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Презентация "We are going to save Peter Pan"

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We are going to save Peter Pen

We are going to save Peter Pen

  • Good afternoon, children! Before we’ll going to save Peter Pen I would like to get acquainted with you. YOUR FIRST TASK IS TO WRITE A ABOUT YOUR SELF!!!

My name is Din-Din. I am 8 years old. I live in Russia. I live with my family. I have got mothe r, father sister, brother, grandfather and grandmother. I love my family very much. My birthday is on the 19th of May. I can fly, sing, jump, but i can’t swim. I like sweets, but I don’t like soup.

  • Let me help you! Use my example:


Write pronounces “he”, “she”, “it”, “they”(замени слова местоимениями). My bed- Her dog- His glass- Her lamp- Her umbrella- His rabbit- My mummy- My daddy- My school-  His children-

Задайте общие вопросы и дайте краткий ответ.  1. … they from Great Britain? — Yes,  2. … she cold? — Yes,  3. … it new? — Yes,  4. … Mr. Smith at home? — Yes,  5. … the boys happy? — Yes, 

  • My name is Captain Hook. If you want to go further you should do exercise

Вставьте правильную форму to be (am, is, are.)  1. It late.  2. They fine.  3. We from Russia.  4. I brave.  5. She lazy. 

  • Not bad! But I will not give you Peter Pan

Good work!

We did it!!!