Презентация "An excursion to London" 5 класс

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The more you live,

The more you travel,

The more you travel,

The more you see,

The more you see,

The more you learn






Match the words

Big Palace

Trafalgar Tower

Bloody London

White Bridge

Tower Ben

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

The Houses of Tower

The Tower of Parliament

Unscramble the words bebay numontme retteha distamu liaparmetn umsemu legalry nemaic aresqu

1)You are welcome. Have a nice day.

2) Good. Go along that street and

it will lead you to Trafalgar Square

3) Yes, I can.

4) Oh, it’s very easy.

Can you see that wide street over there?

5) Thank you very much.

6) Excuse me, could you tell me

how to get to Trafalgar Square?

Write a composition

Write a composition:

“The most interesting

place in London”