it to the children from the Interactive
Whiteboard or the Projector (Word document file “Story” is attached). Stop
while you read checking understanding and asking questions on the
content. Discuss the setting Was there any setting description at all? No!
Watch the presentation about the places the characters of the story visit.
(Power Point “Presentation” file is attached). As you look through the slides,
explain the importance of including the setting description in the story.
E.g. “The first place is village. Do we know anything about the village?
Was it a small village on a hill (slide 1), or a dark scary village at night (slide
2), or a nice village in the mountains (slide 3), or a rich village on the
seaside (slide 4)? We do not know, because there is no setting description in
the story!”
Explain that the task is to describe the setting of the places that the
characters visit.
Individual Activity
Each child is given one of the places from the story, a writing frame (Word
document file “Writing frame” is attached) and a wordlist, if necessary (Word
document file “Vocabulary list for lower ability” is attached).
Display the story with the gaps for the setting descriptions on the big
screen or use a big photocopy on the board (Word document file “Story with
gaps” is attached). Stick the children’s description into the gaps and read the
renewed story. Does it sound in a different way? Why? Discuss how the
setting descriptions change the images created in the reader’s mind.
Emphasize the importance of setting description.
The children are asked to read the beginning of the story and continue it
with the appropriate setting description (Word document file “Homework” is