Презентация "School is Fun" 4 класс

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School is Fun


made by

Margarita Gridina

Anastasiya A khundova

Katya Obukhovskaya

Form 4C

Teacher V.O.Kokhanyuk

It’s our school. It is not very old.

Our school is nice. We like to go to school.

It’s our school yard.

There are a lot of

flowerbeds there.

There are a lot of flowers

in spring and summer.

Our favourite subject is


It’s our English classroom.

We like English because

we want to know it well

and speak with boys and

girls all over the world.

Our English lessons are

very interesting.

We like to take part in our English

Weeks because we act, play and

compete there. It’s very funny!

These pupils like Art

because they like to

draw. It’s our

Art classroom.

Margarita likes Maths

because she

likes counting.

We play during the breaks.

Our classmates often spend their

free time in the town park together.

We are very friendly.

We go on excursions

in different places.

It’s merry!

Some of our classmates like to dance.

They take part in many concerts.

We like to watch them dancing.

We like to take part in different

activities. We often go to the town

library because we are the

members of the ECO club. We

play, compete and discuss there.

We can tell you definitely