Презентация "Being happy together" 4 класс М.З. Биболетовой

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Being happy together!
  • Урок английского языка в IV классе по учебнику М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English»
Hello! Glad to see you Сегодня на уроке мы:
  • Узнаем английские пословицы о семье
  • Повторим слова по теме «Семья»
  • Попробуем рассказать о своей семье
  • Разгадаем кроссворд
Let’s practise the sounds
  • This is my father, this is my mother,
  • This is my brother, this is my sister.
  • Father, mother, sister, brother,
  • Hand in hand with one another.
  • I love my father,
  • I love my mother,
  • I love my sister
  • And my big brother.
Do you know Ehglish proverbs? Find Russian equivalents
  • East or West  home is best
  • A tree is known by its fruit
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth
  • От яблони яблоко, от ели шишка
  • У семи нянек дитя без присмотра.
  • В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.
Let’s review the words:
  • A mother
  • A daughter
  • A grandpa
  • A grandma
  • An aunt
  • An uncle
  • A niece
  • A father
  • Мама
  • Дочь
  • Дедушка
  • Бабушка
  • Тетя
  • Дядя
  • Племянница
  • Папа
Let’s make a story: Who are they?
  • My mother and my father are…
  • My father is my mother’s…
  • Dan and Mary are Mrs. Greens…
  • My mother is my father’s…
  • My mother’s mother is…
  • My father’s father is…
  • Grandmother
  • Wife
  • Grandfather
  • Husband
  • Parents
  • Children
Read the text and answer the questions:
  • My name is Mag. My surname is Black. I’ve got a big family. I’ve got a father, a mother, a sister, a grandmother and a grandfather. We like to be together on Saturdays and Sundays. Yesterday I took a funny photo of my family.
  • Look at my mother! She is beautiful. My younger brother and I look like our mother. My mother likes to play with my sister Becky. My grandfather likes to make a toy for my brother. My father likes to watch the stars. My grandmother likes to play computer games. I love my family.
Let’s relax!
  • Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,
  • Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes,
  • And eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose,
  • Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.
  • P. 82, ex. 1,2,5 in written form (Student’s book)
The lesson is over