Презентация "My city Golitsino"

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Students of the 7 th “B” form has been prepearing this work during the lesson. 17.09.2013 year. We use the works of such students: Kompusano Igor Ledduhovskiy Evgeniy Pleshakova Mariya Belokon’ Alisa Teacher Akimova G.M. My city Golitsyno

My city Golitsino

Dmitry Borisovich Golitsyn-founder of Golitsyn’s village.(1851-1920)

It is located in the Odintsov’s district in the Moscow region, Russia

Residential homes,

Rural homes,

Secondary School No. 2 are situated in our town.

Residential building which are built over 3 years

Home of rest in Golitsyno Center.

Russian FSB Border Institute .

Till 2013, in the town are built: a new stone station, three-storeys school, the platform at the railway, roads and pedestrian bridges along the avenue, Abyssinian wells, electricity illuminated avenues and a lot of houses.

Cultural and Recreational Center «October» Here you can watch movies! See concert with the whole family. You can walk to a variety of courses. There are classes : dance, song, art, play for children! There is the Buffet here. You can try: cake, coffe, tea, lemonade, coke, ice cream, chocolate. In front of the building you may see a playground! The church of Serafima Sorovskogo has been building during ten years and batushka Vadim meets our students with great pleasure.

Also there is Golitsyn’s railway station 40 km west of Moscow.

Different kind of transport is used in our town.

Public transport in our town.

Railway from Moscow to Smolensk-Brest

The new railway links Russia with Europe and brought tremendous benefits the Russian state.

“Humpbacked bridge“over the river Vyazemka.

The citizens of Golitsino can walk in this beautiful park.

City Golitsino-one of the famous historical cities of Russia. Welcome to our city!

Thanks you for your attention.