Конспект урока "Films" 9 класс

Конспект открытого урока в 9 классе.
Unit 6 "Films.УМК″Opportunities Intermediate″
Цели и задачи урока:
1. Образовательная
-активизировать изученные структуры в кратких высказываниях
по теме;
- закрепить изученный материал в небольших диалогах;
- применять изученный материал в реальных ситуацих;
- обучать умению выражать своё мнение о фильмах
- развивать и поддерживать интерес к изучению английского
- развитие языковых способностей учащихся, готовности к
-- создание условий для формирования у обучающихся уважения
и интереса к культуре и народу страны изучаемого языка
Оснащение урока: раздаточный материал, наглядный
материал, магнитофонные записи к УМК" Opportunities
Intermediate", персональные компьютеры(1 ученик за
одним рабочим местом) доска, проектор, экран,
Этапы урока
1.Организационный момент-1минута
Приветствие, сообщение о теме и характере работы на данном уроке.
2.Сообщение темы и целей урока-1 минута
Teacher: Good morning! Take your seats, please,
And get ready for the the lesson.
Teacher: Today we are going to speak about different
films.The aim of our lesson is introduce and practice
vocabulary related to films and television and to discuss your
attitude towards different films.
На экране слайд с фотографиями Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant,
ученицы 9"в" класса Тимофеевой Маши вместе с Julia Robert
3. Warming- up-5 мин. Let's speak a little.
Teacher: Television is much spoken about nowdays. It has
good and bad points.Here you can see collection of things
that famous people have said about television( На экране
цитаты знаменитых людей о телевидении)
(Учитель просит 2-3 учеников прочитать цитаты на экране).
Teacher: What do you personally think of television?
Do you agree or disagree with them?
(Ученики по очереди высказывают своё мнение)
(Учитель подводит итоги)
Teacher: In conclusion I'd like to say that television most
definitly plays a very important part in our lives.
You have just said that it is the main source of
information and a form of entaiment of people.
It is the main window on the word which gives an opportunity
to travel all over the word, to meet people and learn about
their customs and traditions.
Some students say that television is a terrible waste of time. It
makes us lazier, we go out less than we used to, we read less!
Violence on TV is another problem that worries people
As George Mikes once said, TV teaches us how to kill,
to rob, and to shoot and to poison.In my opinion it is true that
some TV addicts spend hours in front of it.
4. Teacher: Answer my question
1. Do you like watching TV?
2. How much time do you usually spend watching TV?
3. What kind of films do уou like watching?
( Учащиеся отвечают на вопросы учителя)
5. Vocabulary work. (7) минут
Цели этапа:a)активизировать лексику по теме, которая будет
использоваться учащимися в устной речи, диалогах.
b) Ввести новую лексику, которую учащиеся будут активно
использовать для обсуждения темы)
Teacher: 5.1.Match the word from the definitions.
Teacher: Do you know what does the word "film" mean?
(Film- a story that is told using sound and moving pictures,
shown at cinema or a television)
(На экране слайд с названиями разных видов фильмов и их
Match the words from the definitions
Longman Exams Dictionary
Types of films
action, cartoon, comedy,thriller,musical, historical,
horror, western,science fiction, romantic
1.a film that costs a lot to make and intended to be very popular
and successful
2.a frightening film about ghosts
3.a film about imaginary events in the future
4. a film intended to make people laugh
5 a film with characters that are drawn or made using a
6. a light hearted or amusing film about love
7. an exciting film about murder or serious crimes
8. a film that includes singing and dancing
9. a film with cowboys in it
10. a film that has a lots of fighting, explosions etc.
11. a film that describing or based on events in the past
12. a full- lengh film made for the cinema
5.2. Vocabulary work
Teacher: Here are the list of vocabulary we will use and
practice аt the lesson.
(На экране слайд с ключевыми словами).
Key words
Special effects
Учитель хором вместе с учениками произносит слова, затем 2-3 ученика
читают их друг за другом.
Для контроля знания значения слов учитель задаёт вопрос:Do you know the
meaning of the word (plot, scene)?
(Учитель контролирует знания определений данных слов)
"plot"- the events that form the play
"scene"-part of the play in which there is no change in time and place.
6. Listening. (5 минут)
1. Teacher: Open you books at page22, please. Now you are going to
listen to the information about the the film"Notting Hill.
Pre- listening activity.
Teacher: Have you ever seen this film?
Look at the photo in your book.
What kind of film is it?
Student1: It is a romantic comedy.
Teacher: Give your reasons and details to support your answer.
Ученики дают ответы на вопрос.
Учитель обращается к заставке урока.
You see Masha on the photo. Masha, have ever met Julia Roberts?
Masha: No, I haven't.
Teacher: Where was this photo taken from?
Masha: The fact is that I was in Great Britain last year and visited
Madam Tussad museum.Here I took the photo of my favourite actress.
Teacher: What have you learnt about Julia Roberts?
( Учитель спрашивает 2-3 учеников рассказать о фактах из её
6.2. Listening activity. (5 минут)
Цели этапа - дать образцы речевых высказываний и использовать
Teacher: Now look at the cinema information. L isten to the
recorded message and complete it.
текст прослушивается 2 раза (звучит 3 минуты)
The picture House
15 Broad Street, Telford
(1)________to July 30
Screen 1: Notting Hill 12.30, 15.30,
(2)_______, 21.20
Screen 2: The Mummy 16.00, 19.00
Screen 3: Mulan 11.30, (4)______,
16.00, 18.30
Late show: (6) _______
Students/Old Age Pensioners: (7) ___
Film information
Notting Hill: Romantic comedy. (8)________
By Roger Michell. (9) __________ Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is a world- famous (10) ________.
She meets and falls in love with William Thacker (Hugh Grant),
The shy owner of a bookshop in London.
1. July 27 to July 30 6. £4.50
2. 18.30 7.£ 2
3. 22 8. Directed
4. 13.40 9. Starring
5. 3.75 10. Actress
6.3. Listen to Christine and Malcolm talkig about the film Notting
Hill. Which of them:
(Диалог прослушивается 1 раз) ( 3минуты)
1. Loved the film?
2. Thought the story was not very good?
3. Thought the dialogues were great?
4. Liked Julia Roberts in the film?
5. Didn’t like Hugh Grant?
6.4. Teacher: I'd like you to listen to the dialogue again and
complete the function File with these words:
expressing opinions about films
What did you do about films?
I thought it was absolutely (1) --------------
It was (2) -------------funny. I suppose, but
It was nothing (3) --------
My (4) --------- character was the flatmate.
The dialogue was very (5) -------------------.
That’s (6) -----.But the plot was a bit (7) -------.
That's not (8) -----------. The sutuation
Was very (9) ------------.
For me, Julia Roberts was absolutely
(10)-----------in the film.
She's an (11) -------actress, isn't she?
But Hugh Grant always plays the same (12) -------.
Oh come on!
Well, I (13) ------- he was guite good in
The interview scene.
So, what (14) ------- did you like best?
I really (15) ---------- the dinner scene.
It was (16) ------------funny.
A. amazing
B. loved
C. true
D. brilliant
E. the point
F. fantastic
I. part
M. special
N. favorite
O. clever
P. thought
Q. guite
Brilliant 2. Guite 3. Special 4. Favourite 5. Clever 6. True 7. Silly 8. The
9. Funny 10. Fantastic 11. Amasing 12. Part 13. Thought 14. Scene 15. Loved
16. So
Teacher: Would you like to see this film?
Student1: Yes, I would, because romantic comedies are my favourite types of
Student2: As for me I woudn't. I don’t like romantic comedies.I prefer historic
7. Vocabulary work. Modifiers. (5минут)
Teacher: There are a lot of modiffiers are used in the dialogue.
Do you know what does the word «modiffier «mean?
(Учитель даёт определение слова)
"Modiffier "- it is a word or a group of words that give additional
information about another word.
Teacher: Which of these words emphasis adjectives and which reduce their
(На экране слайд)
Ответы учащихся:
Emphasis adjectives: very, really, incredible.
Reduce their effect: not very, quite, a bit, rather.
Для индивидуальной работы со слабыми учащимися предлагается
выполнить следующее задание: (ученикам раздаются карточки с
Teacher: Use words from Function File and Exercise to write you
opinion about films and films stars/
Writing and speaking
8. Choose a film you have seen recently. Use the guestions cues to write
What film/ seen recently. Film:"Notting Hill"(a romantic comedy)
What/ about? (A film star who meets a shy Englishmen)
Who in it? (Julia Roberts- brilliant, Hugh Grant- not very good), Rhys
Ifans- very funny)
What/ you think of it? (Situation- funny,
Dialogues- excellent, music- very good)
What/ not so well? (Plot- bit weak, Hugh Grant- the same part)
What/ the best scene?
8. Our next activity will be speaking. (5минут)
(На доске слайд)
8.1. Teacher: Let’s do Exercise 9.For this activity you are going to work in
pairs. Follow the steps: a) choose a film that your have both seen recently. Use the
question cues to write notes and expressions from this lesson. Discuss them.
b) Discuss the film (plot, music, cast, sutuation, actors, should be included in it)
A: I thought the plot was really exciting.What about you?
B: Well, it was quite a good story.But in my opinions the special effects were
A: That’s true.And the music was really good, too....
Teacher: You have 3 minutes at your disposal. The time is limited.
( Учитель спрашивает 2-3 пары)
8.2.Работа в группах. Teacher: Please, divide in groups of fours
( каждому ученику раздаётся карточка) (3минуты)
9. Работа с компьютерами. (5 минут) Teacher: Let’s work with the
computers. Go to the computer next to you, take your seat here. Use the Internet
to find information about the film Notting Hill". Each student will get individual
task.You need to visit its official werb site or other sites in order to get
You have a limit of 5 minutes to find it.
Then you are expected to tell the class what you have found.
Индивидуальные задания
1. Cast and characters of the film
2. Awards of the film
3. Producer and director of film
4. Some amazing facts about the film
5. Some amazing facts about Julia Roberts
6. Production of film
7. Music in the film
8. Best scenes
9. How the film was received by critics
10. Budget of the film
11. Some interesting facts about Hugh Grant
12. Plot of the film
( Учитель проверяет выполнения заданий 2 -3 учеников)
10.Окончание урока. Подведение итогов. (3 минуты)
Teacher: Well, our lesson is over.I want to thank you for your good
aswers. They were really wonderful. I was pleased to listen to you. Your
marks are....Today you will be awarded by diplomas.
( Учитель комментирует свои оценки учащимся)
Student1: (вручается диплом as"a master of a dialogue
Student 2 :( вручается диплом as "a good listerner")
Student 3 :( вручается диплом as a good team player)"
Student 4 :( вручается диплом as «a master of interaction")
Student 5 :( вручается диплом as "a good organiser")
11.Домашнее задание. (2 минуты) Teacher: For your homework make
a short computer presentation of the information of the film «Notting