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Презентация "My Summer Holidays" 5 класс

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  • My Summer Holidays

Make up the word combinations:

  • 1. to spend a. holidays at the seaside
  • 2. to arrive b. fire
  • 3.to visit c. a lot of sunbathing
  • 4. to do d. at the airport
  • 5.to make e. famous places

To spend holidays at the seaside

To arrive at the airport

To visit famous places (=to go sightseeing)

To do a lot of sunbathing

To make a fire

What we can do in the country and at the seaside?

  • To go sightseeing, to arrive at the airport, to make a fire, to ride a horse, to do a lot of sunbathing, to swim in the river, to walk in the fields, to to watch the beautiful sea animals.
  • to make a fire
  • to go sightseeing
  • to ride a horse
  • to arrive at the airport
  • to swim in the river
  • to do a lot of sunbathing
  • to walk in the fields.
  • to watch the beautiful sea animals

Where would you like to spend your summer holidays and why?

  • I would like to spend my holidays... because I can … and... there.

Remember the Past Simple forms of the verbs:

  • spend
  • see
  • ride
  • make
  • do
  • grow
  • go
  • spent
  • saw
  • rode
  • made
  • did
  • grew
  • went

Tell about your summer holidays. Use new words.

  • Where did you spend your summer holidays?
  • What did you do there?
  • Was it interesting?
  • Did you like it?
  • I spent my holidays...
  • (at a camp, at the seaside, in the town, in the country)
  • I …, … and … there.
  • It was interesting/boring/wonderful/bad/funny.
  • I liked/didn’t like it.

  • Please, rate yourself!
  • I need help!
  • There are some mistakes.
  • Good job!